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(from BtVS 7:4)

I definitely knew I was in my post-visiting girlfriend blahs when I cried during my doctor's appointment today (although I do feel it was a positive and productive appointment). But instead of detailing more of my lameness, I am trying to channel how good I felt in yoga and point you to a couple of things that made me happy:

This interview with Wilson Cruz (Rickie on My So-Called Life). God, I absolutely loved that show. It was definitely the first TV show I felt passionately about before BtVS. Reading the interview made me teary which possibly may just be my mood. BUT the interviewer notes how MSCL influenced BtVS and Cruz talks about his own coming out experiences paralleling those of Rickie and also how he sees MSCL's influence on Friday Night Lights. Such a great interview and it makes me want to run home and rewatch some MSCL, which I may do (as well as the new Friday Night Lights of course!).

Buffy #1 Butt-Kicking Babe. When Entertainment Weekly initially posted this list, I was quite surprised that Buffy wasn't included. I'd been expecting her to be #1 (which she is now), and this wasn't a crazy expectation considering how EW has always championed BtVS. So I was one of the hundreds of people who commented appalled that Buffy was omitted. It's actually kinda cool that they responded and corrected the list. This makes me oddly happy, although this possibly just indicates my ridiculous love for EW.

I realized I haven't talked a lot about my current television viewing lately. So I shall try to rectify that. *g* Here's the TV shows I'm watching and some brief reactions/comments about each one )

Whew! And now you see why I haven't written about my TV watching... I'm having a hard time watching it all!
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We're all concerned about how gross you look. (btvs 2:18)

So yeah, I’ve been sick. Not feel-like-I’m-dying sick, just annoying-head-cold-that-sticks-around sick. And it’s made me cranky and whiny and low on energy. Fortunately I didn’t have to travel anywhere for Christmas because my family (mom, dad, brother and brother’s girlfriend) converged at my apartment for Christmas. I don’t have the biggest apartment ever but we all fit comfortably (fyi: they slept at a hotel – it wasn’t that cozy). And my mom – who’s very awesome – prepared the meal so basically I just had to show up in my own apartment and try not to sneeze on anyone. I feel very spoiled by the lovely Christmas and all the fabulous gifts I received (of fannish interest: I got a Puppet Angel, the Vamp!Xander action figure and the Scruffy Wesley action figure).

I’m finally feeling mostly better today (*fingers crossed*) – which is good because on Sunday I’m heading out to visit the fabulous girlfriend! I’m so excited about visiting with Camisha – we’ll have just over a week together. Of course, I would be more excited if I wasn’t flying through Denver. I’ve spoken to my airline and apparently it’s possible that things should be cleared up by then and it should be alright when I fly through there. But I’ll have to keep calling and checking that the flight’s still confirmed, because if not, they will re-route me … but that could mean I won’t arrive for New Year’s Eve which had been my original plan.

So in an effort to not stress out, I thought I’d tell you my top 10 list of TV shows for 2006 (ie. the shows I enjoyed the most this past year). Oh! I am planning to do my fic wrap-up but I probably won’t have that ready to post till the new year.

My Top 10 TV Shows of 2006 – spoiler free! )

So that’s it for me for now. I hope you all have been having a wonderful holiday season and I wish you all a Happy New Year!
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This has been one of those weird weeks. Cut for spaceyness, lost wallet and voting hijinks )

And OMG, the other night I ALMOST DRANK A SPIDER!!!! It had somehow gotten in my water glass and as I was tilting the glass to my lips I happened to notice something moving. *still gets freaked out thinking about it* My poor friend was on the phone with me at the time, so got to experience me shrieking and being distressed.

I've also been focused on my [ profile] fall_for_sx fic, It's Not. /self-promoting
Oh! And today's [ profile] savoytruffle's day at [ profile] fall_for_sx, check out her awesome fic: Or Forever Hold Your Peace.
I'm also happy because [ profile] entrenous88 has been posting new chapters of Cuddly Predators.
So in conclusion, yay Spander!!

I also have some very brief TV comments! This morning I was reflecting that I know it's November sweeps since the characters are all in danger (or so it seems).

