In my plan, we are beltless. (btvs 7:16)

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The nice thing about comms like [ profile] buffyversetop5 is that they inspire me to organize rec lists and celebrate my favourite writers and artists in the fandom.

Here's the posts I did for [ profile] buffyversetop5:

My Five Favourite Giles/Xander Fics of 2008

My Five Favourite Spike/Xander Fics of 2008

My Five Favourite Rare Slash Pairing Fics of 2008

My Five Favourite Icons of 2008

It was awesome to recognize some of my favourite people on my flist who produce such great work. I want them to get showered with praise.

And for the heck of it, I thought I'd do my list of My Five Favourite Movies of 2008 )
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I'm a little overwhelmed - but in the best possible way - because all my favourite writers have been posting fics and I want to read all the stories RIGHT NOW! So, of course, that means I've read hardly any so far and they're all bookmarked. And then my PVR was at its max so I had to watch tv shows to clear it off (I know, I have such a rough life!) which meant that instead of reading excellent stories, I watched the season finale of Charmed instead! Even though I know I'm being manipulated, I'm such a complete sap that I cried anyway. And I don't even really like the show! *is deeply shamed*

I will pimp a story that I've actually read (because I beta'ed it), and which I highly highly recommend. It's [ profile] savoytruffle's Not Noisy or Excited (part 1 of 2). It's "wow" inspiring, beautiful, and haunts you (in a good way).

And I have another drabble!! For [ profile] lillianmorgan who requested: Spike&/Xander, pizza, basement of doom.

Thanks to [ profile] savoytruffle for all her support!

BTVS Fic: Best Seat in the House (Spike/Xander, PG, drabble) )

Lots of TV, same-sex marriage and fic recs

  • Apr. 5th, 2006 at 5:05 PM
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Happy Wednesday everyone!! I’m excited because tonight there’s new episodes of Veronica Mars, Lost, Bones AND the Amazing Race!!! That’s a lot of tv, but it’s all good tv so I’m happy.

Yesterday the weather was insane. There were snow flurries for a few seconds, then they stopped. Half an hour later, there was hail!! Fortunately it didn’t last too long. And then there were snow flurries again. Nothing has stayed and I’m holding out hope this is the last snow for the year. But it’s like the weather has PMS.

Lots of tv has been watched by me the last couple of days:

24 ‘10pm-11pm’ 5:16, Who’s evil now? )

Grey’s Anatomy ‘The Name of the Game’ 2:18 )

Gilmore Girls ‘I’m OK, You’re OK’ 6:17, Actually no-one’s okay except for Lane and Paris )

Scrubs ‘My Chopped Liver’ 5:16, Why JD and Turk are the best friends ever! )

I was going to write about House (with Michelle Trachenberg!) but I was just alerted that the Conservatives are re-opening the same-sex marriage issue and holding a free vote about it. I am very mad and upset by this. WTF?!! No government should be taking away human rights. I recall having an argument with someone before the election in which he refused to believe me that the Tories would do this. This is one instance in which I hate being right. There is hope that this will fail because the Conservatives are a Minority Government and the other parties (Bloc Quebecois, NDP and most Liberals), who make up the majority, will vote in support of same-sex marriage. But still…. It’s hard to feel reasonable when we could potentially lose human rights.

To try and end on a happy note I wanted to rec some really good fic I’ve been reading recently:

[ profile] globalfruitbat’s Heroes which is a beautiful and addictive post-Not Fade Away ensemble story.

[ profile] octoberxsong’s Placebo which is an amazing Spike/Angel story that could also be a manifesto for the pairing.

Also, if you love Xander, check out the masterlist for The Replacement Celebration -- A Two Xanders Are Better Than One Brouhaha. It’s double your Xander goodness!
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1. David Boreanaz - Last night when my friends and I were discussing the awesomeness of this week's Bones, I had the following revelation:

I only watch Bones for David Boreanaz. Sure, I like the other characters, but I wouldn't have even tuned in (forensics stuff icks me out, and crime stuff bores me) if it weren't for David Boreanz. I realized this when my friend was commenting on a plot point, and I didn't remember what she was talking about. I could however talk at length about DB dancing, when he was in the hospital etc, but I don't pay attention to the plot ... it's all about David Boreanaz.

The weird thing about this is that I've never been that into DB. Obviously I like him because Angel and Buffy are my favourite shows. And I've always understood other people finding him hot but I never did. It's just that recently I've been drawn in by his hotness.

To not be completely shallow for a second (although I'm not getting all philosophical either), I think that Booth is an ideal role for him because it really allows DB's charisma to shine (thankfully not the type of glowy Charisma-as-Cordy-glow though!). It makes me lament that Nicholas Brendon: a) isn't on tv right now and b) doesn't have a similarly great role. Oooh, I'm suddenly having happy of thoughts of Nick Brendon guest starring on Bones!!! Sadly, these are just my wishes because when I was imdbing Nick Brendon the other day there were no upcoming guest spots for any tv show listed. *pouts*

Spoilers for Bones 'Two Bodies in the Lab' 1:15 )

2. Good Bad Movies - On another, but completely different joy-inducing note, the so-bad-it's-good movie Snakes on a Plane now has a trailer here!!! It starts with Samuel Jackson's character declaring Enough is enough, I’ve had it with these snakes. Oh yeah, and in case the title of the movie isn't clear, it's about snakes on a plane!!! *g*

3. More Linking Fun - SNL is going crazy with those digital shorts (eg. Chronic(what)cles of Narnia), and now has one of Natalie Portman rapping. It's not as funny as the Narnia one but it's still very entertaining.

4. Pimping - [ profile] lillianmorgan has written an amazing Spike/Buffy fic Your Face Appears in Mine which is a beautiful and poetic non-linear story.

[ profile] earth_vexer has a batch of very impressive and wonderful new icons!! I excitedly grabbed many of them including this one:
Buffy 'It's About Power
which is my new default userpic (I would be using it now but I HAD to use my new Booth & pudding icon by [ profile] angdelia). I also recently changed the layout of my journal, which a friend reminded me I haven't mentioned. I'm still working on it, but let me know what you think!


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