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  • May. 28th, 2009 at 12:32 PM
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My life has been seeming random and weird lately!

* I took my dad to see Star Trek (his first viewing, my third) and he loved it. Afterward, we were enjoying some tea when a guy came up and asked us for crack and told us he really needed some. I'm like "Really? You're asking us?" (well, I thought that in my head!). The fact that he asked us suggested how desperate he was!

* I'm getting tired of people saying that they're okay with other people being gay as long as it's not so "in your face" (*cough*Nigel on SYTYCD*cough*). So, for my work's Pride parade costumes, I suggested we have things written on t-shirts like "cocksucker" and "bull dyke", just to be really in your face. Everyone loves the idea so I'm pleased and now have to figure out what I want on my shirt.

* I'm also getting tired of people claiming that you can only be a nice person if you're from a small town. A friend and I helped a woman who'd fallen and hit her head (she fortunately seemed very okay so we just waited with her till her husband came, got her water and offered to help clean her scrapes), and it came up that from friend and I aren't originally from Toronto and the woman and her husband were all "Oh, so that's why you helped, because you're from a small place." Which was baffling to me because we've both lived in Toronto for 10+ years and helped her because we saw her fall/trip. I feel confident that if we weren't around other people would have helped.

* I've been bummed by the number of people who've totally flaked on [ profile] spring_with_xan. Some people have let us know which is great and we understand that things happen, but it's disheartening to have so many people who aren't getting in contact with us. *sigh*

* My cousin and I have realized that we went to summer camp with the guy charged in the creepy creepy kidnapping and murdering of a young girl (Tori Stafford), which has been big news up here in Canada. [Link to story.] It's all very creepy to think about. Randomly, this was the Christian camp that inspired my Spike/Xander AU Outside Pride.

In happier news.... )

Also, I thought it would be fun to do that meme that's going around: Name your 10 absolutely favorite couples (het/slash/canon/fanon) and ask people to see what trends they notice about your couples. Try to pick different fandoms. My answers behind the cut )
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I'm lying on couch, my right leg elevated on a pillow. I have a bad right knee that has dislocated in the past when I was 15 and 20, and on Friday it happened again... during yoga. I was doing Eagle Pose, one I've been doing fine for 2 years, but on Friday my knee dislocated (it fortunately did go back in). But if you know Eagle Pose, my left leg was wrapped around my right so it caused me to crash to the ground so I hurt my right wrist because I automatically put it down when I fell.

I fortunately was beside one of the studios RMTs who got me ice right away and did a good job looking after me. So on Friday I figured it was like the previous time when it had been swollen initially but had gotten better after a lot of icing and ibprofen. Unfortunately that's not happening right now - it's still swollen and way more painful than it's been previously so I'm worried about my knee (my wrist is still painful but the swelling's gone down).

I did go to a walk-in clinic yesterday (thanks to my parents driving me) and got a referral for an ultrasound on my knee, so I'm hoping to get in and have it checked tomorrow.

So currently I'm discovering that living on the 4th floor of a walk-up is not at all good with an injury. It is helpful to have my parents, with their car, living in the city. And by now, I'm completely sick of being in pain, sick of having my injury, disinterested in doing schoolwork and just generally whiny. Maybe I should take some more ibpofen.

ETA: So I realize this is not an uplifting post, so I thought I'd link you all to something that brought the hugest grin to my face and made me forget about my whole knee situation:

[ profile] reremouse's fantastically awesome, funny, witty, poignant, sexy and original Giles/Xander fic: Uncle Quiggy Saved The World
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(from BtVS 1:5)

I have exciting news about my life! I applied to Library School.... and I got accepted!!! I start this fall - that's just 4 months away!

I'll actually be in the Masters of Information Studies programme at the Faculty of Information Studies at the University of Toronto, in the library stream. Considering how wordy that is, I'm sure you can see why I'm just telling people I'm going to Library School because that is essentially what I'll be doing. I'm starting part-time so that I can continue to work full-time but may try doing a final year full-time (we'll see).

