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and, and those candles that don't blow out... Those used to scare me. (btvs 5:13)

I have many birthday wishes today!!! February's been such a busy month at work that I blame it for my missing a number of birthdays. Belated birthday wishes to [ profile] glitter_j, [ profile] dancetomato and [ profile] _beetle_!! I hope you all had wonderful days!!!!

Today is also the birthday of two fabulous people on my flist: [ profile] apreludetoanend and [ profile] crossoverman. It's been such a delight getting to know [ profile] apreludetoanend these past few months. I could go on about her writing and icon-making talents, and her wonderful and positive approach to fandom but instead will direct you to the incredible post by [ profile] madame_meretrix here (at [ profile] birthdayrecs) - she expresses exactly what I would say. I wish you a very wonderful birthday, Erin!

I was realizing recently that's it's been about a year since I met [ profile] crossoverman - and I'm so happy we met!! He always has interesting reviews of TV shows and movies, as well as linking to so many neat news items and fun videos. I hope you have a fabulous birthday!!

I was realizing recently that it's been a while since I posted any fic. I've been having some trouble feeling inspired the last few weeks. However, I have been working on a couple of chapter length fics, so writing has been happening (albeit slowly). I also do have some fic I expect to post shortly! In addition, I wrote a piece of original fic (a short story) which I'm submitting to a contest - this is a big step for me as I've never entered a short story contest before.

Oh! And it's the Oscars tonight!! The Academy Awards is my favourite awards ceremony, and even though I've only seen one of the movies nominated for best picture (Little Miss Sunshine) and one foreign language one (Pan's Labryinth), I'm still really looking forward to it.


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