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On my birthday I received a wealth of gift certificates to buy TV shows on DVD and I totally splurged. I am now the proud owner of The Office S3 (I already have S1 & S2), 30 Rock S1, Friday Night Lights S1, Joan of Arcadia S2 (I already own S1) and Pride & Prejudice (A&E Miniseries). [Aside to [ profile] carmen_sandiego, the A&E version is still the first in my heart. *g*] So of course it was kinda crazy to buy that many DVDs all at once although the plan was that it would distract me when my laptop was sent in to be repaired... but then they broke it and gave me a new one so now I'm trying not to get distracted by my new toy while focusing on all the DVD watching before the new season of TV begins.

I've been relatively successful so far, and have already watched and fallen in love - again! - with FNL. Seriously, if you haven't seen this show, please check it out - it's the best drama on TV. If you're turned off by the football aspect, don't be, if you're not into football, you'll love it because it's about the people - and the acting, writing and directing are all fantastic! The first season is on sale and is very reasonably priced, and of course you can rent it or netflixx it. /promoting the awesome FNL

I'm currently in the midst of The Office mania because I had already been watching S2 (a recent pre-birthday purchase) so I've been mainlining the last couple of seasons. Another fantastic show! Both these shows got me thinking about the previous television season, so I bring you....

My Eleven Favourite Moments from the 2006-2007 Television Season (no spoilers) )

Well, those are some of my favourite moments from the last TV season. Did I miss any of your favourites? *g*
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(quote from btvs 5:4) So I thought I would share What I Did While LJ Was Down:

1. Lamented to myself that I’d recently posted Chapter Three of If I Can’t Dance (my new S/X fic) and now it was likely to have low readership and comments. (What? That wasn’t a subtle self-pimp?! *ahem* ;) )

2. Celebrated that by some stroke of unconscious psychic powers, I’d opened random multiple fic posts on tabs shortly before LJ went down! (I have lots of tabs open at home but I was at work and normally have *no* fic open on tabs.) So I was able to read and write up comments (which I saved in an email and posted once LJ was back up).

3. Was actually motivated to work on my least favourite task at work due to exhausting all the tabs I had open.

4. Discovered that the downtime was a San Francisco based issue when craigslist didn’t work. And why was I looking on craiglist? Well…(see #5)

5. A co-worker sent us this non-spoilery post about a gay Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows sex party. The post is NWS (my office is, er, kinda different so porn and nudity isn’t a problem here). Here’s the link.

More cool links (no HP spoilers!) )
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Thanks so much to everyone for your lovely support for Outside Pride. I'm working on comment answering - it is something I'm ridiculously slow at. And even though I should be doing that, I had to share these couple of vids with you.

This first one is kinda bizarre. It's an an MTV Canada advertisement described as a Homoerotic Kiss. The vid is the top link on the page. I, uh, don't have any coherent comments about this.

And now for something completely different. This second one is totally awesome old folks, The Zimmers performing 'My Generation' )

So my eyes are all blurry which I think means I should go to bed soon. *hugs*


What? I can't have layers? (btvs 3:6)

  • Apr. 12th, 2007 at 9:48 PM
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*waves* I took an LJ break recently so thought I’d say “hi!” I am back around again but have been fighting a cold and really busy at work so haven’t actually been commenting much (okay, not really at all), but I am reading my flist! I’m also working to finish the first half of a fic I’ll be posting for [ profile] spring_with_xan on Tuesday (April 17th). It’ll be my first human AU which I’m excited and nervous about (and working to ensure that the characters remain in character of course!).

Part of the time while I was away from LJ, I was visiting with my parents. During that visit I showed my mom just how fun youtube is – she had gone to the site before but didn’t really understand how it worked, so I gave her a bit of a tour. I thought you’d all enjoy the links, and also potentially be amused at what I showed to my mom.

Cordelianne’s Mom Discovers Youtube )

Anyway, I hope you are all doing well! *hugs*



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