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(quote from btvs 5:4) So I thought I would share What I Did While LJ Was Down:

1. Lamented to myself that I’d recently posted Chapter Three of If I Can’t Dance (my new S/X fic) and now it was likely to have low readership and comments. (What? That wasn’t a subtle self-pimp?! *ahem* ;) )

2. Celebrated that by some stroke of unconscious psychic powers, I’d opened random multiple fic posts on tabs shortly before LJ went down! (I have lots of tabs open at home but I was at work and normally have *no* fic open on tabs.) So I was able to read and write up comments (which I saved in an email and posted once LJ was back up).

3. Was actually motivated to work on my least favourite task at work due to exhausting all the tabs I had open.

4. Discovered that the downtime was a San Francisco based issue when craigslist didn’t work. And why was I looking on craiglist? Well…(see #5)

5. A co-worker sent us this non-spoilery post about a gay Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows sex party. The post is NWS (my office is, er, kinda different so porn and nudity isn’t a problem here). Here’s the link.

More cool links (no HP spoilers!) )
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It’s icy and snowy outside (thankfully not the loss of power and crazy ice storm conditions other people have been experiencing – although it has been freezing rain today), so I’ve been enjoying my day off by snuggling under a blanket and catching up on my TV watching.

It feels like ages since I did a TV post, so I’m excited to share some brief thoughts on some of the TV I’ve been watching. So guess which show is making me very happy right now?!! If you guessed Ugly Betty you’re right!

Ugly Betty – First Five episodes )

Grey’s Anatomy – ‘Six Days Part One’ (3:11) )

24 – Day 6: 6am-7am & 7am-8am )

The Office – ‘Back from Vacation’ and ‘Traveling Salesmen’ (3:12 & 3:13) )

30 Rock – Random season 1 thoughts )

SPN – ‘Hunted’ (2:10) )

Oh! And if you’re interested, I did a post at [ profile] buffyversetop5 of my choices for the Top 5 Spike/Xander fics of 2006. There’s so many other fabulous rec posts there, I definitely recommend spending some time browsing around there.

I love this new icon I'm using by [ profile] apreludetoanend (it's her most recent post) - how awesome is it?!!!
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We're all concerned about how gross you look. (btvs 2:18)

So yeah, I’ve been sick. Not feel-like-I’m-dying sick, just annoying-head-cold-that-sticks-around sick. And it’s made me cranky and whiny and low on energy. Fortunately I didn’t have to travel anywhere for Christmas because my family (mom, dad, brother and brother’s girlfriend) converged at my apartment for Christmas. I don’t have the biggest apartment ever but we all fit comfortably (fyi: they slept at a hotel – it wasn’t that cozy). And my mom – who’s very awesome – prepared the meal so basically I just had to show up in my own apartment and try not to sneeze on anyone. I feel very spoiled by the lovely Christmas and all the fabulous gifts I received (of fannish interest: I got a Puppet Angel, the Vamp!Xander action figure and the Scruffy Wesley action figure).

I’m finally feeling mostly better today (*fingers crossed*) – which is good because on Sunday I’m heading out to visit the fabulous girlfriend! I’m so excited about visiting with Camisha – we’ll have just over a week together. Of course, I would be more excited if I wasn’t flying through Denver. I’ve spoken to my airline and apparently it’s possible that things should be cleared up by then and it should be alright when I fly through there. But I’ll have to keep calling and checking that the flight’s still confirmed, because if not, they will re-route me … but that could mean I won’t arrive for New Year’s Eve which had been my original plan.

So in an effort to not stress out, I thought I’d tell you my top 10 list of TV shows for 2006 (ie. the shows I enjoyed the most this past year). Oh! I am planning to do my fic wrap-up but I probably won’t have that ready to post till the new year.

My Top 10 TV Shows of 2006 – spoiler free! )

So that’s it for me for now. I hope you all have been having a wonderful holiday season and I wish you all a Happy New Year!
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In previous years I've held out hope that my favourite shows and actors would get Emmy nominations. And I've always been disappointed when it seems like being on HBO guarantees a nomination, the same shows get nominated year after year, and mediocre actors like Charlie Sheen and Patricia Arquette get nominated (and win!). So, last year after gazing at the awards and declaring It's like these people don't actually watch television! I decided that (other than the industry prestige and glitzy parties) the Emmys are silly and meaningless, and if I made up my own nominations to celebrate my favourite shows, actors and writers it is way more meaningful. Why more meaningful, you ask? Because I love television!! And I'm sure I watch way more tv than the average Emmy voter.

