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(quote from btvs 5:4) So I thought I would share What I Did While LJ Was Down:

1. Lamented to myself that I’d recently posted Chapter Three of If I Can’t Dance (my new S/X fic) and now it was likely to have low readership and comments. (What? That wasn’t a subtle self-pimp?! *ahem* ;) )

2. Celebrated that by some stroke of unconscious psychic powers, I’d opened random multiple fic posts on tabs shortly before LJ went down! (I have lots of tabs open at home but I was at work and normally have *no* fic open on tabs.) So I was able to read and write up comments (which I saved in an email and posted once LJ was back up).

3. Was actually motivated to work on my least favourite task at work due to exhausting all the tabs I had open.

4. Discovered that the downtime was a San Francisco based issue when craigslist didn’t work. And why was I looking on craiglist? Well…(see #5)

5. A co-worker sent us this non-spoilery post about a gay Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows sex party. The post is NWS (my office is, er, kinda different so porn and nudity isn’t a problem here). Here’s the link.

More cool links (no HP spoilers!) )
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So with the distraction of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and one of my betas in the midst of moving prep, my next chapter of If I Can’t Dance will be delayed – but just till tomorrow!! It’s just awaiting the final beta so will definitely be posted asap tomorrow! :D

So, since I mentioned HP that may have tipped you off that I have also been sucked into the HP void. Before I put my thoughts (which are spoilery) behind a cut, I must note – in a completely non-spoilery way - that I had a lovely reading experience! The buying of the book was not as easy as I had thought – I’d planned to pop over to the supermarket right near my apartment and pick it up, but no luck. I ended up taking the subway up to Yonge-Eglinton (only 2 stops from my place so no big deal) and getting it from the Indigo there. The store was nice and quiet at 9:30am and then I dashed home to shower and do some errands before my friend came over. He and I had agreed to read HP7 together so we could react and discuss.

Well, he called me and admitted that he’d gotten drunk the night before and read the first three chapters so I should start while he picked up some food. Of course that just gave me more time for non-HP activities, so I’d barely started (I opened the book at 11am exactly) when he arrived. And, omg, he brought all this amazing and yummy freshly made food: Spanakopita and Tyropita (spinach and cheese pies respectively), Loukoumades (Greek style donuts), mango coucous AND chilled mango cucumber soup. My taste buds were delighted and I know the delicious food inspired my reading. Of course, I’m still a slow reader so I didn’t finish till 1:30am – my friend finished about an hour earlier and he’d taken breaks to pick up our pizza and to watch “Once More with Feeling” while I kept reading. I basically only took breaks for the washroom, getting beverage/food from the kitchen and IMing with my girlfriend – it was an intense reading experience.

SPOILERS FOR HP & the DEATHLY HALLOWS: My probably random thoughts )
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Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms on my flist – I hope you’re having a wonderful day! I’m looking forward to calling my mom later and chatting. I feel very fortunate to have a mom who I get along so well with, who I can talk about almost anything with and who’s so supportive of everything I do. Soon she’ll be moving to Toronto and I’m looking forward to living in the same city as her again, there’s often so many things I wish she and I could do together so it’ll be nice to have more opportunities to do that. Today is also a day I recall my grandma fondly and think about what an important person she was (and still is) in my life, and in my mom’s life. She’s very much missed by both of us, but she’s in our hearts.

So, that may give you a hint that I’ve been down recently which is why I’ve been mostly absent from LJ. It’s also been super busy at my work what with launching a bunch of new things (which I was responsible for) as well as giving performing reviews – being a manager of department is a lot of work (yeah, I know – duh!). Although I am pleased that an incentive programme I launched has been embraced by my customer service representatives (because – I believe – they all work together for a goal, instead of competing against each other) AND that the first month was a success and they exceeded their goal. Still it’s been a stressful time which has culminated in me having much trouble writing fic recently – and I have been despairing because my posting day for [ profile] spring_with_xan is this Thursday and I only have two chapters of Outside Pride written (I’d wanted to already be finished all of the remaining five). But I’m reassuring myself that if I continue to be blocked, at least I have two chapters to post.

Anyway, enough of emo!cordelianne! I like my LJ to be a fun, positive space for me, so instead I thought I’d give you an update of my life, in list form. So here's What’s Making Me Happy Right Now )

So that’s my update! I hope you all are doing well, and I shall be endeavouring to be better about commenting. *hugs*
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Today I bring you thoughts on Battlestar Galactica 2.14 and 24 (12pm-1pm) as well as some random, silly and bizarre thoughts that are swirling around my brain today.