Veronica Mars - Of Vice and Men (3:7) )

Bones - The Aliens in the Spaceship (2:9) )

Dancing with the Stars - Finale )

I'm ridiculously behind on so much TV right now. Three separate co-workers harassed me about not seeing this week's Heroes yet. If only there were more hours in the day! *contemplates trying to find that time turner Hermione has in Harry Potter*

I hope you're all good! *hugs*
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It’s been a rough last few days for me, so I figured what better distraction than to talk about TV?! I haven’t really had the energy to do thoughtful critiques or even simple reactions like “I loved it” or “blah”, so I thought I’d give you a run down of what I’ve been enjoying, what I haven’t and what I haven’t even watched yet. There’s very minimal spoilers in my comments.

Shows I’ve Been Loving )

Shows I’m Enjoying )

Shows That I’m Not All About )

Shows on my PVR that I Haven’t Seen Yet (or have only seen 1 episode of) )

I must say that overall I’m underwhelmed by a lot of the TV shows this season. (This could be more a reflection of how I'm feeling.) There better be some exciting things in November! I’m most excited about Heroes right now. *hearts* Hiro.
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OMG I just discovered that CTV (a MAJOR Canadian TV network) aired the WRONG Grey's Anatomy episode!!!!!! It turns out that they aired the SECOND episode of the new season instead of the season premiere!

I am SO VERY RELIEVED that I didn't post any comments about it yet, because I would have unknowingly spoiled people. *wipes brow* Okay, I will stop wearing out my caps lock key.

When I saw the episode I thought that they'd just jumped ahead in time a bit. And there were a couple of scenes in the previously ons that I didn't remember, but I just thought it was because of my very bad memory. I won't say anything spoilery, just that it was an excellent episode. So good that I haven't deleted it from my PVR yet so I can rewatch it (this will now be helpful for me so I can watch them in order).

CTV is going to air the season premiere this coming Thursday at 8pm instead of reairing the second episode again. Or if you're fast and have time shifting you can catch the repeat on ABC (at 11pm EST).

So to CTV I say: "Because you DON'T screw me over the way ABC does and annoyingly run the shows a few minutes over so that my PVR cuts off the last bit of an episode, I'm going to forgive you for this mix-up. But, CTV YOU'RE ON NOTICE!" (Yeah, I'm using the caps lock again and blatantly ripping off Stephen Colbert.) ETA: After reading the article more carefully, I see that it was a human error in California where the feed is sent from so it wasn't really CTV's mistake.

Since I'm talking about TV, I must say how much I loved Bones and the Office this week!!!!!! Yay for the Office being back! My Name is Earl was pretty good, but not as fab as other episodes have been. And Jericho? Totally cracked out. Not even comparable with Battlestar Galactica's complex portrayal of a post-apocalyptic scenario, and not as cracktastic as 24. The music was good though. And if the best thing I can say about the show is that the music is good? Not a good sign.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] mr_dave_gripes!!!! I hope you had a wonderful day! I'm so happy that you're in my life Mr. Dave, and I wish you all the best for the coming year!! I'm using my new Jon Stewart/Steven Colbert icon in your honour and because I love discussing the Daily Show with you.

In an attempt to combat my general feeling of blah and to avoid a lot of the distressing news in the world, I've watched a lot of (non-news) TV recently. Whenever it's the beginning of the season, I always get excited about new shows & new seasons, and watch a lot of first episodes just to check the shows out. So, I'm dividing up my thoughts on TV in three sections (behind the cuts are brief possible spoilery comments about The Simpsons, Bones, House, Celebrity Duets, Dancing with the Stars, Family Guy, American Dad, Til Death and Happy Hour):

Worth Watching )

Fun but Not Vital to My TV Schedule )

Not Worth Watching (Why did I waste my time on these show?) )


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In previous years I've held out hope that my favourite shows and actors would get Emmy nominations. And I've always been disappointed when it seems like being on HBO guarantees a nomination, the same shows get nominated year after year, and mediocre actors like Charlie Sheen and Patricia Arquette get nominated (and win!). So, last year after gazing at the awards and declaring It's like these people don't actually watch television! I decided that (other than the industry prestige and glitzy parties) the Emmys are silly and meaningless, and if I made up my own nominations to celebrate my favourite shows, actors and writers it is way more meaningful. Why more meaningful, you ask? Because I love television!! And I'm sure I watch way more tv than the average Emmy voter.

