BtVS Fic: The Last Man (Wesley/Angel, PG)

  • Sep. 9th, 2007 at 5:43 PM
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So today’s the official posting day for the Fluffathon! The masterlist (which is being updated throughout the day) is here. Last week, I posted my Fluffathon fic: What Doesn’t Kill You. It has three of my favourite characters to write (Buffy, Xander and Spike). There's grocery shopping, demon fighting, wine consumption and possibly some smoochies – and I like to think it’s lots of fun! :)

Because I had finished early, I offered to write backup and that’s why I have some more fic today!

This is for [ profile] altyronsmaker – I hope you enjoy this and that it's close to your prompts!

Title: The Last Man
Author: [ profile] cordelianne
Characters/Pairing: Wesley/Angel
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,358
Feedback: I love comments. Concrit is very welcome by email.
Disclaimer: Sadly not mine, Joss own them.
Summary: Set sometime in early Season 2 of AtS.
The phone isn’t ringing. The clients aren’t coming into the office.
Angel knows he
should be unhappy about this, but he’s too busy sneaking out of the lobby and up to his own space.
A/N: Thanks to [ profile] southernbangel for organizing the Fluffathon!
Thanks to the completely awesome [ profile] savoytruffle for finding the time to do a wonderful beta which vastly improved the story and for her support while I flailed nervously about the fic. Any mistakes are mine (and you're always welcome to point out any to me!).

Fic: The Last Man (Wesley/Angel, PG) )

My Love Letter to Angel the Series

  • Feb. 14th, 2007 at 2:21 PM
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Last year on Valentine’s Day, I wrote a Love Letter to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s very cool that my love life is no longer “dicey” (as I described it last year) – in fact, I’d say it’s the opposite! *beams giddily* *collects self* So, last year I mentioned doing a love letter for Angel the Series and I’m here to deliver on that promise:

My Love Letter to Angel the Series )


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Today is the last day that the WB will exist. Tomorrow it and UPN merge to form the CW. I'm mostly excited about this (despite being sad about Everwood and Reba being casualties of the merger), however I am sad about the WB ending. And, I wanted to remind you all that:

As a good-bye, the WB is airing the pilots of its significant shows today.

5pm - Felicity
6pm - Angel
7pm - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
9pm - Dawson's Creek

**check your local listings**

I will totally be watching! I missed out on seeing Felicity when it first aired so I'm excited to check it out. Even though I think it's weird that they're playing Angel before Buffy I'm excited to watch them one last time on the network that (mostly) nurtured these two brilliant shows (I'm trying not to focus on the too soon cancelling of Angel). And it'll be fun to end with the post-modern teen angsting of Dawson's Creek!

I thought it would be fun, as a good-bye, if I listed my favourite memorable moments from the shows I watched on the WB. Good Times on the WB )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] stoney321!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are having a wonderful day!!!! You are such a smart, funny and fun person. I'm so happy that I got to meet you recently. *g* Since I can't give you Will Ferrell or Sparrington lovin', I've written you a Connor drabble because I know that you love Connor (me too!).

This is set late season 3, around the time Connor's just arrived in L.A.

FIC: Fries with That (Connor, G, drabble) )

AtS Fic: Two Angel & baby Connor Drabbles

  • Jun. 15th, 2006 at 8:22 PM
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I have more drabbles!! They're both Angel and baby Connor.

For [ profile] femmenerd who requested Daddy!Angel. Cute and funny.
[ profile] savoytruffle is thanked and adored.

Fic: Vampire Baby Blahs (Angel & baby Connor, G, drabble) )

This is a bonus Daddy!Angel drabble which doesn't exactly fit the "cute & funny" prompt.

Fic: Falling Forward (Angel & baby Connor, G, drabble) )
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Whenever I have a bad day, like today (thanks PMS, excessive heat, really painful blisters and work stress), I try to focus on things that make me happy. So I decided this would be the perfect time to share my list of favourite kisses on television!

My Ten Favourite Kisses on Television )
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Hello all!! It has been a stressful last couple of weeks in [ profile] cordelianne-land. It’s been mostly work stress and it should be over soon. I built up enough overtime that I took the day off yesterday and I basically accomplished NOTHING (well there was some LJ & fic reading and tv watching, but no apartment cleaning or laundry done). I didn’t even get enough sleep. *shakes head at self* I think my stress level inspired Tuesday’s Angel & Wes story so at least the stress has inspired some productivity!

