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So it’s been a crazy week in which I worked too much (because of all the slacking I’d done previously), and didn’t get enough sleep because I still tried to do everything I normally do after work.

Now I’m looking at the “notes” I made while watching various tv shows and shaking my head at how unhelpful they are. For example, here’s something I wrote about this about this week’s Gilmore Girls episode: “Come what may. (Moulin Rouge)” Um, what? I think someone may have said that line and I was noting that it’s the title of that song in Moulin Rouge, but I can’t recall the context.

Anyway, here are my thoughts about my tv shows:

Gilmore Girls ‘Driving Miss Gilmore’ 6:21 )

Veronica Mars ‘Happy Go Lucky’ 2:21 )

Scrubs ‘My Fallen Idol’ 5:21 )

The Amazing Race ‘Man, They Should Have Used Their Fake Names’ )

Smallville ‘Oracle’ 5:21 )

Supernatural ‘Devil’s Trap’ 1:22 )

I did see Mission: Impossible III with a couple of friends and it was a fun time. Not really spoilers but there’s a bit of rambling about MI-III and about book references. )

Before I finish this rambly post, I wanted to give people a heads up that I’m planning another music post for this weekend. They’ll be more Arcade Fire and another band/musician (*is mysterious*). I thought I’d see if anyone had any other requests. I love sharing things that make me happy so if there’s something you want to hear more of, let me know!! *g*
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Not only were four of my television shows on last night, but I also had three of my friends over to watch Veronica Mars. At one point, my friend told us that a friend of hers had informed her that Christian Kane had bragged about being with Paris Hilton. After the shuddering, one of my friends (who reminds me of Brennan on Bones) said that she'd heard of Paris Hilton but didn't think she'd ever seen her.

Another friend responded: It’s like cockroaches, you know if you've seen one because they make you all shuddery and icked out. You've probably seen Paris Hilton and she's made you feel like that.

This is one of my favourite similes ever, Paris Hilton is like a cockroach.

Veronica Mars ‘Plan B’ 2:17, or My happy inner fangirl )

Bones ‘The Man with the Bone’ 1:18, Pirates!!! )

Six degrees of Joss on last night's Bones:

Rodney Rowland who plays Dane McGinnis on Bones is the very scary Liam Fitzpatrick on Veronica Mars (he was on VM last night too), was also Corbin Fries on Angel (“Conviction” 5:1).

Fredric Lehne who plays Giles Hardewicke on Bones was Ranse Burgess on Firefly (“Heart of Gold”). He also is Marshal Edward Mars on Lost.

David Wells who plays Harley Frankel on Bones was the Cheese Man on Buffy (“Restless” 4:22)!!

Lost ‘Dave’ 2:18, It’s all about Hurley )

The Amazing Race 9 ‘Sleep Deprivation is Really Starting to Irritate Me’ 9:6 )

Smallville 'Void' 5:17, They taunted us with no James Marsters )

I finally caught up on my lost sleep caused by evil Daylight Savings, because I accidentally slept until 3:30pm (I was up really late, vampire hours late). Fortunately I had enough time to enjoy the beautiful spring-like day and walk to work!!
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Today has been a WEIRD day. My awesome friend, spookymonkey, and I were discussing how the warm weather brings everyone outside. And it also brings out the crazy!

On my way to work I had a freaky experience. At some subway stations there's these automatic entrances (ie. no actual people work at these entrances). There's floor to ceiling turnstiles made of really sturdy-looking materials which turn, like a revolving door, when you swipe your metropass or put in a token and thus allow you to enter the subway station. I should add at this point, that I'm TERRIFIED of getting stuck in one of these turnstile door things, because if you're stuck, there's nothing to climb over. I've actually seen a woman get stuck in one of these turnstiles so this is not a totally insane fear.

Anyway, I swipe my metropass and am quickly went through the turnstile when I'm half-way in and the door stops. My heart starts pounding because even though I'm pushing on it nothing is happening. I turn around and see A GUY CRAMMED IN BEHIND ME!!!!!!!! I just about have a heart attack. I yell "Holy crap man!!" Yes, I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't even really swear, despite being completely freaked out. I guess he was trying not to pay, and sneak in behind me?

Fortunately the door had caught on him and my shoulder bag had stopped him from getting in all the way (yay bulky bag!). He immediately jumped back and I pushed my way through into the subway station. I walked really really quickly down to the platform, and didn't see him again. I am still freaked out about this.

Whenever I went outside for the rest of the day I had strangers talking to me, or asking me if the salsa I was buying in the grocery store is good. On a normal day I would have enjoyed everyone's good spirits about the warm weather but the turnstile experience had me all jumpy.

Enough of RL, on to TV talk!

House )

The Amazing Race )

Teachers )

Veronica Mars 'The Rapes of Graff' 2:16 )

Not really spoilers for Bones since I'm in the midst of watching it )

Before I finish watching Bones, I just remembered this discussion my friends and I had about Snakes on a Plane which I thought I'd share:

Me: blah blah blah explaining about Snakes on a Plane.
Friend one: It's like they're combining two different fears together. So the sequel will be Spiders in an Elevator?
Friend two: And then there will be Lizards in a Closet.
Me: That sounds like a porn film.

ETA: I forgot to pimp [ profile] entrenous88's fun post Secret Fanfic Writing/Reading Shame Meme. I posted my idea for a BtVS/Anne of Green Gables crossover here.
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The advantage of being sick is that I caught up on lots of television and LJ reading the last couple of days. The sucky part is not being able to go out with friends and do the fun things we planned. :(

24 ‘4-5pm’ (5:10) aka Jack still rocks, but so does Audrey )

Why Supenatural ‘Shadow’ (1:15) surpassed my expectations )

It’s back, baby! The Amazing Race 9 (1:1) )

Gilmore Girls ‘Bridesmaids Revisited’ (6:16). I love Rory’s friends! )

Conviction ‘Pilot’ (1:1) or At least J. August Richards is on TV again )

I noticed that being sick and pre-menstral caused me to cry at every possible sad moment during my tv watching mini-marathon, which weirdly, made the watching more enjoyable.

I have a new lovely and beautiful mood theme of BTVS Seasons 6 & 7 made by [ profile] earth_vexer (actually originally designed for [ profile] lateseasonlove). Amusingly, my default icon of Buffy smiling in “Chosen” is almost identical to the image used for the “happy” mood. My first thought was to change my default icon, but then – as I said to [ profile] earth_vexer - the mood theme must be perfect for me if the mood theme selection I use most frequently is almost identical to my default userpic! *loves new mood theme*


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