1. I'm still loving Battlestar Galactica!! I've finally seen "Black Market" (2:14) and really enjoyed it (not my favourite episode but still good tv). I've noticed that when I really love a show, I'll normally like every episode unless one is REALLY bad or the show veers completely off course. What I really like about BSG is that it'll frequently do episodes that are essentially character studies, like they did for "Black Market". Spoilers for BSG 2.14 )

2. I've given up paying attention to 24's plots (because they're getting more and more confusing and circular), and am just enjoying the 40+ minutes of adrenalin pumping insanity. David Fury (aka ex BtVS, AtS, Lost writer) wrote this week's episode, and he did a good job of writing a quintessential 24 episode: there's a mole but they're not exactly who we think they are, Jack tortures someone for information, Chloe is snarky, and there's lots of running around and urgency. Everyone's VERY SERIOUS all the time. It's cracktastic, and this season is totally addictive!!

3. Today my co-worker/friend said to me: You are a fiend with magical bunny-like powers.

I actually think this is a weirdly accurate description of me (even though it makes no sense, which is mostly why I love it). Wouldn't you love to have magical bunny-like powers?! I can't reveal what they are (because they're top secret) but they're AWESOME!!!! I am able to tell you that these powers are why Anya (from BtVS) is afraid of bunnies.

4. It totally felt like spring today (Monday) and it was JANUARY 30th. It's supposed to be above 0 (Celsius) all this week! That's totally crazy for January!! I'm normally bundled in sweaters, hats and huge jackets shivering against the minus 30 degrees Celsius with the windchill. I'm loving this warmer weather!!! I keep trying to remember that it'll be cold and snowy again, but it's hard to believe when I can go outside with no gloves and my coat open!!

5. For Harry Potter fans: [ profile] annakovsky has a really funny entry speculating about how embarrassed Voldemort must be now by his name (you know, since he made up Voldemort when he was a teenager). There's also an amusing list of 103 Ways to Annoy Lord Voldemort (some items are funnier than others). My favourites are:
If you ever need to say 'Like taking candy from a baby', be sure to add 'Of course, SOME of us might find that harder than others.' Stare pointedly at him.
Anytime he enters any room, insist on entering first and announcing him grandly.
Cuddle him at random moments.

6. Did you hear? At the British Museum someone tripped on their shoelace, fell down the stairs, AND shattered 3 centuries-old Chinese vases. THIS is why I get worried when I'm in museums, these kind of freak accidents CAN happen!
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I'm unwinding from my first day of vacation (I'm off until Tuesday January 3rd!) ... so I bring you some random stuff about movies and tv:

Brokeback Mountain

Damn you Toronto's Cumberland theatre and the faulty equipment(?)/film(?) that caused the film to start PLAYING UPSIDE DOWN AND BACKWARDS an hour into the movie!! WTF!!!

What could be worse than a section of the movie being unwatchable (people were laughing it was so ridiculous)? The Cumberland (the only threatre currently playing Brokeback Mountain in Toronto) couldn't get it fixed, so we had to leave and I haven't seen the remaining hour and a half. Sure they gave us 2 free passes but it still means that I've only seen the 1st hour of the movie, and I didn't have time to catch the next show because I had plans with another friend later (for more movies). Fyi: because it was a matinee they gave us free matinee passes. Personally I thought that was stingy - they should have given us full priced passes - since it ruined our viewing experience, and means we have to find time another day. Of course, I'm pretty grouchy about the whole thing because I was LOVING the movie, and I had just gotten fully into the characters and the story.

To feel better I went shopping at Winners and bought a pair of warm and waterproof winter boots, and 2 warm yet cute sweaters. I'm all about trying to be as warm as possible this winter.

Part One of my evening double bill: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

My annoyance at the Brokeback Mountain situation was soothed by an enjoyable repeat viewing of Harry Potter. I went with a friend who laughs at all the same stuff I do so it was really fun.

Part Two of my evening double bill: King Kong

This is what blockbusters the movie experience should be: good story, edge of your seat action, interesting characters, good acting, homage to old movies, good use of special effects and touching scenes. I love Peter Jackson, and Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens.

I LOVED King Kong!!! I cried multiple times during the movie. Kong is definitely my favourite character!!

