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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] earth_vexer!!!!!! I hope your day is wonderful and I wish you many exciting and fabulous surprises and good things! [ profile] earth_vexer is a wonderful presence on LJ, so friendly, interesting, smart, and she has an awesome sense of humour. Also she's a super talented icon maker, who always wows me with her wonderful icons (and her sense of humour often comes through in her icons - check out the one I'm using today).

In her honour, I've written a Spike/Buffy drabble (my first Spike/Buffy!), well more like pre-Spuffy. It's set sometime late season 4.

BtVS Fic: Coming Clean (Spike/Buffy, G, drabble) )
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I'm sure you all know that I have much love for all the BtVS/AtS characters and pairings, but that Spike/Xander is my OTP. When I started reading fanfic (back in 2002) I quickly discovered S/X and fell in love with the pairing. I recall first seeing a fic listed with that pairing and was completely intrigued because they have so much tension on the show. I could imagine them being fascinating (and hot!) together in fanfic. I really love the canon pairings, and I never expected to see S/X together on the show (eg. "Hell's Bells" always makes me sob because I want Xander/Anya to work out, and Spike's speech to Buffy in "Touched" gets me every time). What I really love about fanfic is exploring that subtext, those hidden glances, those possibilities that weren't played out on the show.

So, that recounting of my love for S/X - four years going strong! - is really a rambly preamble to celebrate my completely fabulous and wonderful new icon!!! It was made by the uber-talented and wonderfully generous [ profile] earth_vexer and it makes me so happy every time I see it.

Some of my favourite S/X moments on the show are during season 5 and the scene in the icon (from "Intervention") has that awesome Spike & Xander tension. Oh! And they both look very very pretty in this scene! I just adore how [ profile] earth_vexer has framed them in the shot!

I requested the text "It's all in the subtext" and [ profile] earth_vexer brilliantly has "subtext" in handwriting. I love it because the handwriting suggests how as fanfic writers we're playing with the subtext when we write S/X stories (and of course other pairings as well). I'd really wanted my username on the icon and I'm enamoured with how [ profile] earth_vexer has it mirroring the other text, because I'm a big fan of subtext so I like how that's linked to me.

LOTS AND LOTS OF THANKS TO [ profile] earth_vexer for kindly making me my very own icon!! *dances around ecstatically*

I also have more thanks and good news! )


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