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It’s been so long since I posted that I was having trouble thinking of an appropriate BtVS quote for my post. I finally just went with that Xander quote (from "the Replacement", 5:3) because it always cracks me up. Since I’ve been gone for a while I thought I’d update on a variety of things in one post.

1. Holiday Feedback-a-thon: Okay, so I commented on about three stories and then everything got crazy before Christmas – which I should have known would happen. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I am still excited about reading the stories and will be working my way slowly through them asap! I have not forgotten, I’m just really really slow.

2. My fic masterlist/my fic round up for 2006: I have plans to do this, but have not actually done any work on it. Unless thinking about it counts as working on it. *g* So look for this in the hopefully near future. Er, and I'll be trying to get back into fic writing too.

3. My visit with the girlfriend: It was absolutely wonderful!! (Trust me when I say that’s an understatement.) I had a fabulous time and – of course – I didn’t want to leave. I thought I’d share a few highlights which will hopefully interest you, including meeting the absolutely awesome, fun and adorable [ profile] kittyzams!!! Read more )

4. My laptop: The power cord has broken and there’s wires exposed. FutureShop (where I purchased my computer and have a warranty through) have ordered me a new one but have said it’ll take three weeks. My reaction: THREE WEEKS!! WTF?! (I restrained myself from saying exactly that to the rude and condescending tech guy). I’m going to see if I can get that sped up. But in the meantime I’ve taped up the cord with electrical tape and am hoping it’ll hold up till the replacement comes. *eyes it warily* Okay, I’m actually at work right now and nowhere near it, but I still eye it warily.

So, this has impeded me from being very active on LJ (I didn’t even have the dangerous cord that shoots out sparks for a couple of days, and thus was trying to conserve my battery), but I have been reading people’s entries and am caught up. I’m hoping to start commenting more soon, and catch up on fic reading and commenting (I’m always behind on fic reading! *g*)

*hugs you all*


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