This is big and wonderful news for me for a number of reasons )
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While traveling yesterday I wrote this post:
I’m sitting in the Buffalo airport at 10:30am feeling way more alert than I normally do at this time of day. I’m here nice and early for my flight thanks to my parents who kindly drove me down here. I was giggling while in the VERY long line for security because they kept making announcements that someone had left their teapot at security. For some reason I found this very funny – or maybe it’s just cause I got up at 6am.

Since I’m sitting here, I figured it would be the perfect time to write up an update! Hopefully the writing will distract me from the airport tea, which tastes like crap. *wishes for Earl Grey* (ETA: At the Detroit airport they had a Starbucks and I finally got my Earl Grey tea!) But, oh caffeine, I do adore you.

Speaking of love, I am en route to visit my fabulous girlfriend. (And will be posting this from her place in Memphis.)

So what have I been up to? TV, writing, Nuit Blanche, Firefly marathon, reading and yoga )
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I know I've used that Anya quote before, but I absolutely love it so have decided it's okay to use it again. (ETA: I just discovered I used same quote *exactly* a year ago, which randomly amuses me.) Especially since this post is about how awesome and wonderful my birthday was - thanks to all of you and my RL friends and family!! But first I must pass along (slightly belated) birthday wishes to two extremely wonderful women: [ profile] lillianmorgan and [ profile] tkp!!! I hope you have both had fantastic days - you deserve much happiness and wonderful things. *throws confetti and hugs you both*

But now let's talk about me! Opps, clearly all the absolutely lovely birthday wishes I received have totally gone to my head and I am imagining myself to be far more important than I am! Seriously though, I am still absolutely delighted by all the kind words from all of you as well as the delightful gifts I received!!!

How I spent my birthday )

Fic recs - truly awesome fic which you must all read! )
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I’m using a Spike/Xandery quote in honour of [ profile] electricalgwen’s birthday! Happy birthday Gwen!!!!!!!! I hope you’re having a fabulous day and that your vacation is wonderful and relaxing! In honour of your birthday, I’ve posted at [ profile] birthdayrecs and I hope everyone will check it out HERE to get a sense of just how much Gwen rocks!

Also, I do have fic planned for your birthday – I’m working to complete Chapter Four of If I Can’t Dance and hope to have it finished ASAP!

Speaking of fic, I am also working on completing Outside Pride – I have not forgotten it, I promise!

I’ve been sick recently (I’m still recovering now but am back at work) and discovered that I was unable to concentrate long enough to write so have fallen a bit behind but am trying to get back on track with the writing!

To continue with the randomosity of this post: I was tagged by [ profile] entrenous88 in the 8 Random Things Meme. My response here )
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Hi! *waves* I’m around, just haven’t been posting. I am writing! I promise! It’s just going slowly. But I will have something for [ profile] summer_of_giles on Thursday – it’s almost done. *urges self on* And I will have the first couple of chapters of a new fic for the [ profile] lynnevitational this Sunday. I also promise that I have not forgotten about Outside Pride. Chapter nine is close to being finished and I know how I’ll end things in chapter ten, I just need to write it. So good writing vibes will definitely be appreciated! :)

After having an absolutely wonderful extended visit with my supremely awesome girlfriend, I’ve been trying to keep busy to avoid being mopey. (Apparently longer visits do not make it easier to say good-bye, but still having that time together was such a wonderful experience – I can’t put into words how wonderful it was.) Fortunately the awesome news is that in a month’s time she’ll be back here and staying for almost 2 weeks. This is definitely one of the best summers ever!! :D