So, if you want to see who the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences nominated click here. ETA: There are NO spoilers behind the cut. And if you want to know why I nominated something or why I didn't, please ask - I didn't have the energy for lengthy explanations (thus, why no spoilers). Now, onto the real nominations: The Second Annual Nominations for the Cordelianne Emmys )

I'm sure you're wondering how the winners will be determined. I will be making that decision and announcing it on (or close to) Emmy night. I will likely do a poll to determine the people's choice around that date, but I will ultimately have to pick one from my favourites in each category (which will be a challenge!!).

I'd wanted to do more categories (ie. writing and directing) but am exhausted from all my preparations for visiting [ profile] savoytruffle (I leave on Monday!!! eeeeee!!!) and for Writercon!!! The excitement levels are VERY HIGH here!!! I'm pretty much ready although there's a couple of last minute things I need to do tomorrow and Monday (eg. I still need to get American money. I remembered to set aside my Veronica Mars dvds but not get cash. *headdesk*).

*squishes you all* *collapses*
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Michael Ausiello (TV Guide) reports that Veronica Mars has been renewed!!! The sad news is that Everwood won't be. Here's what you'll find at the link:

Straight from the horse's mouth, Rob Thomas just e-mailed me to confirm that Veronica Mars has been renewed for a third season. The show got a 22-episode order that, depending on ratings, can be reduced to 13. Very reliable sources, meanwhile, are also telling me that One Tree Hill will be back and that Everwood is, in fact, dead. Talk about injustice.

So I'm trying to focus on the positive that my beloved Veronica Mars will be back. I'm a little worried because this is similar to what happened to Arrested Development and we know how that turned out.

I've been lucky because Everwood is the only one of my shows so far to be officially not renewed. (I am incredibly sad about this, because it's one of the best shows on television.) Here's what's been renewed so far:

- My Name is Earl: Moves to Thursdays 8pm, NBC
- The Office: Moves to Thursdays 8:30pm, NBC
- Scrubs: It won't be airing until mid-season, like this year. NBC
- What About Brian: Mondays 10pm, ABC (I haven't decided if I'll keep watching.)
- Lost: Wednesdays 9pm, ABC (I'm considering not watching next season because I haven't been loving this season and I need to cut down on the amount of shows I watch)
- Grey's Anatomy: Moves to Thursday 9pm, ABC
ETA: - I believe that Gilmore Girls has already been picked up by the CW (probably for Tuesdays 8pm).
ETA#2: - Because the official schedules haven't been announced I forgot that Bones and How I Met Your Mother have already been renewed.

I haven't been following the new shows too closely because I find so much can change between now and September. And I'm trying to reduce the amount of tv shows I watch, not increase them.
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Not only were four of my television shows on last night, but I also had three of my friends over to watch Veronica Mars. At one point, my friend told us that a friend of hers had informed her that Christian Kane had bragged about being with Paris Hilton. After the shuddering, one of my friends (who reminds me of Brennan on Bones) said that she'd heard of Paris Hilton but didn't think she'd ever seen her.

Another friend responded: It’s like cockroaches, you know if you've seen one because they make you all shuddery and icked out. You've probably seen Paris Hilton and she's made you feel like that.

This is one of my favourite similes ever, Paris Hilton is like a cockroach.

Veronica Mars ‘Plan B’ 2:17, or My happy inner fangirl )

Bones ‘The Man with the Bone’ 1:18, Pirates!!! )

Six degrees of Joss on last night's Bones:

Rodney Rowland who plays Dane McGinnis on Bones is the very scary Liam Fitzpatrick on Veronica Mars (he was on VM last night too), was also Corbin Fries on Angel (“Conviction” 5:1).

Fredric Lehne who plays Giles Hardewicke on Bones was Ranse Burgess on Firefly (“Heart of Gold”). He also is Marshal Edward Mars on Lost.

David Wells who plays Harley Frankel on Bones was the Cheese Man on Buffy (“Restless” 4:22)!!

Lost ‘Dave’ 2:18, It’s all about Hurley )

The Amazing Race 9 ‘Sleep Deprivation is Really Starting to Irritate Me’ 9:6 )

Smallville 'Void' 5:17, They taunted us with no James Marsters )

I finally caught up on my lost sleep caused by evil Daylight Savings, because I accidentally slept until 3:30pm (I was up really late, vampire hours late). Fortunately I had enough time to enjoy the beautiful spring-like day and walk to work!!
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Today has been a WEIRD day. My awesome friend, spookymonkey, and I were discussing how the warm weather brings everyone outside. And it also brings out the crazy!

