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I guess I should talk about the Oscars for a second. I was annoyed that Crash won over Brokeback Mountain. [ profile] crossoverman has some interesting thoughts on the win and [ profile] karabair has an awesome theory about it.

Thank you to my friends who reminded me that the Oscars aren't actually about the best movies of the year. How could I actually forget that?! Silly me. I also must thank them for listening to me talk about how much I hate Queen's University (the university in my hometown) and its cultish school spirit because, for some odd reason, my annoyance with the Crash win fueled a completely unrelated rant! I am weird.

Fortunately Jon Stewart made the evening funny. If only the celebs had more of a sense of humour. *worries he will not get to host next year*

At least Ang Lee - who's one of my favourite directors - won best director! And Larry McMurtry thanking book sellers was awesome because we got to applaud two of my friends!!

My favourite moment of the show was when The Day After Tomorrow (one of my guilty pleasure movies) was included in the "movies about serious issues" montage!!!!!! That made my night because it was just too funny! Oh! I just remembered Jon Stewart and George Clooney in bed together!! *g*

I am sick. Grumble grumble. I've had this cold since Thursday and I thought I was getting better on Sunday but it came back with a vengeance. I spent 3 hours waiting to see a doctor today because I was worried it might be more than a cold (and I am neurotic), fortunately not. Of course I still feel AWFUL and I wish I'd just spent the day cuddled under a blanket.

I did see BSG 2.19 but have no coherent thoughts on it right now, aside from liking the episode. However 24 kicked ass tonight and the ending completely surprised me and made me cry (not hard considering I've been on the verge of tears all day, but still an emotional moment).

At a friend's recommendation, I'm trying to sweat the cold out but now I'm feeling feverish and my brain is all fuzzy. /whining

ETA: A BtVS/AtS community has been having shipper polls (eg. who do you like better Spike/Buffy, Spike/Dru or Spike/Harmony), which can be fun but also makes me uncomfortable because I've noticed the whole shipper thing can be divisive in fandom. Anyway, two posters for separate Spike and Angel polls said that Spike/Angel aren't listed as an option because they're not a canonical pairing. I'm too wimpy to make a comment there (maybe I should instead of posting here), but they're a canonical pairing in my book. grrr
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I’m sure the people whose journals I commented on last night must think I have no life. But I did go out last night … I have a life, really! I went to a work party where there was an open bar for a short time, which just means everyone gets drunk quickly and very early. There’s always lots of debauchery at my work parties, and this was no exception. By 10pm I’d had the same amount of alcohol that I have when I go out dancing and stay out until 3am, so I went home. I’m not big on the debauchery and not remembering anything the next day.

So [ profile] entrenous88 tagged me with this meme DAYS ago, but I got all distracted that day. Then the link didn’t work (something about bandwidth exceeded) when I tried to do it, but I’ve done it now!!

5 Guilts Meme )

I’m planning to see Goodnight and Good Luck tonight, and then I’ll have seen all the films nominated for Best Picture!!! This may be the first year in a long time when I will actually have seen all the Best Picture nominees! Success for [ profile] cordelianne!!

ETA: I just realized that I didn't include the link for the meme. *headdesk* I've now added it!
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I'm so excited because Jon Stewart - who I LOVE - will be hosting my favourite awards show: The Academy Awards. *I'm doing the dance of joy.*

I discovered this news when I was on the phone with a friend and yelled so loudly her mother could hear me. Fortunately my friend is used to my high level of excitement about things, and also gets very excited herself.


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