How I’ve been occupying myself since Camisha left:
1. Reading and obsessing over Harry Potter (currently re-reading Order of the Phoenix). Obsessing includes staying up way too late reading, making plans to see the movie on Friday, and strategizing how to remain spoiler free about book 7 (which I will be purchasing on the day of it’s release). So this is possibly crazy but I removed “Harry Potter” from my user interests in the hope I won’t get friended by some mean person who creates a username with spoilers from the book (like someone did for a significant character death on Battlestar Galactica). Why are people so crazily mean?
2. Helping my parents move into their new condo. Er, not exactly fun distraction but distracting.
3. Training our new employee at work. Again, not fun but work is proving a good way to stop me from moping.
4. Watching Transformers (which was entertaining) and hanging out with BFF. Oh! I’m totally intrigued by the trailer for the new JJ Abrams movie written by Drew Goddard: The trailer. The movie’s title hasn’t been released yet.
5. Having dinner with parents then hanging out with other close friends and watching Pitch Black - such a good movie, btw! That was my second time seeing it, and just as good as the first viewing.
6. Watching Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story which is really fun and funny. I adore Ben Stiller being all slimy and Vince Vaughan’s charm. Oh! And I love how Alan Tudyk’s character is inexplicably a pirate!
7. Eating chocolate and drinking Diet Pepsi Jazz Caramel Cream (I believe I was alerted to this yummy beverage by [ profile] mireille719 - thanks!).

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank the lovely people who’ve kindly nominated my fic for various awards. I was realizing recently that I’ve been bad and not posting about nominations and awards that I win (I tend to squee to myself and Camisha). So I thought I’d post the banners for the awards I’ve won here. Awards... )
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Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms on my flist – I hope you’re having a wonderful day! I’m looking forward to calling my mom later and chatting. I feel very fortunate to have a mom who I get along so well with, who I can talk about almost anything with and who’s so supportive of everything I do. Soon she’ll be moving to Toronto and I’m looking forward to living in the same city as her again, there’s often so many things I wish she and I could do together so it’ll be nice to have more opportunities to do that. Today is also a day I recall my grandma fondly and think about what an important person she was (and still is) in my life, and in my mom’s life. She’s very much missed by both of us, but she’s in our hearts.

So, that may give you a hint that I’ve been down recently which is why I’ve been mostly absent from LJ. It’s also been super busy at my work what with launching a bunch of new things (which I was responsible for) as well as giving performing reviews – being a manager of department is a lot of work (yeah, I know – duh!). Although I am pleased that an incentive programme I launched has been embraced by my customer service representatives (because – I believe – they all work together for a goal, instead of competing against each other) AND that the first month was a success and they exceeded their goal. Still it’s been a stressful time which has culminated in me having much trouble writing fic recently – and I have been despairing because my posting day for [ profile] spring_with_xan is this Thursday and I only have two chapters of Outside Pride written (I’d wanted to already be finished all of the remaining five). But I’m reassuring myself that if I continue to be blocked, at least I have two chapters to post.

Anyway, enough of emo!cordelianne! I like my LJ to be a fun, positive space for me, so instead I thought I’d give you an update of my life, in list form. So here's What’s Making Me Happy Right Now )

So that’s my update! I hope you all are doing well, and I shall be endeavouring to be better about commenting. *hugs*
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... if I have to kill every single person on the face of the earth to do it." "Yay?" (btvs 3:20)

It's February, which let's face it isn't often the best month so I decided it would be fun to make a list of the things that are making me happy right now! fyi: Things are going okay for me, it's just a busy, stressful time at work. Now, onto the good things:

My happy list )

So, tell me what's making you happy right now!! *g*
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We're all concerned about how gross you look. (btvs 2:18)

So yeah, I’ve been sick. Not feel-like-I’m-dying sick, just annoying-head-cold-that-sticks-around sick. And it’s made me cranky and whiny and low on energy. Fortunately I didn’t have to travel anywhere for Christmas because my family (mom, dad, brother and brother’s girlfriend) converged at my apartment for Christmas. I don’t have the biggest apartment ever but we all fit comfortably (fyi: they slept at a hotel – it wasn’t that cozy). And my mom – who’s very awesome – prepared the meal so basically I just had to show up in my own apartment and try not to sneeze on anyone. I feel very spoiled by the lovely Christmas and all the fabulous gifts I received (of fannish interest: I got a Puppet Angel, the Vamp!Xander action figure and the Scruffy Wesley action figure).

