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My weekend was very relaxing!! There was probably too much ice cream and chocolate consumed, and not enough exercising but I’ve decided not to worry about it!! That’s for tomorrow’s [ profile] cordelianne to deal with.

I’m now completely caught up on Lost and Smallville (I was 3 weeks behind on both shows). I adore my PVR (like a Tivo), but it’s bad in situations when networks (*cough*ABC*cough*) decide that it will be fun for their show to run an extra minute or two. Hello? Who is this fun for, other than advertisers? It screws over everyone who has a Tivo-type machine and people who programme their VCRs to stop at the hour. More grumbling about the recording situation. )

Seeing She’s the Man was definitely one of the highlights of my weekend. Between my 3 other friends and I we laughed throughout the entire movie. Frequently AT the dialogue. More thoughts on the movie, none very spoilery. )

My weekend - bizarrely - ended up having a completely unintentional Amanda Bynes theme because I also watched the series finale of What I Like About You (the tv show Bynes stars in with Jennie Garth). Since I’ve already disclosed that I paid to see She’s the Man, I’m freely admitting to crying during the episode (although I do cry at a lot of things, eg. One of the trailers before She’s the Man got me all teary). The episode had a number of the factors that can almost always make me cry: a wedding, a series finale (with sentimental flashbacks), and a happy ending. Now it becomes clear why I love Anne of Green Gables. Oh, I just remembered that there was a VERY slashy flashback, which I like to think they did just for me.

I love having a friend who’ll call me up just to tell me the Frighteners is on because she knows I’m a big Peter Jackson fan, but haven’t seen the movie yet!!! She also called me a bit into it to see if I’d caught Peter Jackson’s Hitchcockian cameo as a punk guy. Very good movie, by the way, very fun and thrilling in a scary way.

Tomorrow is new 24 AND 2 hours of new Everwood (8pm-10pm on the WB)!! It's been far too long since there was a new Everwood, I'm very glad it'll be back.
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Last night technology thwarted my Veronica Mars watching. See I have a PVR (basically a Tivo), so I was watching the show as the PVR recorded. I'd tuned in about 10mins after the hour so I could fast forward through commercials (which I HATE, but then who doesn't). As a result I was behind the live recording. About 15mins into watching the show my PVR inexplicably shut down. Yes, my PVR shut down for no reason (perhaps other than that it hates me, but why? I LOVE it, how could it hate me?). I think I shall refer to this incident as The Betrayal of my PVR /emo-ing about technology.

I surprised myself by not panicking at all (this is totally the kind of situation that would normally cause me to shriek and flail around). I stared at the blank screen calmly for a bit, anticipating it would fix itself. After a couple of minutes, just as I was about unplug it and plug it back in (my normally successful solution to EVERY technological problem), it started back up again.

Miraculously it immediately started recording again. I didn't realize until afterwards that the PVR had saved the previous recording so I assumed that it was lost and started watching again at 9:42pm, and - surprisingly - it didn't seem like I'd missed much. After the episode ended I discovered that the 1st part of the recording was saved, so I watched the middle part that I missed. It turns out I only missed part of a Veronica/Mac scene (sigh).

I'm all impressed with myself for not panicking, although I think I was so calm because UPN re-airs VM again on Saturday night so I knew I had another chance of seeing it. Also, I could always download if desperate.

So enough with the rambling about The Betrayal of my PVR, here's my spoilery thoughts on VM 'Versatile Toppings' 2:14: )

By 11:30pm I was so exhausted from the stresses of work and The Betrayal of my PVR that I collapsed into bed almost 2 hours earlier than usual. So I didn't see last night's Bones and I heard that Adam Baldwin (Jayne!!) was on, and something about naked David Boreanaz?! Fortunately my PVR didn't have any problems during the recording of Bones so I'll be able to watch it in the next couple of days.


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I used to find November a pretty depressing month, what with the decreasing daylight and the stress of essay deadlines looming, but that was before I discovered the concept of November Sweeps!! "Sweeps" is when all the exciting stuff happens on tv shows: famous guest stars, births, deaths, weddings, and generally when all big storylines culminate into something hugely dramatic or funny. So basically the show runners and networks are pulling out all the stops to draw in viewers because "Sweeps" is all about ratings, which ultimately means it's all about money (from advertisers).

Out of interest I checked out the Neilson Ratings website to determine exactly what "Sweeps" are and why they happen in November, February and May. Basically, Neilson has picked 4 months out of the year (July is also a "Sweeps" month) to get a detailed picture of people's viewing habits. This is done by have Neilson viewers complete a tv diary: "The diary requests that viewers write down not only who watched, but what program and what channel they watched."

Not surprisingly there's lots of criticism of the Neilson Ratings system, such as that it has high levels of inaccuracy because it relies on people's honesty, and that it's also questionable in terms of actually being representative of the population. However, I try to look on the bright side and enjoy awesome tv in a month that is frequently blah otherwise.