So to ignore the stress and focus on more HAPPY things I offer you, or things that are making me happy:

1. She’s the Man: It’s the Amanda Bynes (yes the Amanda Bynes from What a Girl Wants and the tv show What I Like About You) movie that’s a teen version of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Bynes plays Viola, the one who disguises herself as her brother. I have a huge weakness for teen movies, and an even bigger weakness for modernizations of Shakespeare. Throw in any form of gender bending and I’m there! Seriously. I actually will be going to the theatre to see it on Saturday.

2. Veronica Mars returns to its Tuesday 9pm timeslot on April 11th: Okay I’m not sure how happy I am about this (especially since Wednesday night is the better night for my friends and I to watch the show together), but I’m trying to see this as positive because it won’t be up against Lost anymore. It’ll just be up again House and Scrubs, at least Supernatural will have already moved to Thursdays at 9pm (on March 30th.)

A Spoilery question & thoughts about VM ‘The Quick and the Wed’ 2:15 )

Definitely good VM news: The actors who played George Michael and Maeby on Arrested Development are guest starring next week!!! VM has definitely become the place for actors from my favourite no-longer-airing shows to guest star!

3. Bones and David Boreanaz: I re-watched the yummy DB parts from last week’s fantastic episode because my friend hasn’t seen it so I had to show her!! Possible spoilers for Bones ‘The Woman in the Tunnel’ 1:16 )

4. In one week James Marsters returns to Smallville: He’ll be back on Thursday, March 30th at 8pm on the WB.

5. The new album, "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood" by Neko Case: It's SO good!!

I would love to have included J.August Richards being back on television but I feel like he has a less of a role on Conviction than he did during parts of Angel seasons. And on Angel he could at least kick ass. I'm still “watching” the show (ie. not really paying attention until JAR is on the screen) but I don’t recommend tuning in.

Other than my outing to see She’s the Man, I’m planning to keep my weekend void of socializing and instead I will write fic, go shopping, write fic, read fic, and catch up on tv watching. Chocolate may be involved as well.

ETA: This just cheered up and made me cry happy tears: Fandom is ...

ETA #2: More good news: Bones is renewed for a second season!!!

AtS Ficlet: Dreaming (Angel & Wesley)

  • Mar. 21st, 2006 at 5:57 PM
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Inspired by this post by [ profile] entrenous88 and its silly conversation about the lack of mermaid fic in the BtVS/AtS fandom, I - weirdly - wrote this serious ficlet. It's set around the time of AtS "Deep Down":

AtS Ficlet: Dreaming (Angel & Wesley) )

I just wrote this (and it's unbeta-ed), so feedback is welcome and encouraged!!


TV Show love and other random stuff

  • Mar. 21st, 2006 at 12:07 AM
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So [ profile] crossoverman, [ profile] karabair, [ profile] octoberxsong and [ profile] selenak all did this fun meme about Your Six Favourite TV Shows. And I just had to play!

The tricky part for me was narrowing down my favourite televisions shows to a list of just six. To make it easier I decided not to include shows that ran for only one season (eg. Firefly, My So-Called Life, Freaks & Geeks) or are in their first seasons (eg. My Name is Earl, How I Met Your Mother, the new Doctor Who). I also cheated and included BtVS and AtS as one selection even though the shows are very different and deserve to be listed on their own. I also want to give a special shout-out to Joan of Arcadia which I didn’t include because it was cancelled after 2 seasons.

List your top six favourite shows:

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel (BtVS/AtS)
2. Everwood
3. Gilmore Girls (GG)
4. Veronica Mars (VM)
5. Battlestar Galactica (BSG)
6. Arrested Development (AD)

The answers are here )

Other random stuff:
1. My cab driver hit on me last night. He actually gave me his phone number which I was so startled by that I just accepted. (I won’t call him though.) It was an okay experience because he wasn’t creepy about it or anything.

2. [ profile] entrenous88 has a new Spike/Xander AU WIP fic Box Office Smash in which Xander’s an errand boy on the set of a movie. She posted the second part today and it made me so giddy and happy for the entire day! Go read!!

3. I got to play more of the BtVS video game on Friday night. So much fun. I was particularly good at being Xander which made me very happy! I also kept giggling at the cheesy lines Xander would say: “Stake. A vampire’s last meal,” and, after staking a vampire “It’s so much better if I pretend they’re all Spike” (Of course I did not imagine any slashy connotations to that statement!)

4. I’ve discovered that I get the most fic writing done on the subway. I’m thinking I need to find a few hours and just ride the subway so I can finish the fics I’m working on for [ profile] spring_with_xan and [ profile] entrenous88’s! ’The Replacement’ Celebration -- A Two Xanders Are Better Than One Brouhaha.

My awesome weekend and BSG 2.20

  • Mar. 13th, 2006 at 9:10 PM
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I had such a lovely weekend and I've been in such a good mood, yet somehow that hasn't translated into any LJ posts. Weird.