So, if you want to see who the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences nominated click here. ETA: There are NO spoilers behind the cut. And if you want to know why I nominated something or why I didn't, please ask - I didn't have the energy for lengthy explanations (thus, why no spoilers). Now, onto the real nominations: The Second Annual Nominations for the Cordelianne Emmys )

I'm sure you're wondering how the winners will be determined. I will be making that decision and announcing it on (or close to) Emmy night. I will likely do a poll to determine the people's choice around that date, but I will ultimately have to pick one from my favourites in each category (which will be a challenge!!).

I'd wanted to do more categories (ie. writing and directing) but am exhausted from all my preparations for visiting [ profile] savoytruffle (I leave on Monday!!! eeeeee!!!) and for Writercon!!! The excitement levels are VERY HIGH here!!! I'm pretty much ready although there's a couple of last minute things I need to do tomorrow and Monday (eg. I still need to get American money. I remembered to set aside my Veronica Mars dvds but not get cash. *headdesk*).

*squishes you all* *collapses*

Jun. 22nd, 2006

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Work's been all stressful this week (thanks in part to all the preparations for Pride this weekend) and my co-worker/friend and I had to - temporarily - take apart our desks and computers for Pride-related reasons... but that means I have a three day weekend!! Yay!

The Emmy nomination ballots are being prepared, and since the shows that I love rarely get nominated, I thought it would be fun to give them some love. Because I'm feeling unoriginal, I'm blatantly stealing the categories from TV Gal's Nominations for the 2006 Amy Awards (I love her awards because the categories, nominations and winners are all decided by the readers of her column). WARNING: Spoilers for Veronica Mars season 2 for numbers 1 & 5 and for Everwood and Smallville behind the cut Here's my take on the TV Gal awards categories: )

I'm using my Hannah/Bright Everwood icon because I love those characters and miss the show lots and lots.

So, as mentioned above, this weekend is Pride here in Toronto (actually all week is Pride week) which means I may not be around too much. Or it means I'll be around lots because I'll be overwhelmed by the crowds and commercialism. I'm planning a low-key Pride but these things always grow. So HAPPY PRIDE!!!!
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I have a confession to make: I watched the 7th Heaven series finale. See, a few years ago I was briefly addicted to the show. I’m a big fan of campiness and stuff that’s so bad it’s good (eg. I loved Tremors and am excited about Snakes on a Plane), so I found the show entertaining. Of course, there was only so long I could take the preachyness and hypocrisy (eg. we’ll spend an entire episode being obsessed with sex but insist it’s wrong to be having sex.), so it was a brief fling.

The other reason I watched the finale was my love of watching series finales. I can be a huge sap and finales normally inspire crying. The 7th Heaven finale was – unsurprisingly – so very bad. There were flashbacks (I LOVE flashbacks!), and ridiculous fantasy sequences that made Angel’s fantasy/dream in “Awakening” seem believable in comparison. Spoilers for the 7th Heaven finale. Is there anyone who’s actually worried about getting spoiled? If you don’t watch the show, you should read this because the revelation at the end of the show is absolutely cracktastic and is like really bad fanfiction!!! )

Anyway, I did actually watch some good tv tonight:

How I Met Your Mother ‘Milk’ 1:21 )

24 ‘3am-4am’ 5:21 )

Everwood ‘All the Lonely People’ 4:17 )

Logans: What’s with all the Logans on tv? There’s the awesomely complex one on Veronica Mars, the annoying one on Gilmore Girls and then President Logan on 24 (okay I know it’s a last name, but I still think it counts). I don’t think I’ve ever met a Logan in real life, yet it’s this incredibly popular tv name. Also, they’re all very messed up individuals. I’m beginning to think I’ve been lucky to not know a Logan in real life.