On my way to work I had a freaky experience. At some subway stations there's these automatic entrances (ie. no actual people work at these entrances). There's floor to ceiling turnstiles made of really sturdy-looking materials which turn, like a revolving door, when you swipe your metropass or put in a token and thus allow you to enter the subway station. I should add at this point, that I'm TERRIFIED of getting stuck in one of these turnstile door things, because if you're stuck, there's nothing to climb over. I've actually seen a woman get stuck in one of these turnstiles so this is not a totally insane fear.

Anyway, I swipe my metropass and am quickly went through the turnstile when I'm half-way in and the door stops. My heart starts pounding because even though I'm pushing on it nothing is happening. I turn around and see A GUY CRAMMED IN BEHIND ME!!!!!!!! I just about have a heart attack. I yell "Holy crap man!!" Yes, I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't even really swear, despite being completely freaked out. I guess he was trying not to pay, and sneak in behind me?

Fortunately the door had caught on him and my shoulder bag had stopped him from getting in all the way (yay bulky bag!). He immediately jumped back and I pushed my way through into the subway station. I walked really really quickly down to the platform, and didn't see him again. I am still freaked out about this.

Whenever I went outside for the rest of the day I had strangers talking to me, or asking me if the salsa I was buying in the grocery store is good. On a normal day I would have enjoyed everyone's good spirits about the warm weather but the turnstile experience had me all jumpy.

Enough of RL, on to TV talk!

House )

The Amazing Race )

Teachers )

Veronica Mars 'The Rapes of Graff' 2:16 )

Not really spoilers for Bones since I'm in the midst of watching it )

Before I finish watching Bones, I just remembered this discussion my friends and I had about Snakes on a Plane which I thought I'd share:

Me: blah blah blah explaining about Snakes on a Plane.
Friend one: It's like they're combining two different fears together. So the sequel will be Spiders in an Elevator?
Friend two: And then there will be Lizards in a Closet.
Me: That sounds like a porn film.

ETA: I forgot to pimp [ profile] entrenous88's fun post Secret Fanfic Writing/Reading Shame Meme. I posted my idea for a BtVS/Anne of Green Gables crossover here.
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Hello all!! It has been a stressful last couple of weeks in [ profile] cordelianne-land. It’s been mostly work stress and it should be over soon. I built up enough overtime that I took the day off yesterday and I basically accomplished NOTHING (well there was some LJ & fic reading and tv watching, but no apartment cleaning or laundry done). I didn’t even get enough sleep. *shakes head at self* I think my stress level inspired Tuesday’s Angel & Wes story so at least the stress has inspired some productivity!

So to ignore the stress and focus on more HAPPY things I offer you, or things that are making me happy:

1. She’s the Man: It’s the Amanda Bynes (yes the Amanda Bynes from What a Girl Wants and the tv show What I Like About You) movie that’s a teen version of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Bynes plays Viola, the one who disguises herself as her brother. I have a huge weakness for teen movies, and an even bigger weakness for modernizations of Shakespeare. Throw in any form of gender bending and I’m there! Seriously. I actually will be going to the theatre to see it on Saturday.

2. Veronica Mars returns to its Tuesday 9pm timeslot on April 11th: Okay I’m not sure how happy I am about this (especially since Wednesday night is the better night for my friends and I to watch the show together), but I’m trying to see this as positive because it won’t be up against Lost anymore. It’ll just be up again House and Scrubs, at least Supernatural will have already moved to Thursdays at 9pm (on March 30th.)

A Spoilery question & thoughts about VM ‘The Quick and the Wed’ 2:15 )

Definitely good VM news: The actors who played George Michael and Maeby on Arrested Development are guest starring next week!!! VM has definitely become the place for actors from my favourite no-longer-airing shows to guest star!

3. Bones and David Boreanaz: I re-watched the yummy DB parts from last week’s fantastic episode because my friend hasn’t seen it so I had to show her!! Possible spoilers for Bones ‘The Woman in the Tunnel’ 1:16 )

4. In one week James Marsters returns to Smallville: He’ll be back on Thursday, March 30th at 8pm on the WB.

5. The new album, "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood" by Neko Case: It's SO good!!

I would love to have included J.August Richards being back on television but I feel like he has a less of a role on Conviction than he did during parts of Angel seasons. And on Angel he could at least kick ass. I'm still “watching” the show (ie. not really paying attention until JAR is on the screen) but I don’t recommend tuning in.

