Rome and Venice here I come!

  • Jul. 2nd, 2009 at 5:31 PM
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I am all packed and relaxing in front of the computer catching up on my fic reading (which I am totally behind on) before I leave for Rome and Venice!!! The girlfriend and I will be vacationing there together and then on July 10th I'll be flying home and she'll be staying on in Italy for a conference till the end of July. Although we'll have minimum ability to communicate while she's at the conference, I am comforted by my extreme excitement for our vacation together!!

In an uncharacteristic move for us, we are NOT bringing our laptops! Normally when we travel, we do. But this time there will be so much to see and it just seems like we'll have limited time to be on the computer anyway, so it seems like popping into an Internet cafe on occasion is the best route. We also won't have TV at the places we're staying - inexpensive but good places my mom recommended - so it's really a vacation from things I normally do! I'll be books and writing with pen and paper, which is actually kinda neat! Of course, my iPod is coming with me! I am optimistically bringing two books and am also planning to work on a Giles/Xander fic for summer_of_giles, a new Kirk/McCoy fic, a Pinto fic that's been knocking around my brain and a Sulu/Chekov fic. Er, it's a long plane ride?

Anyway, I hope you are all well and I will be back in time for the new Harry Potter movie!

While I'm away feel free to drop links to fic and posts here that you think I would like to see! :D
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It’s been so long since I posted that I was having trouble thinking of an appropriate BtVS quote for my post. I finally just went with that Xander quote (from "the Replacement", 5:3) because it always cracks me up. Since I’ve been gone for a while I thought I’d update on a variety of things in one post.

1. Holiday Feedback-a-thon: Okay, so I commented on about three stories and then everything got crazy before Christmas – which I should have known would happen. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I am still excited about reading the stories and will be working my way slowly through them asap! I have not forgotten, I’m just really really slow.

2. My fic masterlist/my fic round up for 2006: I have plans to do this, but have not actually done any work on it. Unless thinking about it counts as working on it. *g* So look for this in the hopefully near future. Er, and I'll be trying to get back into fic writing too.

3. My visit with the girlfriend: It was absolutely wonderful!! (Trust me when I say that’s an understatement.) I had a fabulous time and – of course – I didn’t want to leave. I thought I’d share a few highlights which will hopefully interest you, including meeting the absolutely awesome, fun and adorable [ profile] kittyzams!!! Read more )

4. My laptop: The power cord has broken and there’s wires exposed. FutureShop (where I purchased my computer and have a warranty through) have ordered me a new one but have said it’ll take three weeks. My reaction: THREE WEEKS!! WTF?! (I restrained myself from saying exactly that to the rude and condescending tech guy). I’m going to see if I can get that sped up. But in the meantime I’ve taped up the cord with electrical tape and am hoping it’ll hold up till the replacement comes. *eyes it warily* Okay, I’m actually at work right now and nowhere near it, but I still eye it warily.

So, this has impeded me from being very active on LJ (I didn’t even have the dangerous cord that shoots out sparks for a couple of days, and thus was trying to conserve my battery), but I have been reading people’s entries and am caught up. I’m hoping to start commenting more soon, and catch up on fic reading and commenting (I’m always behind on fic reading! *g*)

*hugs you all*
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Okay, I wasn’t really in Aspen and there was no skiing (which is good because me skiing is mostly me falling down) but there was snow and cold and Buffalo.

My travel adventures )

Ooo! Hello, salty goodness! (btvs 1:5)

  • Oct. 8th, 2006 at 12:05 AM
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] a2zmom!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you've been having a wonderful day! I wish you all sorts of lovely gifts and delightful surprises! And lots and lots of salty David Boreanaz goodness!

I'm away right now - and having a fabulous time!! - so my internet time has slightly decreased, but I'm still checking in on LJ. I won't be able to see Battlestar Galactica until I return home on Friday the 13th, so I've been totally avoiding all your posts about the episode (the same for this week's Smallville, the Office and Supernatural).

I haven't had time, but I've wanted to post about how much I loved the Veronica Mars season premiere, as well as how I'm continuing to adore Studio 60, the Office, How I Met Your Mother, the Amazing Race, Grey's Anatomy, Bones and most of the other shows I watch (although Gilmore Girls was pretty damn heart-breaking and depressing this week). Oh! I'm totally getting a kick out of Heroes - it's such an entertaining show.

I had a couple of amusing moments recently that I suspect are signs that fandom has eaten my brain:

1. The night after watching the Veronica Mars premiere, I had a dream in which I was going to have sex with Dick Casablancas!! I'm still disturbed by this, because although I love his character I would never want to meet him, let alone sleep with him. I think this is the result of me trying to understand the fandom love of Mac/Dick. If anyone has insights about why these two would make a good pairing please share, because I don't get it (and I normally love "so wrong, it's right" couples).

