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...but well-muscled. (btvs 5:18)

That Xander line always warms my Spander-loving heart, which is good since I’m in the midst of working on my [ profile] fall_for_sx fic. I’ll be posting the first half on Wed. November 15th and the second on Thurs. November 23rd /self-promoting. The story’s sort of consuming me right now so I keep forgetting to post updates about me or thoughts on TV (I’m also – as usual – behind on multiple shows). I thought I’d do an update post tonight as a break between editing my fic and catching up on BSG.

Here’s what’s making me happy about TV:

- Reba is back!! I can’t believe I didn’t know this earlier! I know that only a couple of other people will be excited about this – but when I found this out it made my evening! I love this show. I’m hoping for lots more slashy Reba/Barbra Jean moments this season!

- Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip picked up for the full season!! Yeah, I know this is old news to most of you, but this is exciting for me. Now the two new shows I’m really enjoying, Studio 60 and Heroes, will both be around for the full season. It’s so lovely to exhale my breath and sit back and enjoy without worries that a show I’ve committed to will get cancelled. (fyi to Friday Night Lights fans: I have the show on my pvr and plan to watch it asap!!)

I’m watching other TV, I just don’t have much to say about it. Oh! Other than that I continue to love Grey’s Anatomy and am trying to not be disappointed with Veronica Mars.

Here’s what’s making me happy in my life )
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It’s been a rough last few days for me, so I figured what better distraction than to talk about TV?! I haven’t really had the energy to do thoughtful critiques or even simple reactions like “I loved it” or “blah”, so I thought I’d give you a run down of what I’ve been enjoying, what I haven’t and what I haven’t even watched yet. There’s very minimal spoilers in my comments.

Shows I’ve Been Loving )

Shows I’m Enjoying )

Shows That I’m Not All About )

Shows on my PVR that I Haven’t Seen Yet (or have only seen 1 episode of) )

I must say that overall I’m underwhelmed by a lot of the TV shows this season. (This could be more a reflection of how I'm feeling.) There better be some exciting things in November! I’m most excited about Heroes right now. *hearts* Hiro.
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Did I just pick that quote because it has Xander wanting to be gay? Yep! I'm all jittery right now because I have a performance review at my work in half an hour. So because I can't concentrate on work, I thought I'd reflect on the TV I've watched this week so far.

**FYI: I am cutting for spoilers (which I always do *g*) but I rarely include significant spoilers when I talk about my TV shows.**

The Simpsons - Jazzy and the Pussycats 18:2 )

The Amazing Race - Real Fast! Quack, Quack! 10:1 )

Corner Gas (Canadian sitcom) - Hair Comes the Judge 4:1 )

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - Pilot 1:1 )

How I Met Your Mother - Where We Were 2:1 )

House - Informed Consent 3:3 )

Dancing with the Stars - 3:2 )

The Daily Show & the Colbert Report )

Well, I have killed time before my review. It is just a few minutes away now. Oh, and should you be wondering, my icon is for How I Met Your Mother.


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