And speaking of Logans, tonight (Tuesday) is the season finale of Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. I’m very worried about the direction it looks like GG is going in, especially considering that Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino will not be running the show next year. Fortunately, I’m much more optimistic about the VM finale based on a completely non-spoilery report that indicates it should ROCK!!!

The talk of spoilers reminds of something annoying that happened today. I’ve been carefully avoiding reading Lost spoilers since I’ve yet to see last week’s episode. I even read two entries on LJ in which I successfully avoided the Lost sections. Well, I forget that the rest of the world isn’t as nice about alerting for spoilers as people on LJ are, and I got completely spoiled by the first few words of my favourite tv columnist, TVGal’s column (and, of course, don’t read this if you’re unspoiled for Lost, Alias and Veronica Mars).

Character Meme

  • May. 3rd, 2006 at 1:03 PM
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I got this from [ profile] karabair, [ profile] crazydiamondsue, [ profile] entrenous88 and [ profile] molly_may, and have to do it because I cannot resist something that lets me talk about my love for the characters on my shows:

Name a character from one of my fandoms, and I will tell you my top 3 moments or scenes of them.

I'll do any of my fandoms or shows that I watch: BtVS, AtS, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Everwood, Scrubs, 24, etc etc (ie. any show you know I watch).
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Despite the beautiful sunny day, I’m very cranky (thanks a lot never-ending PMS). So I thought I’d focus on last night’s very entertaining television night instead!

24 ‘2am-3am’ 5:20 )

Everwood ‘Truth…’ 4:16 )

How I Met Your Mother ‘Best Prom Ever’ 1:20 )

The wonderfully talented [ profile] earth_vexer has a fabulous batch of new season 7 BtVS icons!!! I’d be using one of them now (likely the amazing one of Buffy in “Showtime” with the phrase “monster’s nightmare” on it), but I rarely get to use my lone Everwood icon.

For those of you who are James Marsters fans, he will be on this week’s Smallville episode, which will hopefully be better than last week’s.

Tonight I’ll be watching the penultimate episodes of Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. Scrubs is also a definitely must-watch. And I’ll be watching BtVS’s “The Puppet Show” for [ profile] episodic_buffy. I’m saving the House episode till tomorrow night so I can watch both parts at once. [Wow, my tv watching plans are almost as exciting as when my co-worker/friend E and I give each other updates if we’re going to washroom or getting a snack.]

Oh, E is trying to get me to see Mission Impossible III and I’ve been resisting because, as I told her I’m boycotting Tom Cruise’s existence (I had meant to say movies instead of existence, but I’m amused by my mistake). Because I’m very easily convinced – about fun stuff like this – I’m pondering agreeing to go. It could be a fun, mindless movie. Should I go? Or should I hold fast to my boycotting his existence stance?!
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I’m mostly caught up on this week’s television watching, except for tonight’s shows. The highlight of this week is definitely Scrubs. The episode reminded me why I fell in love with the show in the first place, but I will continue the gushing safely behind a spoiler tag

Scrubs ‘My Lunch’ 5:20 )

Since I gushed about the incredible awesomeness of Scrubs, I’m only saying a couple of sentences about the other shows. Seriously, I’m actually succinct.

24 ‘1am-2am’ 5:19 )

How I Met Your Mother ‘Mary the Paralegal’ 1:19 )

Gilmore Girls ‘Super Cool Party People’ 6:20 )

Veronica Mars ‘Look Who’s Stalking’ 2:20 )

Smallville ‘Mercy’ 5:19 )

Even though this post is ridiculously long (thanks a lot Scrubs!), I wanted to draw your attention to my new default icon! Thanks to [ profile] femmenerd, who directed me to [ profile] book_icons, I now have a bunch of Anne of Green Gables and L.M. Montgomery icons (including an Anne/Diana one!). This one is from the cover of the first edition of Pat of Silver Bush (1933). I actually own this book (as well as many other old editions of LMM’s work) and I love the cover art, even though it doesn’t really fit the book.

ETA: There are Veronica Mars season two spoilers in the comments up to episode 2:20 (Look Who's Stalking). There's also some really damn good speculation by [ profile] ladyinhottpink about the answers to the major mysteries.
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There are buds on the trees outside my apartment window, which means Spring is finally here!! *dances happily* The weather continues to be the perfect temperature for walking to work. I can wear a lightweight jacket and walk briskly without dying of heat. I’m hoping for more days like this before we’re hit with the dreaded heat and humidity of summer.