2. My friend's sister, Victoria Banks, has a fabulous album You Don't Know Me, which I've just been loving. Recently I had the opportunity to enjoy a live performance and when she was playing her song Saints and Angels I realized it would make the perfect Buffy/Angel vid, or the perfect inspiration for a Buffy/Angel fic. And I'm supposed to be working on Spike/Xander fics right now, not getting B/A ideas!! Check out a clip of the song here and the lyrics are here - they're so B/A!!

3. And in the good way that fandom has eaten my brain: I was entertained while traveling on Thursday by working on the final two chapters of my BtVS/VM crossover fic Murder at the Neptune Express. Fandom can turn long travel times into fun!!!
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I am still so very happy about my awesome vacation!! I had ridiculous amounts of fun! I’ve decided to divide up my trip, so I’ll talk about WriterCon in another post. I want to share some of the highlights from my pre-WriterCon visit with [ profile] savoytruffle!

Put on my blue suede shoes, And I boarded the plane, Touched down in the land of the Delta Blues … Then I'm walking in Memphis )

Memphis is a very fun city to visit! And Camisha’s company increased the fun by, well, so much I can't quantify it! I was sad to say good-bye to Memphis but so excited for our roadtrip and WriterCon!! So stay tuned ...
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So I've been kind of burned out on television watching. Did I just write that?!! Oh dear, that may be a sign of the apocalypse! This is definitely a sign that I need to watch less television next year. I haven't even watched finales for all the shows that I love. Although I did finally see the finale for How I Met Your Mother.

Brief thoughts about How I Met Your Mother 'Come On' 1:22 )

Most of the time I enjoy my job but there are rare occasions when I worry that it's destroying my soul. Tonight was one of those nights when, because of my position, I had to do something that I just hate doing (even if it's justified) and it makes me all stressed and cranky.

But enough of the stress because I have some news that is making me so very happy!!!

Yes! It's true! I had originally not planned to go for a variety of reasons, but now it's totally possible for me to attend!! Oh, and I'll also be visiting the awesome [ profile] savoytruffle on the way to Writercon! *dances* So many wonderful things to anticipate!

One reason I love my work is that when I asked my manager if I could have that time off he said: Why are you asking? Of course you can take a vacation! So, I've been registering, sending my cheque, making room arrangements and investigating travel options. Just writing about it making me less stressed!!

I'm so excited to meet those of you who will be at Writercon, and wish I could meet all of you there.

So, in conclusion re: Writercon, I am very very excited!!!

So how come you came up with Anne? (btvs 3:1)

  • Apr. 14th, 2006 at 11:07 PM
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I'm taking advantage of the 3 day weekend and am visiting my family in Kingston. It's weird to be back in Kingston because there's always small things that have changed (a road where there wasn't one before), but basically it's the same. I'm very very thankful that my brother has wireless internet access set up in the house and that I brought my laptop. *clings to laptop* Of course, I'm now behind on my LJ reading because I've only just logged in now that my mom's gone to bed. We talked and talked, and then watched Moulin Rouge.

I did the worst thing today, and it was totally unintentional but I still feel really bad about it. I was up really late last night doing laundry, gathering my tax info (so my dad can do my taxes), packing, and organizing my tv recording schedule. Even though I had set my two alarms so I'd have plenty of time to get ready and meet my friend, who was driving me (and a friend of hers) to Kingston, I completely slept in. Not only did I sleep in ridiculously late, but the ringer was turned off on my phone (because I work late nights, I frequently turn the ringer off so I'm not woken up and it was still turned off from the previous night). So, not only did I keep 2 people waiting, I also caused my friend to really worry about me because she couldn't get a hold of me. I still feel really guilty even though my friend and I worked it out, and she was really understanding about it. I just hate being irresponsible and inconveniencing people.

In the car ride we did have a fun discussion about whether we'd sleep with Sawyer or Jack from Lost. The unanimous agreement was Sawyer. My friend suggested that Jack would probably cry, or be really clingy afterwards. We were torn about Jin and Sayid, but I think we all leaned more towards Sayid. I also noted that I'd sleep with Ana-Lucia because I think Michelle Rodriguez is HOT!!

Changing topics entirely, I've seen the username meme floating around and have enjoyed reading how everyone chose their username. I love talking about how I came up mine so I had to do it as well. The origin of my username. )

One last thing: If you haven't already checked out [ profile] earth_vexer's new icons here, they're wonderful!! I'm now heading off to grab lots and lots, and exclaim with glee.
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I did get a coat in New York City, a black one in fact. However it's not leather, nor did I get it by some horrible means like Spike did (I bought it at one of the discount stores).