Here's why I'm so happy:

1. Seeing Transamerica (an excellent movie) on Friday with one of my best friends. I really loved how it ended and the performances are marvelous. After the movie my friend and I had yummy Mexican food and Margaritas. THEN we went back to his place and played the Buffy video game!! I had way too much fun pretending that I actually WAS the slayer.

2. Celebrating the birthday of one of my oldest friends on Saturday night, who's still my friend despite being roommates with me TWICE over the years! She's not a huge Buffy fan and she endured all of my Buffy parties. Now that's a true friend.

Going to another friend's birthday party and managing to talk Jossverse stuff with multiple people. I didn't even initiate the discussions! I did get to wow people by informing them about BtVS's 9th anniversary. One of the girls I was talking to (who's a new appreciator of the show) said she didn't like "Once More, With Feeling". I was so shocked that I didn't really know how to respond to her. I'm still baffled.

3. I walked to work on Sunday! It was so warm and lovely it felt like Spring!!

4. Watching the BSG season finale. BSG 'Lay Down Your Burdens Part 2' 2.20 thoughts and a rambling comparison to Angel's 'Not Fade Away' 5:22 + Angel's 'Home' 4:22 )

5. Reading amazing Spike/Xander fanfiction. On Sunday I was overwhelmed - in the very best way - by a lot of really good Spander. I highly recommend:

[ profile] witling's The One in the Hospital. It's schloompy goodness! She also recently wrote some angsty AU Spander which is just awesome: The Land of the Lost.

[ profile] tabaqui has a compelling WIP amnesia!Xander fic with Spike being all protective As If We Should Forget We Have No Hands.

[ profile] savoytruffle has a Dirty Dancing plot + Buffyverse characters = human AU crack/charity fic WIP Dirty Dancing Spander Style which is so fun!

I suspect I'm forgetting some great stuff, but I just HAD to rec those fics!
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We actually celebrated International Women's Day at my work today (usually it's just another day). All the women were given cards with pears on them (I guess that pears symbolize womanhood?). We got to leave work for an hour, have warm beverages and PIE (I totally thought of [ profile] entrenous88 when I had the pecan pie).

The first part was all very proper as we sipped our hot chocolate, ate pie and chatted - I noted that we were having the kind of celebration that L.M. Montgomery (aka author of Anne of Green Gables) would have participated in. Sadly, that comment only entertained me. However it did spark life into the group and we talked about everything from our breasts, online dating, the anti-abortion law in South Dakota, the age of consent laws in Canada, our first experiences in feminist groups and horrible IDW dances we've attended. It was actually a very fun time, and it felt like an appropriate way to mark IWD.

I haven't seen any of my tv shows since Monday because all I've been doing is working (stressful) and sleeping (because I'm still feeling ucky). But I do have tv news!

1. Season 3 of BSG won't air until October 2006. WHAT?! We'll have to wait ...*counts*...SEVEN months for the new season. Seven?! Seven months?!! Recounts. Damn, it's still seven months. You just know there's going to be a BIG cliffhanger and then the wait will be excruciating. Also, this doesn't seem like an effective way to retain viewers; peeople don't like to wait.

2. This is the last season of Charmed. I feel weirdly sad about the show ending, despite being amazed that such a crappy show has been on the air so long. Of course I'll inexplicably continue to watch it to the very end.

3. The Amazing Race and How I Met Your Mother both renewed for next season. Here's hoping that next year's The Amazing Race will NOT be the Family Edition. I adore How I Met Your Mother so I'm very happy about this. Also, yay for more Alyson Hannigan on tv!!

4. Speaking of How I Met Your Mother Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof will BOTH guest star on the season finale of the show. Alyson Hannigan, Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof all on the same show, this may top the Alyson Hannigan and Charisma Carpenter reunion on Veronica Mars!

5. James Marsters' next guest starring appearance on Smallville will be Thursday, March 30th at 8pm on the WB. That's also the night when the next new episode of Supernatural airs at its new time at 9pm on Thursday.

In honour of IDW, I leave you with this tidbit I learned from my beloved grandma who passed away in October: celery tastes amazing when it has been soaking in water. She also always used to say "let's play it by ear" which can be very useful to remember.
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I guess I should talk about the Oscars for a second. I was annoyed that Crash won over Brokeback Mountain. [ profile] crossoverman has some interesting thoughts on the win and [ profile] karabair has an awesome theory about it.

Thank you to my friends who reminded me that the Oscars aren't actually about the best movies of the year. How could I actually forget that?! Silly me. I also must thank them for listening to me talk about how much I hate Queen's University (the university in my hometown) and its cultish school spirit because, for some odd reason, my annoyance with the Crash win fueled a completely unrelated rant! I am weird.

