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School has been stressing me out. I'm not sure I like my prof and the essay I just wrote was a painful, painful, all-night struggle and not half as good as I wanted it to be. I'm now very sleep-deprived. But! Instead of focusing on why I could be grumpy, I must share my love for the shiny new Star Trek!

I went into the movie expecting to enjoy it (the trailers looked so good that even though I've never been a big Trek fan - I've always been been someone who enjoys it but not loved it - I went in excited) and I left LOVING it!! I've now seen it twice and am conspiring to see it again. I also came out of the theatre declaring to my girlfriend, "I now understand why Trek basically started fanfic". And since then it's been a downward (upward?) spiral into reading fic and even writing it! (My first ST fic, Kirk/McCoy, is here.) Oh! Plus, the girlfriend and I are planning to watch the other Trek movies when she's back up here in June (I've seen them but she hasn't). I've also been DVRing original Trek episodes.

So yes, I'm already percolating on some more ST slash BUT I do not plan to leave the BtVS fandom. I continue to write (and am currently posting Xander Harris Versus Destiny with [personal profile] reremouse and [ profile] savoytruffle - the next chapter is now up!) and read in the Buffyverse. I do wish that there were more Spike/Xander fics that I want to read. Reading all the Trek fic has made it especially apparent to me how much I've been missing having lots of fic I want to read. I hope that doesn't sound too whiny, I know there's still S/X fic being produced but a lot of it sadly isn't to my taste. But yes, I am not leaving you, Buffyverse! Oooh, and I'm excited for [ profile] summer_of_giles - it always inspires me to write Giles and reminds me how much I love him (and Giles/Xander!). :D

So changing topics entirely... I'm like two pages away from finishing Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and am a bit conflicted about how I feel about it.

I like the idea of zombies in the P&P world - it's fun and fits quite well into the story and the class dynamics going on. BUT! And this is funny considering how much I love fanfic, I think I may be too much of a Jane Austen purist (she's a favourite author mine) because a number of the changes annoy me. I feel there's a lot of attempts at bawdy humour that just feel anachronistic. It's not that Austen didn't have things like that in there, she was just smarter and more sly about it.

Other things that bothered me:
- I actually wanted there to be more people to die at the hands of zombies. Only two main-ish characters? Come on! Perhaps Miss Bingley? Wickham? Lydia?
- I didn't like Elizabeth as blood-thirty as she is in P&P&Z - she's fiesty and strong-willed but not a cold-blooded killer. I really hated that she killed Lady Catherine's Ninjas. Killing zombies is one thing, but killing people? I'm sorry, Buffy would have kicked their asses (like what Elizabeth did) but left them alive. They were only following Lady Catherine's orders!
- I thought that having Charlotte be infected and thus that being the reason she agrees to marry Mr. Collins to not be nearly as interesting as in the original when she marries him out of pure practicality knowing he's a huge idiot. Plus, it was kinda awful to have Charlotte being played for cheap laughs. And I don't believe that Mr. Collins would have killed himself (unless he was infected which we're not led to believe he is) and would have lived on to pontificate endlessly about his grief.
- In the original Mrs. Bennett is obsessed with marriage because there's nothing else to do and because she is concerned that her daughters actually have something to live on. So in P&P&Z she just seems completely awful because she's caring about marriage when there's a zombie threat! Er, not that I like Mrs. Bennett.

That being said, it was still a fun read and it was neat to have zombies integrated into the P&P world. I'm not unhappy that I read it. But I'd probably only give it 2.5-3 stars. Basically all the best moments and writing is still Jane Austen! Has anyone else read it? What did you think?

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