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  • Oct. 8th, 2006 at 12:05 AM
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] a2zmom!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you've been having a wonderful day! I wish you all sorts of lovely gifts and delightful surprises! And lots and lots of salty David Boreanaz goodness!

I'm away right now - and having a fabulous time!! - so my internet time has slightly decreased, but I'm still checking in on LJ. I won't be able to see Battlestar Galactica until I return home on Friday the 13th, so I've been totally avoiding all your posts about the episode (the same for this week's Smallville, the Office and Supernatural).

I haven't had time, but I've wanted to post about how much I loved the Veronica Mars season premiere, as well as how I'm continuing to adore Studio 60, the Office, How I Met Your Mother, the Amazing Race, Grey's Anatomy, Bones and most of the other shows I watch (although Gilmore Girls was pretty damn heart-breaking and depressing this week). Oh! I'm totally getting a kick out of Heroes - it's such an entertaining show.

I had a couple of amusing moments recently that I suspect are signs that fandom has eaten my brain:

1. The night after watching the Veronica Mars premiere, I had a dream in which I was going to have sex with Dick Casablancas!! I'm still disturbed by this, because although I love his character I would never want to meet him, let alone sleep with him. I think this is the result of me trying to understand the fandom love of Mac/Dick. If anyone has insights about why these two would make a good pairing please share, because I don't get it (and I normally love "so wrong, it's right" couples).

2. My friend's sister, Victoria Banks, has a fabulous album You Don't Know Me, which I've just been loving. Recently I had the opportunity to enjoy a live performance and when she was playing her song Saints and Angels I realized it would make the perfect Buffy/Angel vid, or the perfect inspiration for a Buffy/Angel fic. And I'm supposed to be working on Spike/Xander fics right now, not getting B/A ideas!! Check out a clip of the song here and the lyrics are here - they're so B/A!!

3. And in the good way that fandom has eaten my brain: I was entertained while traveling on Thursday by working on the final two chapters of my BtVS/VM crossover fic Murder at the Neptune Express. Fandom can turn long travel times into fun!!!
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You know those multi-fandom icon posts that'll have things like Buffy, Angel, Veronica Mars and Doctor Who, and then there'll also be some of Lindsey Lohan or Christina Aguilera? And you're like - or I'm like - Lindsey Lohan? Christina Aguilera?!! WTF?! Well, I blame those posts (which I do enjoy cause I like chancing upon icons I wouldn't otherwise) for my own personal Christina Aguilera?! WTF?! moment yesterday. I had a dream that I was about to - but actually didn't (because I would so not be sharing otherwise!!) - have a threesome with Christina Aguilera and Scarlett Johansson. It was very bizarre because I almost never think about either of them in any way (I do think Scarlett Johansson is very beautiful). I actually don't think about celebrities that much. So, when I was going back through icon posts looking for a "Logan/Weevil OTP" icon (which I now have OMG!!!), I realized that's how those celebrities got in my head (they were in some of the posts). Um yeah, so that's enough of my odd dream!

Speaking of icons, [ profile] earth_vexer has another round of beautiful, beautiful icons here. Her icons are so stunning and always make me want to upload every single of one of them (Why do we not get unlimited icon space? Why? /dramatics). I'm using this very sexy one of Spike in "Dirty Girls" because it reminds me of the awesome - and now finished! - [ profile] trufflemouse fic:

And Let the Gods Do the Rest - The summary: What happened in Oxnard stayed in Oxnard and so did Xander...until Buffy sent him a souled and crazy Spike to help out with a little case of Apocalypse.
It's Spike/Xander and is one of my favourite S/X fics ever! To quote one of my own comments on the fic: One of the many things I love about this story is how interestingly it weaves into canon, yet charts its own very believable and fascinating - and damn awesome - path. There's a re-working of that "Dirty Girls" scene in my icon (as well as other scenes from the show) which is so well done and gives added meaning to certain lines. And there's awesome S/X banter and sexiness (*flails*). As well it has a lovely flow, great energy and I'm enamoured with the utilization of language.

So, yesterday was filled with television watching. I've now watched the last 2 hours of the Grey's Anatomy finale and the last 4 episodes (including 2 hour finale) of Lost. I was all jittery and wired after that much Lost. Yeah, I know I'm almost a month late and probably no one cares anymore or remembers, so I just have some random thoughts.

Grey's Anatomy Season Two finale )

The last 4 episodes of Lost season two )

I'm thinking of doing a poll, once I actually figure out how to do a poll, about which tv shows I should watch or not watch next year. I need to cut down on the ridiculous amount of shows that I watch and I have such a hard time making those decisions so have decided to let other people do it for me!! And I want to do a poll.

I hope everyone's Saturday is going well!! *g*


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