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I have a confession to make: I watched the 7th Heaven series finale. See, a few years ago I was briefly addicted to the show. I’m a big fan of campiness and stuff that’s so bad it’s good (eg. I loved Tremors and am excited about Snakes on a Plane), so I found the show entertaining. Of course, there was only so long I could take the preachyness and hypocrisy (eg. we’ll spend an entire episode being obsessed with sex but insist it’s wrong to be having sex.), so it was a brief fling.

The other reason I watched the finale was my love of watching series finales. I can be a huge sap and finales normally inspire crying. The 7th Heaven finale was – unsurprisingly – so very bad. There were flashbacks (I LOVE flashbacks!), and ridiculous fantasy sequences that made Angel’s fantasy/dream in “Awakening” seem believable in comparison. Spoilers for the 7th Heaven finale. Is there anyone who’s actually worried about getting spoiled? If you don’t watch the show, you should read this because the revelation at the end of the show is absolutely cracktastic and is like really bad fanfiction!!! )

Anyway, I did actually watch some good tv tonight:

How I Met Your Mother ‘Milk’ 1:21 )

24 ‘3am-4am’ 5:21 )

Everwood ‘All the Lonely People’ 4:17 )

Logans: What’s with all the Logans on tv? There’s the awesomely complex one on Veronica Mars, the annoying one on Gilmore Girls and then President Logan on 24 (okay I know it’s a last name, but I still think it counts). I don’t think I’ve ever met a Logan in real life, yet it’s this incredibly popular tv name. Also, they’re all very messed up individuals. I’m beginning to think I’ve been lucky to not know a Logan in real life.

And speaking of Logans, tonight (Tuesday) is the season finale of Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. I’m very worried about the direction it looks like GG is going in, especially considering that Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino will not be running the show next year. Fortunately, I’m much more optimistic about the VM finale based on a completely non-spoilery report that indicates it should ROCK!!!

The talk of spoilers reminds of something annoying that happened today. I’ve been carefully avoiding reading Lost spoilers since I’ve yet to see last week’s episode. I even read two entries on LJ in which I successfully avoided the Lost sections. Well, I forget that the rest of the world isn’t as nice about alerting for spoilers as people on LJ are, and I got completely spoiled by the first few words of my favourite tv columnist, TVGal’s column (and, of course, don’t read this if you’re unspoiled for Lost, Alias and Veronica Mars).


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