Other than my outing to see She’s the Man, I’m planning to keep my weekend void of socializing and instead I will write fic, go shopping, write fic, read fic, and catch up on tv watching. Chocolate may be involved as well.

ETA: This just cheered up and made me cry happy tears: Fandom is ...

ETA #2: More good news: Bones is renewed for a second season!!!
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1. David Boreanaz - Last night when my friends and I were discussing the awesomeness of this week's Bones, I had the following revelation:

I only watch Bones for David Boreanaz. Sure, I like the other characters, but I wouldn't have even tuned in (forensics stuff icks me out, and crime stuff bores me) if it weren't for David Boreanz. I realized this when my friend was commenting on a plot point, and I didn't remember what she was talking about. I could however talk at length about DB dancing, when he was in the hospital etc, but I don't pay attention to the plot ... it's all about David Boreanaz.

The weird thing about this is that I've never been that into DB. Obviously I like him because Angel and Buffy are my favourite shows. And I've always understood other people finding him hot but I never did. It's just that recently I've been drawn in by his hotness.

To not be completely shallow for a second (although I'm not getting all philosophical either), I think that Booth is an ideal role for him because it really allows DB's charisma to shine (thankfully not the type of glowy Charisma-as-Cordy-glow though!). It makes me lament that Nicholas Brendon: a) isn't on tv right now and b) doesn't have a similarly great role. Oooh, I'm suddenly having happy of thoughts of Nick Brendon guest starring on Bones!!! Sadly, these are just my wishes because when I was imdbing Nick Brendon the other day there were no upcoming guest spots for any tv show listed. *pouts*

Spoilers for Bones 'Two Bodies in the Lab' 1:15 )

2. Good Bad Movies - On another, but completely different joy-inducing note, the so-bad-it's-good movie Snakes on a Plane now has a trailer here!!! It starts with Samuel Jackson's character declaring Enough is enough, I’ve had it with these snakes. Oh yeah, and in case the title of the movie isn't clear, it's about snakes on a plane!!! *g*

3. More Linking Fun - SNL is going crazy with those digital shorts (eg. Chronic(what)cles of Narnia), and now has one of Natalie Portman rapping. It's not as funny as the Narnia one but it's still very entertaining.

4. Pimping - [ profile] lillianmorgan has written an amazing Spike/Buffy fic Your Face Appears in Mine which is a beautiful and poetic non-linear story.

[ profile] earth_vexer has a batch of very impressive and wonderful new icons!! I excitedly grabbed many of them including this one:
Buffy 'It's About Power
which is my new default userpic (I would be using it now but I HAD to use my new Booth & pudding icon by [ profile] angdelia). I also recently changed the layout of my journal, which a friend reminded me I haven't mentioned. I'm still working on it, but let me know what you think!
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Last night technology thwarted my Veronica Mars watching. See I have a PVR (basically a Tivo), so I was watching the show as the PVR recorded. I'd tuned in about 10mins after the hour so I could fast forward through commercials (which I HATE, but then who doesn't). As a result I was behind the live recording. About 15mins into watching the show my PVR inexplicably shut down. Yes, my PVR shut down for no reason (perhaps other than that it hates me, but why? I LOVE it, how could it hate me?). I think I shall refer to this incident as The Betrayal of my PVR /emo-ing about technology.

I surprised myself by not panicking at all (this is totally the kind of situation that would normally cause me to shriek and flail around). I stared at the blank screen calmly for a bit, anticipating it would fix itself. After a couple of minutes, just as I was about unplug it and plug it back in (my normally successful solution to EVERY technological problem), it started back up again.

Miraculously it immediately started recording again. I didn't realize until afterwards that the PVR had saved the previous recording so I assumed that it was lost and started watching again at 9:42pm, and - surprisingly - it didn't seem like I'd missed much. After the episode ended I discovered that the 1st part of the recording was saved, so I watched the middle part that I missed. It turns out I only missed part of a Veronica/Mac scene (sigh).

I'm all impressed with myself for not panicking, although I think I was so calm because UPN re-airs VM again on Saturday night so I knew I had another chance of seeing it. Also, I could always download if desperate.