Of course, to actually enjoy all this television, I've had to do one of my least favourite things: break up with some of my television shows. I just don't have enough room on my PVR for everything that I want to watch, so I've had to make some hard decisions. So here's what's still being recorded and what I've had to delete:

"I love you. I will *always* love you."(btvs 5:22) aka Shows I will never break up with

- Veronica Mars
- Everwood
- Gilmore Girls
- Arrested Development
- Reba

"When I think that something might happen to you, it feels bad. Inside. Like I might vomit." (btvs 3:21) Shows I’m still enjoying, so are safe from any break up threat

- Corner Gas
- Numb3rs
- Lost
- The Office
- House
- Joey
- Grey’s Anatomy
- Smallville - This show really should be in the next category but I've watched it since season one and I suspect I'll loyally watch to the end despite the craptasticness of the show (although James Marsters guest starring is a big plus for the show).
- The Simpsons
- Family Guy
- American Dad

"You're a strange girlfriend. ... Uh. There's a chance I'm delirious." (btvs 4:8) aka Shows I should break up with but don't because I enjoy the mindless fun

- What I Like About You
- Charmed
- Twins
- Love Inc.
- Related

"You should always have a new boyfriend. You're so much fun right now." (btvs 4:12) aka New shows that I’m enjoying so will continue to be PVRed

- Prison Break
- How I Met Your Mother
- Out of Practice
- Kitchen Confidential
- My Name is Earl
- Everybody Hates Chris
- Bones

"I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it." (btvs 3:8) aka Shows I should break up with but just can't

- The Amazing Race: Family Edition
- Desperate Housewives
- Alias (I'm sticking with the show for Amy Acker)

"I just gotta... I gotta walk away from this." (btvs 1:7) aka Despite our time together I’ve realized we just won’t work out

- The O.C.

"You know how much I love you. It kills me to say this.." (btvs 3:20) aka New shows I'm breaking up with

- Close to Home
- Commander In Chief
- Invasion
- Threshold (I really did enjoy the actors and the banter but wasn't drawn into the universe)
- Reunion

"Rhymes with ... 'blinvisible'." (btvs 6:11) aka Show I haven’t seen yet (possibly because I'm secretly worried I'll find it too scary - I'm a HUGE wimp)

- Supernatural

"I miss you. Like, every second. Almost like I lost an arm, or worse, a torso." (btvs 3:10) aka Even though I’m always behind on my tv watching, I wish there were new episodes of these shows

- Entourage
- Scrubs
- Battlestar Galactica (ie. That we’d actually get the new episodes in Canada when they air in the U.S.)
- Joan of Arcadia (I know it was canceled)
- And always: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

Even though I've had to ruthlessly delete shows from my PVR, I'm sure I'll reach my storage limit in no time with November Sweeps. Although I'm sure my excitement about the new episodes will help me not exceed my PVR's capacity.

It may get dark and cold outside, but that just means being inside snuggled under a blanket on my comfy chair and watching tv is the very best place to be in November!


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So I just read this article about Sean Penn and other Hollywood celebrities helping out victims of Katrina and it made cry. It makes me so happy (yes, so happy that I cry) when celebrities actually use their position to affect positive change. If I had as much money as Sean Penn, I'd get a boat and go down there to help too. Of course the article had to be all snarky about Sean Penn's views about Iraq because we wouldn't want people to ever have different opinions than their President!!

The article talks about how many of the celebrities are affiliated with Oprah's "Team Angel" effort. I love this quote from Maureen Ryan (in her Chicago Tribune column): "Can someone tell President Bush to call Oprah?" Maybe Oprah should run for President, if I was American I'd vote for her. She's certainly more a leader than most of the politicians right now.

Now for something completely different!!! I finally got a PVR (Personal Video Recorder), it's like a Tivo because I can record 2 programmes at the same time, as well as pause, rewind, fast forward live television. As a few of my friends commented to me "You're definitely someone who actually needs a PVR, instead of just wanting one." Very very true - it'll be awesome to not have to worry about having enough tape space, and I'll be able to deal with those 4-shows-in-one-time-slot situation! It's very very exciting, particularly now that everything's set up correctly (with the help from a very nice Rogers tech support woman). Rogers has excellent phone customer service, everytime I call they're really nice, professional and very helpful.

It's bizarre, in a really short span of time I've gotten a laptop and the internet, and a PVR. I now feel very on top of the latest technologies, especially since none of my friends have PVRs yet (some do have digital cable). I used to feel more like Dru in this exchange on Angel:

Dru: "I saw you coming, my lovely. The moon showed me. It told me to come into the Twentieth Century."
Angel: "It's the Twenty-First Century, Dru."
Dru: "Hmm, I'm still lagging."

I enjoy this quote because I spent so much of my university career studying pre-1900 English Literature, that when I read Twentieth Century literature it always felt very modern (not to be confused to Modernist lit which it frequently was) and current - so this resulted in me forgetting that we've been in the Twenty-First Century for a few years now. Let's just say I've had exchanges like the Dru-Angel exchange, except without me being a crazy vampire.

Now I'm off to catch some films at TIFF!!



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