Ooo! Hello, salty goodness! (btvs 1:5)

  • Oct. 8th, 2006 at 12:05 AM
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] a2zmom!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you've been having a wonderful day! I wish you all sorts of lovely gifts and delightful surprises! And lots and lots of salty David Boreanaz goodness!

I'm away right now - and having a fabulous time!! - so my internet time has slightly decreased, but I'm still checking in on LJ. I won't be able to see Battlestar Galactica until I return home on Friday the 13th, so I've been totally avoiding all your posts about the episode (the same for this week's Smallville, the Office and Supernatural).

I haven't had time, but I've wanted to post about how much I loved the Veronica Mars season premiere, as well as how I'm continuing to adore Studio 60, the Office, How I Met Your Mother, the Amazing Race, Grey's Anatomy, Bones and most of the other shows I watch (although Gilmore Girls was pretty damn heart-breaking and depressing this week). Oh! I'm totally getting a kick out of Heroes - it's such an entertaining show.

I had a couple of amusing moments recently that I suspect are signs that fandom has eaten my brain:

1. The night after watching the Veronica Mars premiere, I had a dream in which I was going to have sex with Dick Casablancas!! I'm still disturbed by this, because although I love his character I would never want to meet him, let alone sleep with him. I think this is the result of me trying to understand the fandom love of Mac/Dick. If anyone has insights about why these two would make a good pairing please share, because I don't get it (and I normally love "so wrong, it's right" couples).

2. My friend's sister, Victoria Banks, has a fabulous album You Don't Know Me, which I've just been loving. Recently I had the opportunity to enjoy a live performance and when she was playing her song Saints and Angels I realized it would make the perfect Buffy/Angel vid, or the perfect inspiration for a Buffy/Angel fic. And I'm supposed to be working on Spike/Xander fics right now, not getting B/A ideas!! Check out a clip of the song here and the lyrics are here - they're so B/A!!

3. And in the good way that fandom has eaten my brain: I was entertained while traveling on Thursday by working on the final two chapters of my BtVS/VM crossover fic Murder at the Neptune Express. Fandom can turn long travel times into fun!!!


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