So enough with the rambling about The Betrayal of my PVR, here's my spoilery thoughts on VM 'Versatile Toppings' 2:14: )

By 11:30pm I was so exhausted from the stresses of work and The Betrayal of my PVR that I collapsed into bed almost 2 hours earlier than usual. So I didn't see last night's Bones and I heard that Adam Baldwin (Jayne!!) was on, and something about naked David Boreanaz?! Fortunately my PVR didn't have any problems during the recording of Bones so I'll be able to watch it in the next couple of days.


What a dork. (AtS 3:5)

  • Jan. 25th, 2006 at 3:09 PM
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My friend has recently discovered Bones and we were discussing how funny David Boreanaz is on that show. He's definitely my favourite character, which is impressive because Brennan - whose smartness is damn cool - comes a very close second. Anyway, this got us onto a discussion of how much we like dorky Angel. Here's a transcript of our conversion (Disclaimer: statements may have been attributed to the wrong speaker because I have a bad memory):

Me: I love Angel best when he's all dorky.
Friend: Oh yes! He got to be much sillier on Angel than Buffy.
Me: Remember when he jumped into the wrong car in the first episode?! *giggling*
Friend. hee hee. That helped set the tone for the show.
Me: In the season 3 episode "Provider" it's so funny when he's all "Making money is our number one priority" and then he's reminded of Holtz and the mission. So then he's all, "Helping the helpless, finding Holtz, and making money are our three number one priorities." *collapses into another fit of giggles*
Friend: *also giggling* In "Spin the Bottle" I love when he's all scared of traffic ("demons!") and trying to pretend he's a not vampire. The bathroom scene - hysterical!
Me: I know! It's so funny in "Billy" when meets Billy's cousin, who knows who Angel is because Cordelia has told him that "A melodramatic guy named Angel might come by."
Friend: But then Angel says "Melodramatic? She thinks I'm melodramatic?! I'll show you melodramatic" and grabs the guy.
Me: And the guy's all "That is melodramatic", but Angel's stopped being silly and self-conscious, and is seriously being melodramatic!
Friend: Self-conscious Angel is so funny. Angel's such a dork!
Me: Yes!!
Friend: That's it, I need to buy the Angel DVDs.
Me: My work here is done.

Since I'm transcribing my conversations today, I thought I would include the kind of interaction that my co-worker/friend and I have daily:

Co-worker/Friend: I'm going for a bagel, so I'm pausing the music because I don't want to miss William Shatner ("Common People").
Me: Why don't you leave the music on for me to enjoy and then just rewind the CD when you return?
Co-worker/Friend: Because that would be selfish.
Me: *giggles*

Also, as well as a new Bones episode (Fox 9pm) it's a new Veronica Mars (UPN 9pm) tonight!!!!!! Finally. It's been over a month with no new VM. I've missed my show a lot.

ETA: I posted on [ profile] buffyphilosophy Angel - Do you love him when he's dorky?. There's lots of fun dorky Angel moments mentioned! So check it out!


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When I was watching the Bones episode "The Man in the Wall" I suddenly realized that the exterior of the hip hop club was very very familiar. There may have been a yelp of excitement when I realized that the warehouse on Bones is the very same warehouse that Spike, Drusilla and Angel (played by David Boreanaz who is also, coincidentally, one of the stars of Bones) lived in during Buffy season 2!! It was a very weird mixing of tv worlds.

The more television-obsessed that I become, the more I start not only to recognize tv actors, I'm also starting to notice when television sets are repeated. I think it's because I love how sets - when properly dressed - really help create the fictional world of a television show. Buffy wouldn't have been nearly as effective without the darkened cemeteries and alleys contrasting with bright school hallways. Veronica Mars has great details like the stained glass in the Mars Investigations office and the picture of Lilly in Veronica's bedroom which add texture to the fictional world. On this week's Grey's Anatomy sets were used to differentiate between Christina and Burke's personalities (his perfectly decorated and organized apartment compared to her really really - horrifying to a neat freak like me - messy apartment).

Some sets can really become a part of the show. On Firefly the ship, Serenity, was such a lived-in space that it was another character on the show. The island on Lost is a significant presence and is basically at the heart of the show's main mystery, "Where are we?" The show also has almost entirely outdoor sets (except for the hatch) on the island which contrast with the large amount of indoor shots in the flashbacks. Although Central Perk was a huge presence on Friends, Monica's apartment was the heart of the show. Almost every major event happened in that apartment and, in one of the best episodes ever, it was fought over by Rachel & Monica and Chandler & Joey. It was fitting that Friends ended with the gang leaving Monica's apartment for good and that the final shot was of the closed apartment door.