Fortunately Jon Stewart made the evening funny. If only the celebs had more of a sense of humour. *worries he will not get to host next year*

At least Ang Lee - who's one of my favourite directors - won best director! And Larry McMurtry thanking book sellers was awesome because we got to applaud two of my friends!!

My favourite moment of the show was when The Day After Tomorrow (one of my guilty pleasure movies) was included in the "movies about serious issues" montage!!!!!! That made my night because it was just too funny! Oh! I just remembered Jon Stewart and George Clooney in bed together!! *g*

I am sick. Grumble grumble. I've had this cold since Thursday and I thought I was getting better on Sunday but it came back with a vengeance. I spent 3 hours waiting to see a doctor today because I was worried it might be more than a cold (and I am neurotic), fortunately not. Of course I still feel AWFUL and I wish I'd just spent the day cuddled under a blanket.

I did see BSG 2.19 but have no coherent thoughts on it right now, aside from liking the episode. However 24 kicked ass tonight and the ending completely surprised me and made me cry (not hard considering I've been on the verge of tears all day, but still an emotional moment).

At a friend's recommendation, I'm trying to sweat the cold out but now I'm feeling feverish and my brain is all fuzzy. /whining

ETA: A BtVS/AtS community has been having shipper polls (eg. who do you like better Spike/Buffy, Spike/Dru or Spike/Harmony), which can be fun but also makes me uncomfortable because I've noticed the whole shipper thing can be divisive in fandom. Anyway, two posters for separate Spike and Angel polls said that Spike/Angel aren't listed as an option because they're not a canonical pairing. I'm too wimpy to make a comment there (maybe I should instead of posting here), but they're a canonical pairing in my book. grrr
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The advantage of being sick is that I caught up on lots of television and LJ reading the last couple of days. The sucky part is not being able to go out with friends and do the fun things we planned. :(

24 ‘4-5pm’ (5:10) aka Jack still rocks, but so does Audrey )

Why Supenatural ‘Shadow’ (1:15) surpassed my expectations )

It’s back, baby! The Amazing Race 9 (1:1) )

Gilmore Girls ‘Bridesmaids Revisited’ (6:16). I love Rory’s friends! )

Conviction ‘Pilot’ (1:1) or At least J. August Richards is on TV again )

I noticed that being sick and pre-menstral caused me to cry at every possible sad moment during my tv watching mini-marathon, which weirdly, made the watching more enjoyable.

I have a new lovely and beautiful mood theme of BTVS Seasons 6 & 7 made by [ profile] earth_vexer (actually originally designed for [ profile] lateseasonlove). Amusingly, my default icon of Buffy smiling in “Chosen” is almost identical to the image used for the “happy” mood. My first thought was to change my default icon, but then – as I said to [ profile] earth_vexer - the mood theme must be perfect for me if the mood theme selection I use most frequently is almost identical to my default userpic! *loves new mood theme*
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Yesterday I listed the episode in which I fell in love with each of the BtVS characters and, as promised, I’m now doing it for AtS. Both lists ended up having 15 characters on them, even though I didn’t actually try for that kind of a balance!

The episode in which I fell in love with each of the AtS characters )

I’m interested in what made you fall in love with the characters. Tell me about it!! Let’s share the love for AtS!!!


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] femmenerd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For your birthday I have written this short fic, which I hope you enjoy!! Look you’ve gotten me – total Spike/Xander girl – writing Spangel with Buffy!!! *g*

Author: cordelianne
Title: There Should Be Oil
Chapter: 1/1
Pairing: Buffy POV Spike/Angel
Rating: NC-17 (or R)
Word count: 802
Feedback: Yes please! Concrit by email please.
Disclaimer: Not mine, Joss owns them.
Summary: Post-Damage (AtS Season 5). Buffy thinks about how well Angel and Spike are getting along together.
Notes: Written for [ profile] femmenerd’s birthday. Inspired by her Utopian Superhero Threesome ‘Verse, but not in that ‘verse nor as amazing as her stories.

There Should Be Oil (NC-17 or maybe R, 1/1, Buffy POV Spike/Angel) )
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I think I'm still feeling [ profile] crazydiamondsue's beautiful "Xander Shaped Love" posts part one and part two, because I'm quoting Xander in my title (BtVS 2:13) and using my lovely new Xander icon made by [ profile] fallen_ember.