I’m finally feeling mostly better today (*fingers crossed*) – which is good because on Sunday I’m heading out to visit the fabulous girlfriend! I’m so excited about visiting with Camisha – we’ll have just over a week together. Of course, I would be more excited if I wasn’t flying through Denver. I’ve spoken to my airline and apparently it’s possible that things should be cleared up by then and it should be alright when I fly through there. But I’ll have to keep calling and checking that the flight’s still confirmed, because if not, they will re-route me … but that could mean I won’t arrive for New Year’s Eve which had been my original plan.

So in an effort to not stress out, I thought I’d tell you my top 10 list of TV shows for 2006 (ie. the shows I enjoyed the most this past year). Oh! I am planning to do my fic wrap-up but I probably won’t have that ready to post till the new year.

My Top 10 TV Shows of 2006 – spoiler free! )

So that’s it for me for now. I hope you all have been having a wonderful holiday season and I wish you all a Happy New Year!
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This has been one of those weird weeks. Cut for spaceyness, lost wallet and voting hijinks )

And OMG, the other night I ALMOST DRANK A SPIDER!!!! It had somehow gotten in my water glass and as I was tilting the glass to my lips I happened to notice something moving. *still gets freaked out thinking about it* My poor friend was on the phone with me at the time, so got to experience me shrieking and being distressed.

I've also been focused on my [ profile] fall_for_sx fic, It's Not. /self-promoting
Oh! And today's [ profile] savoytruffle's day at [ profile] fall_for_sx, check out her awesome fic: Or Forever Hold Your Peace.
I'm also happy because [ profile] entrenous88 has been posting new chapters of Cuddly Predators.
So in conclusion, yay Spander!!

I also have some very brief TV comments! This morning I was reflecting that I know it's November sweeps since the characters are all in danger (or so it seems).

Veronica Mars - Of Vice and Men (3:7) )

Bones - The Aliens in the Spaceship (2:9) )

Dancing with the Stars - Finale )

I'm ridiculously behind on so much TV right now. Three separate co-workers harassed me about not seeing this week's Heroes yet. If only there were more hours in the day! *contemplates trying to find that time turner Hermione has in Harry Potter*

I hope you're all good! *hugs*
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...but well-muscled. (btvs 5:18)

That Xander line always warms my Spander-loving heart, which is good since I’m in the midst of working on my [ profile] fall_for_sx fic. I’ll be posting the first half on Wed. November 15th and the second on Thurs. November 23rd /self-promoting. The story’s sort of consuming me right now so I keep forgetting to post updates about me or thoughts on TV (I’m also – as usual – behind on multiple shows). I thought I’d do an update post tonight as a break between editing my fic and catching up on BSG.

Here’s what’s making me happy about TV:

- Reba is back!! I can’t believe I didn’t know this earlier! I know that only a couple of other people will be excited about this – but when I found this out it made my evening! I love this show. I’m hoping for lots more slashy Reba/Barbra Jean moments this season!

- Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip picked up for the full season!! Yeah, I know this is old news to most of you, but this is exciting for me. Now the two new shows I’m really enjoying, Studio 60 and Heroes, will both be around for the full season. It’s so lovely to exhale my breath and sit back and enjoy without worries that a show I’ve committed to will get cancelled. (fyi to Friday Night Lights fans: I have the show on my pvr and plan to watch it asap!!)

I’m watching other TV, I just don’t have much to say about it. Oh! Other than that I continue to love Grey’s Anatomy and am trying to not be disappointed with Veronica Mars.

Here’s what’s making me happy in my life )
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Yet again, I must pause and giggle at the quote in the subject line. This is one of the many reasons I love Anya: she says how we all feel. *g*

I had a really wonderful birthday, which has totally been an extended celebration (especially because there are packages arriving in the mail for me!!). Thank you to everyone for their lovely birthday wishes, they contributed to a joyous and awesome birthday!!! I've been feeling totally spoiled, I could get used to this! ;)

On my birthday I excitedly thanked my wonderful friends for their generosity, and today I want to do some additional thank yous!