Post-modernism and meta-storytelling is prevalent in this movie ... but in a good way, not in a self-indulgent, I'm just lazy so am relying on other sources kind of way. Peter Jackson succeeds in making this remake an original film.


I just saw the Emmy winning episode "Three Stories" and was blown away by the brilliance of the episode. I must congratulate the Emmy voters for actually making a good call. "Three Stories" made me immediately include House Season One on my Christmas Gift List.

I love the way the episode deconstructs linear episode structure by melding at least 4 different time periods together. It's awesome the way this is made clear to the viewer:

House: Oh, right, you guys [House's team] don’t know about him. He doesn’t get bitten until three months after we treat the volleyball player. Luckily, it’s been well established that time is not a fixed construct.

Also, the use of Carmen Electra to stand in for a patient actually made the revelation that one of the patients is/was (I'm going with the whole "time is not a fixed construct" thing) House a surprise for me!

The Daily Show and its coverage of "The War on Christmas"

I'm actually in the Christmas spirit this year: I've decorated my apartment with lights and a small Christmas tree. However, my happiness about the holiday is being ruined by this Christian right dramatics about the so-called "War on Christmas". The whole thing is so annoying and offensive to the many people who aren't Christian that it's hard for me to be articulate about the situation. Thank god Comedy Central for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and its good response to the whole situation. This is why I have a crush on Jon Stewart.

You're ruining my happy day. (btvs 4:9)

  • Nov. 21st, 2005 at 8:04 PM
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I think that the shortened hours of daylight are getting to me because I have my usual November blahs. I just don't feel like my usual chipper self. So to remind myself of the good things in life, I've made a list of everything that is making me happy right now:

1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I saw the movie on opening night with some friends and had a super fun time!! It's a great adaptation of the book because it retains the significant aspects of the story while moving along at a fast and engaging pace. As well as exciting and scary sequences, there's also some really funny awkward puberty and dating stuff which made me laugh and laugh. Lots and lots of fun! I'm hoping to see it again very soon!

Spoilery comment )

2. Veronica Mars

I'm still loving Veronica Mars!! Although last week's episode was disturbing, it was still an excellent hour of television. The great thing about that show is that I'm excited for each new episode regardless of who's guest starring - excellent guest stars are a bonus.

Spoilers for VM 2:6 & 2:7, casting spoilers for 2:9 )

3. Buffy night with friends

A few friends and I are going to get together to watch our favourite fun Buffy episodes. This is definitely something that's making me very happy right now. We're all suggesting 5 episodes and we'll pick the most popular ones, here's my choices:

"Something Blue" (4:9) - This is just wacky fun. It's entertaining to watch Buffy and Spike be so mushy, especially because when they actually do get together they're never like this.

"The Replacement" (5:3) - I love Xander so much in this episode, its so awesome to watch him realize that he's growing up. There's also lots of fun and silliness: the Snoopy dance, "It's a robot. It's an evil robot constructed from evil parts", "She entirely wants to have sex with us together. Which is ... *wrong*, and, and it would be very confusing," "Kill us both Spock", and "Yes, he's clearly a bad influence on himself."

"Life Serial" (6:5) - This is a geektastic episode in which the Geek Trio are very very funny ("To Final Jeopardy. ...Where Buffy's the one in jeopardy." and "Timothy Dalton should get an Oscar and beat Sean Connery over the head with it!"). I also enjoy Buffy in this one - she's very funny in the time loop sequence and when she's drunk. As well, this episode has Kitten Poker!!!

"Selfless" (7:5) - Sure there's some sad stuff in this episode but the fabulousness of the Anya flashbacks balance that out. This also has one of my all-time favourite Buffy quotes: "Oh, breathtaking. It's like somebody slaughtered an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog."

"Storyteller" (7:16) - "Join me on a new voyage of the mind. A little tale I like to call: Buffy, Slayer of the Vampyrs." sigh, I find Andrew so entertaining! I love all of Andrew's different versions on events and of course, another favourite quote: "In my plan, we are beltless."

I also wanted to include "Fool for Love" and "Intervention" on the list but wanted to actually keep my list to 5. I didn't include "Once More with Feeling," "Hush," "Halloween" and "Dopplegangland" because I've watched those episodes multiple times with friends already, I was trying for some episodes we don't always watch.

4. Doctor Who

I'm very excited about the Christmas special ("The Christmas Invasion")! I just checked online and it looks like CBC will be airing it on Boxing Day (December 26th). Also there's a special mini adventure online (written by Russell T. Davies and starring David Tennant and Billie Piper) which picks up exactly where the season finale ended. It reminded me of how much I love the new Doctor Who!!!