Here's some observations from the notebook I kept during my trip:

Sunday, August 28/05

On the train from Toronto to Kingston I saw a crane, 3 donkeys walking in a line (seriously) as well as lots of cows & farm fields. I was reminded that I love how much space there is in Eastern Ontario.

After dinner we watched some episodes of Third Rock from the Sun. I'd bought my mom the Season One DVD for her birthday present because she enjoys the show (and I admit that I'm very amused by it as well). Although the pilot episode isn't that great (I've noticed that in some shows the pilots are pretty crappy, eg. Friends), the rest of the episodes are stomach-hurting laugh inducing.

Monday, August 29/05

Got up ridiculously early (5:15am) to catch our 7am tour bus that took us from Kingston to our hotel in NYC and back again.

Scrounged for a vegetarian option at the horrible (as in some of the worst food & selection I've ever seen) Cracker Barrel, and had grilled cheese and a tossed salad.

The guy from the tour company insisted that we play a game to help pass the time (so not my thing) - identify the song title & artist (all the songs were about NYC). My mom actually won (and I can assure you that she wasn't even trying)!

Upon arriving in NYC via the Lincoln Tunnel my first glimpse of the city was Hell's Kitchen, and I immediately recognized places from All Over Me!!

After spending the afternoon touring lower Manhattan on one of those Hop On Hop Off buses (I did go with my parents, who are getting older and aren't as into walking anymore), we went to an Off-Broadway musical Altar Boyz. It's a very fun, witty and entertaining spoof of boy bands & Christianity. I laughed and laughed - it was a total blast!

I bought the newest Entertainment Weekly from a newsstand. I was so excited because Buffy & Giles are on the cover as well as Joshua Jackson (aka Pacey on Dawson's Creek)!!

Tuesday, August 30/05

Ate breakfast at the excellent deli next door to our hotel which was the opposite of the Cracker Barrel - basically it has every conceivable food you may want to eat, and it's yummy!

We took the Staten Island Ferry (which is free!!) and got amazing views of Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, Brooklyn and the bridges.

Checked out some of the old buildings downtown before going to the World Trade Center Site. I had a hard time not crying.

We also went into St. Paul's Cathedral which is fascinating. It's close to the World Trade Center Site and the church survived the attacks and become a hub/resting place for volunteers. The church has an exhibit about this and it's interesting to see how the church that George Washington worshiped at is still a vital part of the city.

I didn't think we were going to be able to do it (especially since it was mid-day, hot and humid) but we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge!

We did a nighttime tour of the city during which we saw great views of NYC all lit up. I also spotted CBGBs (no thanks to our tour guide) and saw the CBS store (which was closed).

Wednesday, August 31/05

Our last full day in NYC, sigh.

Despite weather predictions of tornadoes and thunderstorms, we set off on a walking tour of mid-town Manhattan.

The weather was clearing and sunny when we went up the Empire State Building. It was still early enough that there were no lines!! Excellent views, although because it's so windy up there I kept worrying that I was feeling the beginnings of tornado strength winds (which was unlikely, I'm just neurotic).

Saw Grand Central Terminal (which is very impressive - like a more elegant and larger Union Station) and the Chrysler Building (it's really beautiful considering it's designed to look like a car).

I loved the New York Library - not surprising considering my geekiness. There's a "Library Walk" leading to the building which has fascinating plagues with quotes from writers with corresponding sculpted designs/pictures. In the library I was impressed that the Day After Tomorrow set actually looks like the library. I would love to spend lots of time in the reading room - I think I'd be very inspired to be productive.

At the library's gift shop I bought a button that says "optimism", and I can't decide if I'll wear it to torture my pessimistic/negative co-worker or give it to her as an ironic gift.

During our bus tour of uptown Manhattan I actually wore a NYC tourist baseball cap because I was worried about being burned (it's actually not totally tacky and is sort of cute because it's pink).

When we went by Julliard, the tour guide mentioned that Robin Williams had dropped out Julliard. Of course the Julliard school drop-out that immediately leapt to mind (well, my mind) is James Marsters. I also reflected on Ephram missing his audition there and felt sad (until I remembered that Ephram is a fictional character despite the evocative realism of Everwood).

We were only briefly in Harlem and I was disappointed that the Apollo Theatre was covered in scaffolding.