Now onto my other tv shows!! I have such a good time watching Grey’s Anatomy and 24. They’re both having kick ass season and – for different reasons – are the very best kind of crack. Here’s some VERY random reactions and thoughts (notice how I manage to talk about Angel the Series in the 24 section?!!):

GA ‘Yesterday’ (2:19) )

24 ‘3pm-4pm’ (5:9) )

Both these shows are just so FUN. I wish there were more shows that could provide this much good entertainment. Lots of people agree with me particularly about Grey’s Anatomy, have you seen how well it’s doing in the ratings?

Also, Grey’s Anatomy has a really great show writer’s blog!


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So Scrubs was totally awesome this week!! Watching it yesterday heled me feel less sick and crappy. Mandy Moore was very funny because of her super clumsiness (I love klutziness)! But of course, the best part - and one of the funniest things ever - is the whole air band sequence.

Even if you don't watch Scrubs, you should totally check out this out:

Full length video of the super rockin' Scrubs air band!!

Also, check out Turk's so AWESOME audition for the air band:

Turk dances to "Poison" by Bell Biv DeVoe.

Other fun links:

- [ profile] ladyinhottpink posted this excellent spoof of the Brokeback Mountain preview, which I must pass on:

Brokeback to the Future. It totally highlights the potential slashiness in the Back to the Future movies!!

- Do you want to see J. August Richards for, like, one second?

He's in this cheesy music video preview for his new show, Conviction, airing in March. You have to scroll down a bit for the link. Sadly, J. August Richards is only in the first couple of seconds, and briefly in one more clip. But Gunn J. will be back on tv!!

- In the tradition of good British actors starring in the Harry Potter movies, Imelda Staunton is going to play Dolores Umbridge. Very cool!

I'm feeling all this love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer right now, and I haven't even been watching the show. Okay, I normally feel love for the show, it is my all-time favourite show (OMG ours is a forever love!!!), but recently I keep thinking about it and it's making me really happy! Also I can't get Xander out of my head. Seriously, he's in there and making me write all this fanfiction from his perspective (none of it's done yet but progress is being made).

Last night I was telling my co-worker/friend "E" that it's weird to be writing from Xander's perspective, because when I first got into BtVS I had a hard time liking him (I kept wanting him to get over his crush on Buffy). Just to be clear, I LOVE Xander now! E suggested that I'm actually like Xander because I'm all goofy and clumsy. I attempted to defend myself saying that: "I may not be graceful but I'm not THAT clumsy." Then today I managed to drop an uneaten piece of toast with peanut butter on it, in my full sink of soapy water. *facepalm* (Actually I totally cracked up because it was impressively klutzy!) I think I'm more of a combo of Willow and Xander, especially since more people have told me I'm like Willow. I'm all academically geeky like her and have the tendency to do the Willow ramble.

I told E that if she meant I was like Xander because I'm the heart of our friends, then I'm taking what she said as a compliment (instead of a suggestion that I'm a total klutz). I'm thinking of re-watching him do the Snoopy Dance in "The Replacement" because it's one of my favourite Xander moments, and one of my favourite episodes!!!

I love this exchange in "The Replacement":

XANDER: It's a robot. It's an evil robot constructed from evil parts that look like me designed to do evil.
WILLOW: Uh huh. Or it's Toth.
XANDER: Or, it's Toth.


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One hundred is a really important number in television. Sure it means your show can now be sold into syndication, but it means more than that. If you've actually managed to produce and air 100 episodes, that's a huge accomplishment. Most tv shows are never even produced, and few make it past a season or two (some don't even make it past one or two episodes). If you've reached your 100th episode it means that you've had an audience for 5 years, and good enough ratings to continually be renewed.

By some marvelous miracle both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel got to celebrate the 100th episode mark. Buffy went on to two more seasons, whereas Angel ended it's run (stupid almost defunct WB) ten episodes later. Last year was Gilmore Girls' 100th. In the last couple of weeks, Smallville, Reba and Scrubs all aired their 100th episodes.

I've noticed that 100th episodes tend to fall into a few categories (which I've just made up now!):
1. The big dramatic OMG did you notice this is our 100th episode, 2. The just another episode, and 3. We've done something special for 100 but are still keeping true to the premise of our show.

And, guess which category Smallville is in? If you guessed 1. The big dramatic OMG did you notice this is our 100th episode you're absolutely correct. I know! I'm surprised too, Smallville is normally so subtle. hee

Smallville's 100th episode ("Reckoning") almost made it in the other two categories because it has all the features of a regular Smallville episode except that they're super-sized AND there's a major character death. It has the usual bad and obviously telegraphing plot, dodgy acting by Kristin Kreuk (Lana), lousy dialogue and extremely over-earnest Kents. So what made this episode special? Because they actually killed a character!!! For five freaking years characters have almost died so many times that death has stopped meaning anything on Smallville. Actually having someone die is a big deal for this show. Of course, Smallville figured that the audience wouldn't get the significance of this, so they had a long funeral scene with no dialogue just music (it was like all those final montage moments of Smallville episodes, only this time it lasted for basically the final act).