Yesterday was one of those “welcome back from your relaxing weekend, here’s the stress” days at work. But it’s over and I’m feeling more relaxed. Yay for Tuesdays, which are even more exciting with new Veronica Mars episodes to look forward to!

There was a new Charmed episode on Sunday night, which I know all of you were excited about. *snicker* Random talk about Charmed, not really spoilery. )

My impressions of Pepper Dennis. No spoilers. )

The highlight of my recent tv watching has been the pilot for What About Brian. It’s not amazing but a good show, I’d give it a solid B, maybe a B+. Spoilery talk about What About Brian, including reflections on my love of people making out in closets (not making out when they’re in the closet, but kissing in actual closets), and my new crush on Sarah Lancaster. There’s also season one Veronica Mars spoilers. )

I’ve also seen last night’s 24, but don’t have much to say about it. I am looking forward to the next few weeks because you just know it’s going to get CRAZY, well more crazy, on that show!! What will Jack Bauer do to save the world this time?!

CBC has yet to announce when it will be airing the second season of Doctor Who. And since I have zero restraint and patience, I’ve downloaded the newest episode. I just haven’t had time to watch it. See if I had a Tardis I would have all the time in the world to do everything I want to do!! Stupid lack of time machine or a time turner like Hermione had.


Lots of TV, same-sex marriage and fic recs

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Happy Wednesday everyone!! I’m excited because tonight there’s new episodes of Veronica Mars, Lost, Bones AND the Amazing Race!!! That’s a lot of tv, but it’s all good tv so I’m happy.

Yesterday the weather was insane. There were snow flurries for a few seconds, then they stopped. Half an hour later, there was hail!! Fortunately it didn’t last too long. And then there were snow flurries again. Nothing has stayed and I’m holding out hope this is the last snow for the year. But it’s like the weather has PMS.

Lots of tv has been watched by me the last couple of days:

24 ‘10pm-11pm’ 5:16, Who’s evil now? )

Grey’s Anatomy ‘The Name of the Game’ 2:18 )

Gilmore Girls ‘I’m OK, You’re OK’ 6:17, Actually no-one’s okay except for Lane and Paris )

Scrubs ‘My Chopped Liver’ 5:16, Why JD and Turk are the best friends ever! )

I was going to write about House (with Michelle Trachenberg!) but I was just alerted that the Conservatives are re-opening the same-sex marriage issue and holding a free vote about it. I am very mad and upset by this. WTF?!! No government should be taking away human rights. I recall having an argument with someone before the election in which he refused to believe me that the Tories would do this. This is one instance in which I hate being right. There is hope that this will fail because the Conservatives are a Minority Government and the other parties (Bloc Quebecois, NDP and most Liberals), who make up the majority, will vote in support of same-sex marriage. But still…. It’s hard to feel reasonable when we could potentially lose human rights.

To try and end on a happy note I wanted to rec some really good fic I’ve been reading recently:

[ profile] globalfruitbat’s Heroes which is a beautiful and addictive post-Not Fade Away ensemble story.

[ profile] octoberxsong’s Placebo which is an amazing Spike/Angel story that could also be a manifesto for the pairing.

Also, if you love Xander, check out the masterlist for The Replacement Celebration -- A Two Xanders Are Better Than One Brouhaha. It’s double your Xander goodness!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] globalfruitbat!!!!!!!!!! I hope you've been having a fabulous day filled with lots of delightful surprises and fun times.

I'm still reeling from this week's episode of 24! 24 7p-8pm 5:13 SPOILERS )

You may not know this about me because of my continual rambling about Jossverse stuff, television and movies but I LOVE to read!! Or I used to until my endless English degree slowly created a book aversion. I spent most of my childhood in my bedroom reading, and even when we got a colour tv and cable when I was 10 years old, reading continued to be my favourite activity. I still enjoy talking about books and I've been hoping to rediscover my joy of reading books again.

Anyway, this leads to me pimp a great new community started by [ profile] earth_vexer: [ profile] librumincendere

Here's the description of the community: Librum incendere is a place for fans of the Whedonverse to discuss their favourite books. It's not a book club per se - there will be no reading assignments - just discussions about books that we love.