Thank you to [ profile] electricalgwen for writing me a totally hot Spike/Xander story with fun banter and a sexy dynamic between them, plus park sex: Jolly Good Show. This was a particularly awesome surprise because Electricalgwen had already delighted me with a truly wonderful poem: Reason. Here's a taste of Jolly Good Show:

“There are no teddy bears. It’s the dark of the moon. Giles? What the fuck?” Spike nibbled Xander’s earlobe. “He’s never been to this park in his life and sure as hell isn’t going to start tonight. Quit being ridiculous, and touch me.”

Thank you to [ profile] savoytruffle for writing me a layered, poignant, witty, sweet and moving story: Quiet. This is part of her wonderful Wonder!Verse in which Spike is a barely legal hustler and Xander is a teenage dirtbag (baby). I love this 'verse and I highly recommend reading all the stories. Here's the first line of Quiet to tantalize you:

The beat of the bass borders on ridiculous — scratch that, crosses the border into ridiculous and commits several treaty violations there — but Xander only half notices as his steps fall into time with the thumpa-thumpa.

Besides wonderful fic and LJ flist love, I also was spoiled by family and friends. There were some delicious meals, tasty desserts, awesome gifts and fun times. I must give special thanks to my friend spookymonkey who not only got me excellent gifts and betas my fic, but who also created the Buffytinis we enjoyed at my party AND played bartender. The Buffytini Recipe )

Thank you to everyone!! *hugs and squishes*
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I must just take a moment and giggle that my title quote is something that Xander says to Giles. That cracks me up every time!!!

My 29th birthday has started much much better than Valancy's in L.M. Montgomery's The Blue Castle. Here's an excerpt from the beginning of the book:

One does not sleep well, sometimes, when one is twenty-nine on the morrow, and unmarried, in a community and connection where the unmarried are simply those who have failed to get a man.

Deerwood [her town] and the Stirlings [her family] had long since relegated Valancy to hopeless old maidenhood. But Valancy herself had never quite relinquished a certain pitiful, shamed, little hope that Romance would come her way yet - never, until this wet, horrible morning, when she wakened to the fact that she was twenty-nine and unsought by any man.

Even though I'm 29, unmarried and it's raining I can reassure you all that I'm already having a wonderful birthday!!! I'm very thankful that I don't live in Valancy's time, in her town or have her family! (And yes, I am using my birthday as an excuse to quote from L.M. Montgomery!!! *g*)

I'm heading out in a few minutes to go and pick up last minute supplies - I'm having a few close friends over and we're going to celebrate by drinking Buffytinis (ie. chocolate raspberry martinis) and other chocolate-y martinis.

Before I run off I wanted to say some thank yous. I heart my f-list )

I hope to be back in a little while so I can celebrate the birthday of someone else on my flist *is mysterious* by posting the first chapter (yes, you read that right - there are chapters!) of a new fic.

*flails about happily*
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So you may have noticed (or not) that I haven't been around LJ as much recently. I just wanted to reassure you all that my recent lack of commenting - which has been sporadic at best - is because of non-LJ related factors.

Basically it's a really intense time for me right now. In particular, my family is dealing with something very stressful and sad. Fortunately I also have some wonderful and joy-inducing developments in my life. As a result of the stressful stuff, I'm exhausted. I have been reading my flist but have not had enough energy to actually comment on people's posts. I am thinking happy thoughts or sending hugs or laughing or sharing your joy, I'm just not having the brain power to type a comment. I've been noting fics I want to read and am hoping to get back to them! I may - hopefully soon, but not now - ask people to link me to things I've missed.

Because I'm all tired and everything's intense, my concentration is all over the place. I'm easily distracted and my focus is all weird.

Um, yeah. So I just wanted people to know that I'm okay and that it's just a very intense, energy-consuming time. But also that there's good stuff too!

And I think I'm kinda gay. (btvs 3:16)

  • Jun. 26th, 2006 at 12:06 AM
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For a change of pace, I thought I'd do a "here's what cordelianne did" kind of post. Of course there's still talk about fandomy stuff because, well I'm me, and Pride is (theoretically) all about celebrating who we are.