See the thing about Smallville is that it's kind of a bad show, but once you realize that it's so much fun to watch. There's superhero angst and dorkiness, Clark/Lex homoerotic subtext and the cool and sexy cousins - Chloe and Lois. I've also enjoyed watching Tom Welling (Clark) develop more than two facial expressions. I think he's up to about four or five now!!

Oh, and did I mention that I sobbed during the funeral scene, while simultaneously noting cynically in my head that my emotions were being manipulated?

Reba's 100th episode was totally 2. The just another episode. In "Parenting with Puppets", Reba and Barbara Jean disagree on Barbara Jean's parenting technique. (Are we sure they're not the married couple on the show? I'm just saying). Meanwhile Brock and Van go to a spa on their "guy's day" and get mistaken for a gay couple. (See there's queerness everywhere on this show!)

Reba's done some "very special episodes" before (eg. helping Katrina victims), but this episode returns to what makes Reba a great show: dealing with the everyday issues of being a parent and part of an unconventional family. Ultimately Reba and Barbara Jean bond over how difficult it is to be a parent when you have to be "mean" and discipline your kid. Brock and Van's storyline actually becomes about parenting and how important it is that kids have parents who love them regardless of sexual orientation. Bonus points to the show for focusing on the four strongest characters (and actors), and downplaying Cheyenne, Kyra (is she still on the show?) and Jake.

And what would a [ profile] cordelianne discussion about Reba be without lesbian subtext? In this episode Reba spanks Barbara Jean. TWICE!! I don't need to watch The L Word, I can get lesbian action on the WB's family-friendly Reba, thank you very much!!

Scrubs definitely falls in the final category: 3. We've done something special for 100 but are still keeping true to the premise of our show. "My Way Home" is a funny and beautiful Scrubs-esque homage to The Wizard of Oz. The episode could have been gimmicky or too derivative of the movie but instead it felt like any other Scrubs episode, but one that referenced The Wizard of Oz in a fun and loving way.

The episode had all the things that make me love Scrubs:
- J.D.'s straight man girlyness Living with Elliot was certainly different: every inch of her apartment was filled with girly stuff. There were lavender scented candles, pink robes, bath salts.. IT.. WAS.. AWESOME! [J.D. has a pink towel on his head in this scene.]
- Over-the-top funny surreal moments, such as J.D. driving his scooter into a huge water trench, and Jordan (aka "Wicked Witch of the East Wing") melting in her office.
- Music numbers, eg. Laverne's church choir singing "Payback's a Bitch", and Ted's barbershop quartet singing "Maniac" during the montage of Elliott faking being really knowledgeable (I also love Elliott's neuroses!!).

Of course I loved all the Wizard of Oz stuff: J.D.'s red shoes and being called Dorothy, the yellow brick road, Dr. Cox saying "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain", Ted's a cappella group does an instrumental version of "We're Off To See the Wizard," and so much more!!!

So it was a typical awesomely funny Scrubs episode with a little extra goodness.

In case you're wondering how I'd categorize the 100th episodes for Angel, Buffy and Gilmore Girls:

1. The big dramatic OMG did you notice this is our 100th episode - Angel. Cordelia comes back, Lindsey's there, and they fight because of some thing (?) in the basement. Not a good plot (did they ask Smallville for advice?) but we're not supposed to care because Cordelia and Lindsey - who were both in the first episode - are back. Also, Cordy and Angel finally kiss, right before we find out she's dead. Oh god, I'm feeling teary. It's so sad. Poor Angel, poor Cordy.

Okay, so it's actually a pretty good episode (because I now just ignore the plot) and Angel's so much better than Smallville, but it really feels like it's more about "yay 100" than "here's a well-written and heart-wrenching episode". It's like the producers were trying to please fans - and most fans LOVE this episode - so worried more about what fans would like than about a good plot and story. Sure the Cordy is dead thing is REALLY sad - and makes me sob - but the episode is more about spectacle than content. For better episodes to represent the show that season watch "Soul Purpose", "A Hole in the World", "Shells," "Smile Time", and "Not Fade Away".

2. The just another episode - Gilmore Girls. Sure there was a wedding and relationship issues (between Lorelei and her mother, and Lorelei and Luke), but it still could have been any other really good Gilmore Girl's episode. So basically it kicked ass!!