Book burning is strongly discouraged.

No reading assignments and good discussion about books?! That sounds awesome to me!!
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The advantage of being sick is that I caught up on lots of television and LJ reading the last couple of days. The sucky part is not being able to go out with friends and do the fun things we planned. :(

24 ‘4-5pm’ (5:10) aka Jack still rocks, but so does Audrey )

Why Supenatural ‘Shadow’ (1:15) surpassed my expectations )

It’s back, baby! The Amazing Race 9 (1:1) )

Gilmore Girls ‘Bridesmaids Revisited’ (6:16). I love Rory’s friends! )

Conviction ‘Pilot’ (1:1) or At least J. August Richards is on TV again )

I noticed that being sick and pre-menstral caused me to cry at every possible sad moment during my tv watching mini-marathon, which weirdly, made the watching more enjoyable.

I have a new lovely and beautiful mood theme of BTVS Seasons 6 & 7 made by [ profile] earth_vexer (actually originally designed for [ profile] lateseasonlove). Amusingly, my default icon of Buffy smiling in “Chosen” is almost identical to the image used for the “happy” mood. My first thought was to change my default icon, but then – as I said to [ profile] earth_vexer - the mood theme must be perfect for me if the mood theme selection I use most frequently is almost identical to my default userpic! *loves new mood theme*
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I think I'm still feeling [ profile] crazydiamondsue's beautiful "Xander Shaped Love" posts part one and part two, because I'm quoting Xander in my title (BtVS 2:13) and using my lovely new Xander icon made by [ profile] fallen_ember.

Now onto my other tv shows!! I have such a good time watching Grey’s Anatomy and 24. They’re both having kick ass season and – for different reasons – are the very best kind of crack. Here’s some VERY random reactions and thoughts (notice how I manage to talk about Angel the Series in the 24 section?!!):

GA ‘Yesterday’ (2:19) )

24 ‘3pm-4pm’ (5:9) )

Both these shows are just so FUN. I wish there were more shows that could provide this much good entertainment. Lots of people agree with me particularly about Grey’s Anatomy, have you seen how well it’s doing in the ratings?

Also, Grey’s Anatomy has a really great show writer’s blog!


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Despite the insane weather, which a meteorologist described as the result of "a war between cold and warm fronts", I'm rushing off to go out with some friends. I really want to recap my week of television watching, so I've limited myself to writing one non-spoilery sentence about each show that I watched.

Battlestar Galactica - Sacrifice (2.16)

It made me cry and there was angst - especially Kara angst - so all good in my books.

Gilmore Girls - A Vineyard Valentine (6.15)

I will not be won over and like Logan no matter how much the show tries to make the viewers like him!!

Supernatural - The Benders (1.15)

Oh Dean, you're the best brother ever, and did I mention sooo damn sexy?!!

24 - 2pm-3pm (5.8)

Jack Bauer once again proves that only he is capable of going undercover, thwarting terrorists, disobeying direct orders and - as an added bonus - being adorable with small children!

The Daily Show

Best joke the Daily Show staff didn't have to write: The vice president accidentally shot a 78 year old man in the face.

I'm still a couple of weeks behind on Lost, Bones, Smallville, and the Office. I must get caught up while the Olympics are on and Veronica Mars is in reruns. My friend E called me last night after she watched Smallville and told me that Clark is a bastard. When I worried that he was being mean to Lex, she reassured me that they'd had a nice romantic dinner with candles and Clark was very sweet to Lex. Now, I suspect that she MIGHT be joking, but I'm enjoying her version for now.

Now off to dinner and Capote!!!
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Today I bring you thoughts on Battlestar Galactica 2.14 and 24 (12pm-1pm) as well as some random, silly and bizarre thoughts that are swirling around my brain today.

