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  • May. 3rd, 2006 at 1:03 PM
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I got this from [ profile] karabair, [ profile] crazydiamondsue, [ profile] entrenous88 and [ profile] molly_may, and have to do it because I cannot resist something that lets me talk about my love for the characters on my shows:

Name a character from one of my fandoms, and I will tell you my top 3 moments or scenes of them.

I'll do any of my fandoms or shows that I watch: BtVS, AtS, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Everwood, Scrubs, 24, etc etc (ie. any show you know I watch).
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When I was watching the Bones episode "The Man in the Wall" I suddenly realized that the exterior of the hip hop club was very very familiar. There may have been a yelp of excitement when I realized that the warehouse on Bones is the very same warehouse that Spike, Drusilla and Angel (played by David Boreanaz who is also, coincidentally, one of the stars of Bones) lived in during Buffy season 2!! It was a very weird mixing of tv worlds.

The more television-obsessed that I become, the more I start not only to recognize tv actors, I'm also starting to notice when television sets are repeated. I think it's because I love how sets - when properly dressed - really help create the fictional world of a television show. Buffy wouldn't have been nearly as effective without the darkened cemeteries and alleys contrasting with bright school hallways. Veronica Mars has great details like the stained glass in the Mars Investigations office and the picture of Lilly in Veronica's bedroom which add texture to the fictional world. On this week's Grey's Anatomy sets were used to differentiate between Christina and Burke's personalities (his perfectly decorated and organized apartment compared to her really really - horrifying to a neat freak like me - messy apartment).

Some sets can really become a part of the show. On Firefly the ship, Serenity, was such a lived-in space that it was another character on the show. The island on Lost is a significant presence and is basically at the heart of the show's main mystery, "Where are we?" The show also has almost entirely outdoor sets (except for the hatch) on the island which contrast with the large amount of indoor shots in the flashbacks. Although Central Perk was a huge presence on Friends, Monica's apartment was the heart of the show. Almost every major event happened in that apartment and, in one of the best episodes ever, it was fought over by Rachel & Monica and Chandler & Joey. It was fitting that Friends ended with the gang leaving Monica's apartment for good and that the final shot was of the closed apartment door.

I don't know that much about costs surrounding exterior shots/exterior shooting but I suspect that it can be expensive. I'm basing my theory on the fact that so many shows use the same studio backlot for outdoor scenes which leads me to believe that it's cheaper to film in the backlot of the studio that the show is affiliated with.

Paramount definitely has the most prominent backlot on television. They have this New York street set that's used in many many television shows and commercials. I clued into this because the building that was the exterior for Angel Investigations in season one of Angel, a really large old-style office building, keeps popping up on other shows. It's Chris' school on Everybody Hates Chris and is frequently in the background of Charmed episodes. Charmed, which is set in San Francisco, always uses the New York street set as downtown San Francisco, although one time they did use the same streets actually as New York city.

There's also this bridge, which I believe is also part of Paramount's backlot, which has been prominently featured in Angel (Jasmine and Angel fought on it in "Peace Out"), 24, and Alias, to name just a few shows. This reminds me of how the high school used for exteriors on Buffy was also used for Beverly Hills 90210 and the movie She's All That.

My favourite exterior shot this season was in the Numb3rs episode "Assassin" when they used the Hyperion Hotel as the exterior for a senior's assisted living centre. The Hyperion Hotel was the home of Angel Investigations for seasons 2 to 4 on Angel. I just love that building (it's a historical building and is actually Los Altos Hotel & Apartments) so I was very excited to see it again. What made the experience even better was that Christian Clemenson (Abel Koontz on Veronica Mars) played a criminal living with his mother in the building. It was neat to see my television worlds converge.

Even though I've started noticing the same sets used in a different fictional worlds, it hasn't ruined my enjoyment of my shows. Because most of them effectively create a believable reality, I tend to have confused thoughts like:

"Oh wow, it must be really weird for Angel to be back in the warehouse he hung out in when he was evil. Oh wait, he's now Booth, so I guess it's not that weird. I wonder if it's odd for David Boreanaz or if he even noticed when he watched the episode?"