3. We've done something special for 100 but are still keeping true to the premise of our show - Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In "The Gift" we return to the premise of the show, that this girl with a big heart is forced to make horrible decisions to save the world. She's lucky because she's surrounded by awesome allies and friends, but ultimately she alone makes the tough decisions. Definitely one of the best Buffy episodes ever, as well as one of the best hours of tv ever.

Here's hoping that Veronica Mars, Battlestar Galactica, Everwood, My Name is Earl, and the Office also all make it to 100. I'd have included Arrested Development on that list but - at this point - I'm just praying it'll get picked up by Showtime. Let's hope that the next heart-wrenching television moment I experience is during the 100th episode of one of my favourite shows and not because of Arrested Development's demise.

What a dork. (AtS 3:5)

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My friend has recently discovered Bones and we were discussing how funny David Boreanaz is on that show. He's definitely my favourite character, which is impressive because Brennan - whose smartness is damn cool - comes a very close second. Anyway, this got us onto a discussion of how much we like dorky Angel. Here's a transcript of our conversion (Disclaimer: statements may have been attributed to the wrong speaker because I have a bad memory):

Me: I love Angel best when he's all dorky.
Friend: Oh yes! He got to be much sillier on Angel than Buffy.
Me: Remember when he jumped into the wrong car in the first episode?! *giggling*
Friend. hee hee. That helped set the tone for the show.
Me: In the season 3 episode "Provider" it's so funny when he's all "Making money is our number one priority" and then he's reminded of Holtz and the mission. So then he's all, "Helping the helpless, finding Holtz, and making money are our three number one priorities." *collapses into another fit of giggles*
Friend: *also giggling* In "Spin the Bottle" I love when he's all scared of traffic ("demons!") and trying to pretend he's a not vampire. The bathroom scene - hysterical!
Me: I know! It's so funny in "Billy" when meets Billy's cousin, who knows who Angel is because Cordelia has told him that "A melodramatic guy named Angel might come by."
Friend: But then Angel says "Melodramatic? She thinks I'm melodramatic?! I'll show you melodramatic" and grabs the guy.
Me: And the guy's all "That is melodramatic", but Angel's stopped being silly and self-conscious, and is seriously being melodramatic!
Friend: Self-conscious Angel is so funny. Angel's such a dork!
Me: Yes!!
Friend: That's it, I need to buy the Angel DVDs.
Me: My work here is done.

Since I'm transcribing my conversations today, I thought I would include the kind of interaction that my co-worker/friend and I have daily:

Co-worker/Friend: I'm going for a bagel, so I'm pausing the music because I don't want to miss William Shatner ("Common People").
Me: Why don't you leave the music on for me to enjoy and then just rewind the CD when you return?
Co-worker/Friend: Because that would be selfish.
Me: *giggles*

Also, as well as a new Bones episode (Fox 9pm) it's a new Veronica Mars (UPN 9pm) tonight!!!!!! Finally. It's been over a month with no new VM. I've missed my show a lot.

ETA: I posted on [ profile] buffyphilosophy Angel - Do you love him when he's dorky?. There's lots of fun dorky Angel moments mentioned! So check it out!


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I’m in complete agreement with my Buffy quote today, people are the strangest people.

In the past few weeks, I’ve had the misfortune to read a lot of arguments between fans, who are in the same fandom, which are basically people disagreeing about what qualities one must have to call themselves a true fan of a show. To this I say WTF?!!! Since when should other people decide/proclaim for someone else how or why she/he can enjoy a show?! In particular, I’m responding to this discussion on whedonesque about slash fanfiction:

Here's the link. The always fabulous wikipedia has definitions for fanfiction and slash.

I enjoy a good debate about my favourite tv shows (and, trust me, I can have endless lengthy discussions about my fandoms) but this doesn’t seem to be a stimulating debate; rather, people are freaking out because some fans enjoy a show in different ways than they do. This whole situation baffles me because some people are implying that there’s an objective response people should be having to art. This confuses me because I always thought that one’s reaction and relationship to art was subjective and personal (although I’ve always had wacky ideas like that!).

The interesting aspect of the debate on whedonesque is that some of the posters are clearly upset by the suggestion of male heroes having sex with each other. For example, here’s one of the comments:

I see the fascination with slash, but I don't really get it. To me, these guys are, ultimately, heroes. The heroes don't bugger each other in my world. Funny too, that I have absolutely zero trouble with Willow and Tara's relationship. I adore them.

Actually, I’d say the issue isn’t even sex – despite what’s being said – it’s GAY sex (ie. man/man sex). The implied statement is that big heroic men would never have sex with each other. Of course Willow/Tara is okay, it’s all sweet and romantic, and they’re not the male heroes of the shows. Also lesbian sexuality is generally considered less threatening than gay sexuality. The person who made the above comment later clarified that she/he’s hetero and that’s what she/he wants to see in fiction. Lucky for the commenter, that is what predominates in mainstream culture and is why people write slash fanfiction, so they can read and experience queer characters for sexy, hot, angsty, romantic and/or fun entertainment.