1. I'm still loving Battlestar Galactica!! I've finally seen "Black Market" (2:14) and really enjoyed it (not my favourite episode but still good tv). I've noticed that when I really love a show, I'll normally like every episode unless one is REALLY bad or the show veers completely off course. What I really like about BSG is that it'll frequently do episodes that are essentially character studies, like they did for "Black Market". Spoilers for BSG 2.14 )

2. I've given up paying attention to 24's plots (because they're getting more and more confusing and circular), and am just enjoying the 40+ minutes of adrenalin pumping insanity. David Fury (aka ex BtVS, AtS, Lost writer) wrote this week's episode, and he did a good job of writing a quintessential 24 episode: there's a mole but they're not exactly who we think they are, Jack tortures someone for information, Chloe is snarky, and there's lots of running around and urgency. Everyone's VERY SERIOUS all the time. It's cracktastic, and this season is totally addictive!!

3. Today my co-worker/friend said to me: You are a fiend with magical bunny-like powers.

I actually think this is a weirdly accurate description of me (even though it makes no sense, which is mostly why I love it). Wouldn't you love to have magical bunny-like powers?! I can't reveal what they are (because they're top secret) but they're AWESOME!!!! I am able to tell you that these powers are why Anya (from BtVS) is afraid of bunnies.

4. It totally felt like spring today (Monday) and it was JANUARY 30th. It's supposed to be above 0 (Celsius) all this week! That's totally crazy for January!! I'm normally bundled in sweaters, hats and huge jackets shivering against the minus 30 degrees Celsius with the windchill. I'm loving this warmer weather!!! I keep trying to remember that it'll be cold and snowy again, but it's hard to believe when I can go outside with no gloves and my coat open!!

5. For Harry Potter fans: [ profile] annakovsky has a really funny entry speculating about how embarrassed Voldemort must be now by his name (you know, since he made up Voldemort when he was a teenager). There's also an amusing list of 103 Ways to Annoy Lord Voldemort (some items are funnier than others). My favourites are:
If you ever need to say 'Like taking candy from a baby', be sure to add 'Of course, SOME of us might find that harder than others.' Stare pointedly at him.
Anytime he enters any room, insist on entering first and announcing him grandly.
Cuddle him at random moments.

6. Did you hear? At the British Museum someone tripped on their shoelace, fell down the stairs, AND shattered 3 centuries-old Chinese vases. THIS is why I get worried when I'm in museums, these kind of freak accidents CAN happen!
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I’ve haven’t watched all my weekly tv shows yet, but so far it’s been a very entertaining and good week for tv!!

The Golden Globes

I don’t think I ever want to watch another award show live again. I watched the Golden Globes on Tuesday night and fast-forwarded through commercials, blah speeches and the boring miniseries section.

Favourite moments:
- Hugh Laurie and Steve Carrel’s hilarious acceptance speeches for best actor in a tv drama and comedy respectively. It was also awesome when Lost won later (for best tv drama) and they also thanked Steve Carrel’s wife.
- Joaquin Phoenix winning for best actor in a comedy or musical, and then revealing that he’d bet against himself! Could I love him even more than I already do?!!
- Brokeback Mountain winning (and deserving) lots of awards.
- Ang Lee calling Clint Eastwood “the man” – so adorable!!

The boring parts:
- I don’t remember because I fast-forwarded through them!

Skating with Celebrities

Totally fun fluff, although I was disappointed that no “celebrities” got hurt during the episode. (I know, I’m evil.) It was funny to hear Kristy Swanson described as a “movie star”, hee! Also I loved when Lloyd Eisler (Canadian Figure Skating champion) who undeservedly lost multiple times said: “You all know that I don’t like judges.”


Good job Smallville writers for going at least 4 episodes without a kryonite enhanced villain. Also, I’m impressed that the episode wasn’t a complete Panic Room rip off. I’m less impressed that Lana continues to live.

Did anyone else notice that when Lex was trying to tell Lana he loved her, that he was distracted by thoughts about Clark? I was giggling when he started rambling about how nice Clark’s hair is. The Clark/Lex relationship is practically canon on Smallville now.

So next week is the big character death (for the 100th episode). I just hope it’s not Clark’s dog, in typical Smallville “we always back down from doing anything daring” fashion. From what I’ve heard it actually will be one of the characters in the main credits that will die, although I don’t know who it will be. Fingers crossed that it’s Lana, although my friend’s prediction (based on comic book canon) is that it’ll be Jonathan Kent.