Cordelianne's Pride Adventures )

I hope you all had a good week-end!!!
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Hello all!! It's been a while since I updated. I can't believe it's June 4th already!! The days are just flying by. It's been crazy stressful at work recently so there's been days when I'll keep refreshing my flist but then don't have the mental capacity to actually comment at the time, let alone write an entry. But we shall speak no more of this no more!

I have some good news!! )

Why the hating? )

So in the spirit of fun, and love for Veronica Mars (which has been the target of much hate recently), I have a fun Dick-centric drabble. (See I haven't forgotten about my drabble requests, I'm just really really slow! But I've been writing lots recently, so yay!)

For [ profile] brandil who requested: Either Logan, Weevil, or Dick. You choose. I chose Dick because I've been writing a Logan/Weevil fic ... so watch this space!!

No spoilers for the show, set really anytime during the series.
Warning: Dick is, well, a dick.

VM Fic: The Ladies (Dick, PG, drabble) )
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I had the wackiest experience tonight (technically Friday night)!!! Earlier today I made plans to meet some friends and see a movie (Hero Among Heroes aka Fist of the Red Dragon).

My Wacky Adventure, or What Happens When Three People Don't Read All the Details )

Very sad news about independent theatres closing and how this likely means the end for Kung Fu Fridays )
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So I've been kind of burned out on television watching. Did I just write that?!! Oh dear, that may be a sign of the apocalypse! This is definitely a sign that I need to watch less television next year. I haven't even watched finales for all the shows that I love. Although I did finally see the finale for How I Met Your Mother.

Brief thoughts about How I Met Your Mother 'Come On' 1:22 )

Most of the time I enjoy my job but there are rare occasions when I worry that it's destroying my soul. Tonight was one of those nights when, because of my position, I had to do something that I just hate doing (even if it's justified) and it makes me all stressed and cranky.

But enough of the stress because I have some news that is making me so very happy!!!

Yes! It's true! I had originally not planned to go for a variety of reasons, but now it's totally possible for me to attend!! Oh, and I'll also be visiting the awesome [ profile] savoytruffle on the way to Writercon! *dances* So many wonderful things to anticipate!

One reason I love my work is that when I asked my manager if I could have that time off he said: Why are you asking? Of course you can take a vacation! So, I've been registering, sending my cheque, making room arrangements and investigating travel options. Just writing about it making me less stressed!!

I'm so excited to meet those of you who will be at Writercon, and wish I could meet all of you there.

So, in conclusion re: Writercon, I am very very excited!!!
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I have random stuff today:

  • Because I cannot resist something that promotes love and fuzzy feelings, I put my name down at [ profile] itsabigrock's Anonymous Love Meme. Go, put your name down and share the love. It's already at 3 pages!!

  • One of my friends sent me this amusing review of The Da Vinci Code in the New York Times A 'Da Vinci Code' That Takes Longer to Watch Than Read. Another friend informed me that the movie was booed at Cannes!! Booed!! After telling me that, she asked if I still wanted to see the movie (fyi: I have not read the book). And I'm now actually more interesting because I love bad movies!!

  • I must direct your attention to my new icon by [ profile] _jems_. It's a beautiful statement about how the many t-shirts of Veronica Mars' Dick Casablancas reflect his personality. *snicker* For those of you who don't know: Dick is, well, a dick. But a really entertaining and funny one to watch.

  • Tonight my two BFFs and I will be having a birthday celebration for one friend (we're all 29 this year). I anticipate much talking, laughing and fun. I met the birthday girl ten years ago at scholarship interviews for the University of Toronto. She remembered me as the girl with the great laugh and curly hair, and I remembered her as the girl who noticed that blood gets splattered on the camera in Braveheart (that kind of attention to detail impresses me). We ended up in the same residence house, where we met the other girl (who I immediately noticed was not dressed like all the other girls). Those two became friends first, and I decided that they would become my friends since they actually seemed fun. Sure there's been a couple of rocky times, but our friendship has sustained bad boyfriends, bad girlfriends, school stuggles, family issues, being roommates, and two of us becoming big-time BtVS/AtS fangirls.


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