After the tour we had some cheesecake and then I experienced my highlight of the day - the CBS store. When I'd first seen the store I'd hoped that they'd be selling some discounted Joan of Arcadia merchandise - they were! My mom actually found the JoA stuff because I was too excited and overwhelmed (despite the tininess of the store). I got a t-shirt with Joan on the front looking up, and on the back there's the phrase "Are you talking to me?" It's really big so it'll likely be for sleeping or lounging around the apartment. I also got an Amazing Race shirt (the kids large so it actually fits). I'm impressed that I bought that much stuff because the store was mostly filled with David Letterman, CSI, and Survivor stuff.

Sadly - although happily for my finances - the NBC store wasn't as exciting. Despite being at least twenty times larger than the CBS store, I didn't get anything. There were only a few Scrubs things and they weren't very tempting. Thank god I didn't find a WB or UPN store!! Despite no WB store, I did see billboards for Supernatural - the new WB show with Jenson Ackles (Smallville & Dawon's Creek) and Jared Padalecki (Gilmore Girls) - everywhere I went. Despite my attempts at being critical about advertising, seeing the ads got me excited about the show (damn, I need to stop being so suggestible).

The NBC store is right at Rockefeller Center which is a very pretty place to hang out in.

Still clearly in shopping mood from my CBS store excitement, I bought a necklace at Macy's.

We ate at a very very yummy Indian food restaurant in Greenwich Village. It rained while we were eating but only briefly. That was all we saw of the bad weather that had been predicted for the past 2 days - so we were very fortunate to have good weather!

Thursday, September 1/05

After some last-minute shopping we had a leisurely wander around Central Park, including Strawberry Fields (the memorial garden to John Lennon created by Yoko Ono).

After some boring hanging around before the bus left, I was actually happy to leave NYC because at least something was happening (although I didn't really want to leave!).

When we were on the interstate in New Jersey we saw a billboard that said: "You'll never bite a bigger burger than a Bubba." I was amused by the alliteration.

A few minutes later I saw a truck that said "Kane is all" which reminded me of Veronica Mars.

When the tour guy announced he was going to play a movie I was cautiously optimistic (perhaps my new button was affecting my logic). Unfortunately we saw Head Over Heels (with Monica Potter & Freddie Prinze Jr), and the only good thing I can say about is that "they could have played a worse movie - it's possible."

Friday, September 2/05

I had a relaxing birthday with my parents, my brother and his girlfriend. We went to see 40-Year-Old Virgin. The most exciting part was seeing the Serenity trailer before the movie - such a fabulous birthday present! I enjoyed the movie, and particularly loved the part when they sing "Age of Aquarius" (that scene just makes the movie).

Saturday, September 3/05

My brother gave me a ride home and sadly my vacation was over. I watched the 1st episode of Rome and wasn't that into it (I kept getting up and starting to do something else forgetting I was supposed to be watching the episode). I'm also watching the final episodes of Season Four of the Amazing Race (very exciting!).

Sunday, Sepember 4/05

On my early morning walk to work I discovered a huge billboard for Serenity!!! That totally made my morning, particularly since I'll see it whenever I walk to and from work for the next little while.
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For some insane complete lack of reason the theme song for my weekend of fun with my friend in Muskoka became "Mandy" by Barry Manilow! My friend has Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits on vinyl and put on the song to see if I would recognize it after watching Angel's horrible karaoke versions of it (as if obsessive fan me wouldn't!). After that we got Mandy in our heads and were strangely drawn to replay the song numerous times throughout the weekend.

We also watched the first 8 episodes of Veronica Mars, so on the car ride home I realized that the Dandy Warhols' "We Used to Be Friends" (VM theme song) was also stuck in my head. Weirdly the songs merged into my head to become:

"You came and you gave without takin'
But I sent you away, oh Mandy
A long time ago
We used to be friends
But I haven't thought of you lately at all"

My predication for our weekend plans - "We're planning on swimming, hiking, watching good television (Lost and Veronica Mars are on the agenda) and just having a fun time hanging out." - turned out to be almost precisely accurate. We went swimming a couple of times - once skinny dipping at night, a first for me! We hiked on both days up to amazing views of the Muskoka. One of the hikes was not on a trail and it was so much fun to be tramping around the bush again! We didn't watch any Lost because we got so into VM. It wasn't just a fun time, we had an absolute blast!!

The one thing I hadn't included in the plans was giggling, lots and lots of giggling. We kept going out for walks late at night and when the flashlight battery died I freaked out at the darkness (too many horror movies), flailed around, banged into my friend and almost tripped over the lovable, hyperactive dog of my friend's aunt and uncle. Lots of hysterical giggling ensued.

Even though I'd recently re-watched most of the VM episodes I enjoyed watching them just as much - or more - this time. A sure sign of potential love of a show on a Buffy-scale.


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