5. My Name is Earl

I'm just adoring this show! It's definitely one of my new favourite shows. It has a great premise (Earl discovering the concept of Karma and now trying to make amends for all the bad things he's done) that has resulted in interesting and funny episodes (eg. trying to make up for faking his own death to break-up with a girl, or kidnapping a woman to help her quit smoking).

I love all the characters (especially Randy!) and their relationships which aren't the types of relationships normally portrayed on tv (ie. Earl and his ex-wife's husband get along really well). It's definitely my #1 pick for viewing on Tuesdays at 9pm (it even beats the enjoyable and excellent House).

6. James Marsters on Smallville

I'm really enjoying getting to see James Marsters on tv again. Even though Smallville isn't the best written show, James Marsters always makes the most of his scenes. I'm looking forward to seeing him on more episodes in the new year.

7. How I Met Your Mother

Definitely my favourite new sitcom. It has sustained its funny from the pilot and it does over-the-top really well. I love the episode in which Lilly and Marshall discover a "cockamouse" (a cross between a cockroach and a mouse) in their apartment. Last week's episode was really awesome because it had a duel - with swords - between Ted and Marshall over who would get their apartment! The best part? That the guys kept stopping their arguing to comment on how cool it was that they were dueling.

8. The WB

So my favourite network right now. They have some of the best shows on tv: Gilmore Girls, Everwood and Reba. I also get to enjoy mindless fun viewing with Charmed, Related and Smallville. Also, there is still the possibility that the WB will air the Spike tv movie (it's sounding promising that it'll be made but there's been no official announcements yet).

9. Brokeback Mountain

I'm counting down the days till this movie premieres - 18 days (December 9th)!!! This is definitely my personal most anticipated movie of the year. It has so many things I love: Ang Lee (one of my favourite directors), cowboys, gay cowboys, angst and more angst, longing and repression, and pretty scenery.

Considering how blah I'm feeling, I'm impressed that I have such a comprehensive list of things that make me happy! I'm glad I have so much fun stuff to look forward to because it certainly helps on days like today when it's dark all day (because it's cloudy). Do you think it's too early to start counting down till Spring?
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"Is this Lost?"

I recall asking my friend this during the first few minutes of the episode "Man of Science, Man of Faith" (be warned: although I'm careful not to give specifics, some of the below comments could still be spoilery).

I then realized that it must be Lost because we weren't being shown the face of the guy who starts his day to “Make Your Own Kind of Music?” by the Mamas and Papas, and uses a computer that's even older than the one I used to own (think really old!). What show other than Lost would have an entire sequence that never shows us a guy's face? This isn't necessarily a bad thing as the whole premise of Lost thrives on keeping it's viewers in a certain amount of suspense and confusion so that we'll keep tuning in.

I was pleased that we got more knowledge about what's down the hatch, while still being kept in the dark about what's really going on down there. At one point my friend expressed frustration that we're continually given little to no new info. Fortunately this was rectified by the end of the episode which provides some tantalizing new details/hints. Sadly, the big reveal at the end was obvious as a result of the heavy-handed telegraphing in an earlier scene: "See you in another life," which caused me to respond sarcastically: "Gee, do you think we'll ever see him again?"

The story around the hatch was actually so distracting that it wasn't until the guys on the raft were mentioned that I realized we haven't seen anything about them yet. How could I have forgotten about one of my many bad boy tv boyfriends, Sawyer?! I'm glad that the previews indicate we'll find out what happened to them next episode.

There were lots of good creepy scenes which I actually found scary (although I'm really wimpy): Shannon's vision(?) in the forest, Kate going down the hatch, and Jack's entry into the hatch (which caused me to suggest to him "Turn off your flashlight" because it seemed stupid to have the flashlight on).

Overall it was a pretty good episode, although I wasn't that interested by Jack's flashbacks. A good start to the season and I'm feeling positive that they'll be able to maintain my interest level all season long. I suspect that the Veronica Mars season premiere will be better and the Gilmore Girls season finale was better but Lost's was still very good.

On a completely unrelated note, the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire trailer is fabulous and has me totally excited for the movie! Check it out. I'm feeling very positive that Goblet of Fire will be Prison of Azkaban kind of goodness. I think I've already watched the trailer about 6 times in 2 days that's how awesome it is!


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