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I GOT MY HAIR CUT!!! That was my big exciting project yesterday. My hair was almost mid-way down my back and now it’s chin length (or even a bit shorter). When my hair gets long, the curls weigh it down and it becomes flat on top. Also, the curls at the back seem to lose their curl and look weirdly straight compared to the rest of the ringlets. But now it’s all bouncy!! In fact, the haircut is remarkably similar to this picture. )

I also went shopping yesterday!! I actually really enjoy shopping and had a great time on Queen St. W (a cool shopping district in Toronto). It was a VERY productive outing in which I got:
- a birthday present for my friend whose birthday celebration I’m going to tomorrow
- chocolate for me, because chocolate is important
- 2 hoodies (I heart hoodies so much), one of them is sleeveless and pink!
- an adorable short jean skirt
- cargo capris
- The Angel action figure!!! It’s “the Ring” one in which he’s wearing a white tank top and leather pants. I approve of that outfit. I wanted the Wes action figure as well but restricted myself to buying one.

Last night while watching Conviction (and reading LJ – I am such a multitasker!), I was amused when a criminal had a tattoo with the letters CFL. I immediately thought: He’s a fan of the Canadian Football League? (My football fan friends would be so proud!!) In this instance it means Criminals For Life. I think it would be funnier if the tough criminal was actually a fan of the Canadian Football League!

Oh, I almost forgot! My friend and I attended a play last night, boygroove. Described as a musical theatre mockumentary about the rise and fall of the world's greatest boy band. More talk about boy band musicals. )

ETA: [ profile] savoytruffle reminded me of the Into Trouble community. It has stories about the BtVS/AtS boys in an AU boy band. I kept thinking about those stories when I was watching boygroove, especially the parts about the manager/producer, and because one of boygroove members is gay.


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