I don't know that much about costs surrounding exterior shots/exterior shooting but I suspect that it can be expensive. I'm basing my theory on the fact that so many shows use the same studio backlot for outdoor scenes which leads me to believe that it's cheaper to film in the backlot of the studio that the show is affiliated with.

Paramount definitely has the most prominent backlot on television. They have this New York street set that's used in many many television shows and commercials. I clued into this because the building that was the exterior for Angel Investigations in season one of Angel, a really large old-style office building, keeps popping up on other shows. It's Chris' school on Everybody Hates Chris and is frequently in the background of Charmed episodes. Charmed, which is set in San Francisco, always uses the New York street set as downtown San Francisco, although one time they did use the same streets actually as New York city.

There's also this bridge, which I believe is also part of Paramount's backlot, which has been prominently featured in Angel (Jasmine and Angel fought on it in "Peace Out"), 24, and Alias, to name just a few shows. This reminds me of how the high school used for exteriors on Buffy was also used for Beverly Hills 90210 and the movie She's All That.

My favourite exterior shot this season was in the Numb3rs episode "Assassin" when they used the Hyperion Hotel as the exterior for a senior's assisted living centre. The Hyperion Hotel was the home of Angel Investigations for seasons 2 to 4 on Angel. I just love that building (it's a historical building and is actually Los Altos Hotel & Apartments) so I was very excited to see it again. What made the experience even better was that Christian Clemenson (Abel Koontz on Veronica Mars) played a criminal living with his mother in the building. It was neat to see my television worlds converge.

Even though I've started noticing the same sets used in a different fictional worlds, it hasn't ruined my enjoyment of my shows. Because most of them effectively create a believable reality, I tend to have confused thoughts like:

"Oh wow, it must be really weird for Angel to be back in the warehouse he hung out in when he was evil. Oh wait, he's now Booth, so I guess it's not that weird. I wonder if it's odd for David Boreanaz or if he even noticed when he watched the episode?"

"Awesome. The Hyperion Hotel!! That makes me so happy that it's now a senior's assisted living centre, I guess that means that Angel made sure good people bought the building. What am I thinking?! This is a completely different fictional world. ... Oh my god!! It's Abel Koontz in Angel's old building!! My worlds collide!!!"

Well, at least I still have a firm grasp **cough cough** on reality!
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As much as I'm enjoying the fabulous seasons of Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Everwood, Prison Break and Arrested Development the rest of this television season hasn't been spectacular (new and returning shows). However, I was delighted by the last new The Simpsons episode "Milhouse Of Sand And Fog" which transported me back to the earlier very fabulous seasons of the show. Inspired by the excellent and very quotable lines on The Simpsons, I thought it would be fun to write about the television shows I've been watching recently by using quotes from the shows.

"I have to do this for work." (The Simpsons 17:3)

If I wasn't watching shows for my own research I'd stop watching Charmed, The O.C., Reunion, Sex, Lies and Secrets, Invasion, and probably even the sadly declining Desperate Housewives.

"You are watching the O.C. on Fox. Coming up next crappy local news." (The Simpsons 17:3)

And if it's not crappy local news, it's the equally crappy Reunion. When I was watching the "1988" episode my cable cut out for a minute and it was the most entertaining part of the show. This is the kind of show that'll have a character say a threatening statement which doesn't make sense for the character to be saying but plays to the knowledge that the viewer has.

"Those tv writers are geniuses. Whatever they're paid, it's not enough." (The Simpsons 17:3)

Well they may not be true for Charmed but I'm really impressed by the writing on Grey's Anatomy, Threshold, House and The 4400. Although I love when The Simpsons and Family Guy draw attention to the writing with quotes like the one above, it's also nice to watch a show and forget about the writing because you're actually drawn into the story and characters.

"How can someone be so offensive and yet so charming all at the same time?" "It's an art form." (Grey's Anatomy 2:3)

This is my favourite questions about all the fun bad boys on television: There's of course Logan on Veronica Mars and Sawyer on Lost. And now Alex on Grey's Anatomy joins the ranks. I'm hoping that James Marsters as Brainiac on Smallville will soon be on the list. I'm also tempted to add House on House to my list, although the question to House would really be: "How can someone be so offensive and yet so damn fun to watch all at the same time?"