"Awesome. The Hyperion Hotel!! That makes me so happy that it's now a senior's assisted living centre, I guess that means that Angel made sure good people bought the building. What am I thinking?! This is a completely different fictional world. ... Oh my god!! It's Abel Koontz in Angel's old building!! My worlds collide!!!"

Well, at least I still have a firm grasp **cough cough** on reality!
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The quote in my title perfectly describes Serenity and my experience viewing the movie. I couldn't fit the entire quote in the title, so here it is: "Passion is the source of our finest moments. The joy of love, the clarity of hatred, and the ecstasy of grief."

Serenity is clearly made with passion, I could feel Joss Whedon and the cast's commitment to the film while I sat raptly watching the two hour movie. Of course I approached the movie filled with my own passion for all things Joss Whedon and especially with a passion for the Firefly verse. I love that Serenity has love, hatred, and grief as well as action, humour, excitement and creepiness on a big screen scale. Basically I loved Serenity!!!!!

Major spoilers for Serenity to follow!! )

I know that there's zillions of Serenity reviews right now, but I particularly love the one in New York Magazine. It's written by my favourite former television columnist at Entertainment Weekly, Ken Tucker. Here's his excellent review.
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In honour of the Serenity premiere my title is quoted from the Firefly episode "Out of Gas" (definitely one of my favourite episodes ever). Today is the day that Joss Whedon fans are seeing our miracle come to fruition as a beloved but canceled show is revived on the big screen.

I hope that everyone gets out to the movie theatre and watches Serenity this weekend!! If the numbers are good there could be a sequel!

I'll be at the theatre this evening with a bunch of friends enjoying the opening night of a much-anticipated film, and I hope many other people will be doing the same.
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I love that there are Buffy reruns on during the day (1pm on Razer and 3pm on Space) so I often catch parts of the episodes (normally while I'm working out and getting ready for work). Bad Eggs (2:12) was on today, and even though it's kind of cheesy I'm always entertained by that episode. One of my favourite moments on the show happens in that episode when Giles, Buffy and Willow discover that Xander has boiled the egg he's responsible for:

Giles: Technically that would be cheating, yes?

Xander: No! It's like a short cut. You know, when you run a race?

Buffy: That would also be cheating.

Willow: You should be ashamed.

Giles: I suppose there is a sort of... Machiavellian ingenuity to your

Xander: I resent that! Or possibly thank you.

Xander's response is perfect - it's exactly the right response to being told that you're employing a Machiavellian approach. I'm also entertained by his attempt to explain away his cheating.

Today when I was declaring my love for Entourage and saying that it's one of my favourite shows, my co-worker accused me of having 4,000 favourite shows, and that for something to be a favourite it should be the only one. To that I say, Ha! Yes, ha! She's missing out on all my fun. I love having lots of favourite things - it's fun to enjoy a diversity of things! For a while one of my friends was re-watching all the Buffy episodes and whenever she'd tell me the episode she'd just watched, I'd declare "that's one of my favourite episodes!" It became a running joke with us.

Although I watch a lot of shows - and have a lot of favourites, they fall into different categories/my own version of genres:

Show or Shows I Will Always Love:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly

Newly Canceled Show - and Thought-Provoking Show on Spirituality - that I Miss:
Joan of Arcadia

Newest Obsession:
Veronica Mars

Every time I Watch this Show I Declare it to be the "Best Show on Television:"

Favourite Dramedy and Show that I Forget the Characters Aren't Real:
Gilmore Girls

Favourite Character Drama:

Favourite Sci Fi Series - and Political Commentary:
Doctor Who (the new one)

Favourite Reality Series (and only one I watch):
Amazing Race

Favourite Comedy that Makes Me Cry (and Laugh):

Favourite Comedy that Shocks Me by Its Daring (and Makes Me Laugh):
Arrested Development

Favourite Comedy About Friends That Makes Me Laugh:

Favourite News (ahem, Fake News) Show:
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Even as I write this list, I'm concerned that I'm leaving out shows that I love. Should I have also included My So-Called Life in "Show or Shows I Will Always Love"? What about Freaks & Geeks, Roseanne, Northern Exposure, and Kids in the Hall? Okay, maybe I do have a problem with loving too many tv shows, oh well. I think I'll watch some re-runs of the Amazing Race, one of my favourite shows!


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