My Name is Earl

This is definitely one of my favourite Earl episodes so far!!

Favourite moments:
- Earl calling Kenny his “homosexual friend” (it sounds very endearing the way Earl says it).
- Earl putting the picture of him, Joy, Darnell and the kids at Joy & Darnell’s wedding on his desk.
- The “old gang” doing the slo-mo type power walk to the office.
- Randy in a boardroom talking and pointing to a pie chart (with his 4 empty beer cans on the ground).
- Joy not telling Darnell and the kids about the toe because she was worried their reactions wouldn’t be real enough. Joy’s completely fake horror.
- Darnell’s continued horror when they’re getting the cheque for the toe incident.

The Office

Despite the high cringe factor, this show has wormed it’s way into my heart. Oh Michael, you are the worst secret keeper ever! I am so rooting for Jim and Pam; they may be my favourite couple on tv right now. They’re so adorable. I loved Dwight in surveillance mode and his complete obliviousness to Oscar’s gayness.


Such big spoilers that I’m using a spoiler cut!! )

Battlestar Galatica 2.12

More huge huge spoilers for everything up to episode 2.12!!! )
What I love best about BSG is that it always explores the complexities of a situation and never portrays anything as all good or all evil. It reminds me of Everwood in the way it can maneuver the viewer through a variety of perspectives all of which could potentially be “right”. I’m so glad that I didn’t discover BSG until 2006 because otherwise my Best TV Shows of 2005 list would have expanded to 12 shows, since BSG is definitely one of the best shows on tv right now.

I have so much love for my tv shows right now!!!
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I have now seen Battlestar Galactica 2:12!!!! I'm still recovering from the emotional roller coaster ride (no worries - no spoilers). I think my heart got squished during the episode. It's funny, for a sci fi show BSG isn't that into the actual sci fi - I mean, the big space battle was actually secondary to all the character and emotional stuff that was happening, which is what I love. sigh. Still processing the fabulousness of "Resurrection Ship Part 2". I love my show.

I've also now seen the 1st hour of season 5 of 24. Another emotionally draining episode - I'm still recovering from all the stuff that happens to the characters. I may have to watch it again (before I watch the next 3 hours).

Must try to sleep after so much good tv.


Weird love's better than no love. (btvs 5:18)

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I love Rogers so much!!! Sure they're a big evil corporation that almost has a monopoly on cable tv, fast internet service, cell phones and even home phones in Toronto and beyond, but I still love them!!!

Why? Because they have awesome customer service and helped me to fix my internet problems FAST (stuff just needed to be reset)!!! The tech support guy I spoke to was so nice (can you believe someone in tech support was nice?!) and helpful. He walked me through getting my internet working again, and wasn't condescending despite my spazziness and ditziness about the whole issue. I've also had great customer service whenever I've called about my cable and PVR (like a TIVO). I love my PVR!!!

But the best thing about getting the internet working: I CAN NOW WATCH BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 2.12!!!!! I was all annoyed on Saturday, Sunday and today because it was taking forever to download (although I now think my internet issue was part of the problem), but now it's downloading at an impressive pace!!! I'm now optimist that I'll actually be seeing the episode tonight or tomorrow.

Besides my love of Rogers, here's a couple of other random comments:

1. I've finished watching 24 season 4 and can now watch season 5!! I think season 4 was the best season I've seen (I never saw season 1). I love the cracktasticness of Jack being able to (almost) single-handedly save the world without super powers. Need someone to interrogate an important suspect? Jack's the only one to do it. Need someone to lead a field operation to capture the prime suspect? Jack. Need someone to do a super secret undercover operation? Jack. He's like Sydney Bristow without all the sexy disguises.

2. I also voted today in an advance poll because I'll be out of town on election day (which is Monday January 23rd). I'm beginning to suspect that those mysterious "people" who voted for the People's Choice Awards are the same "people" who are supporting Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. I do not want a Conservative government. shudder.

3. Why do I have to wait for another week for the return of Veronica Mars? The next new episode will be Wednesday January 25, 9pm on UPN. I'll be out of town so will have to wait until Friday night or Saturday to see it. grumble grumble

Now I'm going to watch the season 5 premiere of 24!!! Here's hoping for lots of good Chloe stuff!


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