Joss Whedon has a very fun response to the above comment:

In my world, heroes bugger each other senseless. Not all of them, but more than you'd think, and probably not who you're thinking.

This comment makes me love Joss Whedon even more than I already do because he’s very open to fan interpretation of his work (as well as directly countering his fans’ homophobic freak-outs). One of my favourite moments – and also much discussed on whedonesque – is in Angel season 5 “Power Play” (5:21) when Spike says: Angel and me have never been intimate. Except that one...

Although Spike/Xander is my favourite fanfic pairing to read (yes I do read fanfiction), I love the dynamic between Spike and Angel particularly in AtS season 5. To me there’s a homoerotic subtext between Angel and Spike, so when Spike says that he and Angel were intimate I was delighted that the show was acknowledging the vibe between them. I’ve always assumed that this comment was a confirmation that as some point Angel and Spike had sex.

Anyway, I discovered that not everyone had the same reaction as I did when I read some comments on whedonesque:

1. And I think they've read a little too much into the 'Well there was that one time...' comment.

2. Umm yeah, I don't think "Well there was that one time..." necessarily translates into "they had intercourse". Assume much?

Ignoring for a moment, the anti-slash bias of the commenters, there’s definitely a valid point about reading too much into Spike’s statement. It is possible Spike just meant that he and Angel had an intimate friendship moment; it doesn’t have to be about sex. However, because it’s never explicitly stated exactly what Spike means by intimate, it’s also assuming much to decide that Spike and Angel haven’t had sex. It’s interesting that the second commenter is particularly upset by the implication of male/male sex (ie. the mention of intercourse). To that I say, homophobic much?

In fact, there’s strong evidence to support the “Spike and Angel have had sex” argument if you take into account Joss’ statement on a commentary track:

I just want to say Angel and Spike, they were hanging out, uh, for years and years and years, they were in, you know, all kinds of deviant, they were vampires... Are we thinking they never...? Come on, people. I'm just sayin'. I'm just sayin'. You know, they're open-minded guys. They may be evil but, you know, they're not bigoted or closed-minded.

I firmly believe Spike and Angel have a complex, difficult and meaningful relationship that has definitely included – hopefully still includes - sex; however most of this belief is based in my own postulating from canonical events and statements. This doesn’t mean that what I believe is the truth, but it’s not false either. It also doesn’t mean that other people can’t have differing ideas from mine. That’s why it’s called fiction.

What concerns me is the frequent homophobia that underlies a lot of negative reaction to slash fanfic or homoerotic subtext readings. I have a lot of friends who share fandoms with me and who don’t read slash fanfiction or see/look for the homoerotic subtexts like I do, and they’ve never been upset about the existence of slash pairings. I suspect this is because they’re all queer or queer-positive so their reactions aren’t being informed by a homophobic reaction. It’s possible to disagree with someone without being horrified about how they enjoy a show.

Here’s the thing, I think it is alright if people watch a tv show:

- only for the homoerotic subtext (ie. I mostly like Smallville for Clark/Lex)
- watch a show only because of a hot actor/actress
- because of a favourite canonical romantic pairing (eg. Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Spike, Veronica/Logan, Kara/Lee)
- because they love every aspect of it
- because of the kick ass feminist heroine
- because it’s such a smart show and they love to analyze every aspect of it (something I never do!!)
- for any other multitude of reasons that I can’t think of right now

The other thing to consider is that show producers and networks are also happy if people watch their tv show for any of the above reasons. Why? Because as long as enough people watch a show – for whatever reason - it’ll stay on the air and avoid cancellation. In fact, much of marketing for tv uses the sex appeal of the stars to sell the show. It only logically follows that people will imagine/fantasize about the characters and their sexiness.

I don’t understand why some people think they should regulate how other people should watch a show. As long as my favourite shows continue to be on the air I don’t care why other people are watching them. In fact, I think it’s awesome that there’s so many ways to derive enjoyment from tv, and it makes me happy that there are a multiplicity of ways to be a fan.

I think I’m upset by the homophobic reactions and attempts to regulate fandom because it reminds me of the likelihood of a right-wing, anti-gay Conservative government being elected in Canada later today (ie. Monday evening). I’m not looking forward to a government that has the potential to be repressive, so I’m hoping that my fandoms will not continue to emulate the world of politics.

All I really want to do is twirl my favourite tv shows and their fandoms. Pop culture should be about fun, fun, fun, and not uptight crankiness!!!


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