"We want to keep the use of magic to a minimum so the demons don't find out we're still alive." "Three chicks move in under the same roof, hello how dumb can they be?" (Charmed 8:3)

I like that the Charmed ones are trying to live "normal" lives (ie. without magic) and are slowly seeing that this isn't possible, but the ridiculous idea that they're 3 cousins of themselves who've moved into their house to look after the kids seems like a stupid plan (and makes even less sense when I try to describe the plan in writing). I couldn't agree more with the Television Without Pity recapper who calls the Charmed ones "Glamorous Idiots."

"Maybe you give them too much credit." (Charmed 8:2)

I would say that the demon community on Charmed gives the sisters too much credit, but since the demons are all equally as idiotic as the Charmed Ones, everyone's on a level playing field. Here's an idea: make the demons actually hard to defeat so that the show doesn't seem like an exercise in whining and stomping around in expensive outfits.

"That's both crazy and self-absorbed." (Desperate Housewives 2:3)

Yes. That does sum up season two of Desperate Housewives very well. It's too bad because I loved the show when it started - it was such a neat mix of satire, soap opera and comedy. Now it seems to have lost the satire, amped up the soapiness while half-heartedly trying to add some humour.

"Sex, Lies, and Secrets" (show title)

No, no and no. There's only one word that can describe this show: Incomprehensible. Although if the show creators are attached to a three word title I would suggest: "Incomprehsible, stupid and pointless".

"It's a natural thing that happens like hurricanes or going to war." (The Simpsons 17:3)

I'm starting to feel that voiceovers (VO) are inescapable natural things because practically every television show is using them right now, even shows I like employ the VO, ie. Veronica Mars, Arrested Development and Scrubs (how I miss you right now Scrubs!!). Here's the list of other shows - that I can recall - which use VO (organized in order of most effective to least effective):

- Everbody Hates Chris
- My Name is Earl
- How I Met Your Mother
- Grey's Anatomy
- Desperate Housewives
- Sex, Lies and Secrets - Although does it count as a VO if it's trying - but failing - to be a faux anthropology documentary commentary?
- Charmed - Thank god it was only one episode but it was excruciating. Phoebe was purposefully imitating Sex and the City, and I fear it has traumatized me enough that I never want to see Sex and the City ever again.

"You're the least objective person I've met." (Bones 1:3)

I'm still enjoying the banter between Brennan and Booth on Bones. Also I was very excited when I saw Chewy from Joan of Arcadia!! Mark Totty played Dt. Carlisle (aka Chewy), Will Girardi's always snacking partner. I must admit that I'm inclined to like Bones because it has David Boreanaz in it as well as Hart Hanson (the creator) and Stephen Nathan (consulting producer), both from Joan of Arcadia.

"Just because something is unfamiliar doesn't mean it's alien." (Invasion 1:2)

Wait, what?! Isn't that exactly what the term alien means? As it turns out agrees with me, stating that alien means: "Belonging to, characteristic of, or constituting another and very different place, society, or person; strange."

"Where is the clitoris?" (The Office 2:2)

Okay, what's up with women on television being critical of working mothers? It was annoying to see in the Close to Home pilot and was even more annoying in the Desperate Housewives season premiere. It's nice that television shows are portraying the pressures that many women are under to balance kids and work, but does that have to always involve making other women the enemy? It's particularly aggravating because it vilifies women who don't have kids, and both shows have suggested that a woman's life is ultimately unfulfilled without children.

"I'll be right back." (Alias 5:1)

aka the line said in horror movies right before someone dies. Thanks to that anvilicious comment I realized that Vaughan was about to be killed (I had heard rumours but this line totally spoiled me).

Although I'm not feeling the love for that many shows this television season it could be that I've been reading too much Television Without Pity recaps, and also that I've been saving the excellent half-hour shows on my PVR to watch once I've caught up on the hour long ones I'm less excited about. Fortunately I am enjoying the Sitcom Renaissance (remember I coined this term!) and am delighted that after 17 years The Simpsons can still have funny episodes with great lines like this one from Homer:

"Of all the people for Marge to cheat on, why did it have to be me?"


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