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Today is the birthday of the wonderful, fun and sweet [ profile] kittyzams!!! Seeing her posts and getting comments from [ profile] kittyzams always brightens my day! And earlier this month I had the absolute delight of getting to meet her in person which was a totally fun evening and reminded me of how awesome it would be to live in the same city! So, I hope you are having an absolutely wonderful birthday KZ!!!

In honour of your birthday, I have a Spike/Buffy drabble for you!

This drabble is also inspired by the drabble memes going around. This one is from [ profile] apreludetoanend's list of lines from her fic here. So I am using a line written by [ profile] apreludetoanend (I note after the drabble which line it is).

This is set in season six, sometime in the "Smashed" to "Gone" time period.

Fic: A Thing (Spike/Buffy, PG-13, drabble) )
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I have another drabble inspired by the drabble memes going around! This one is from [ profile] madame_meretrix's list of lines from her fic here.

So, the first line in this drabble is not mine, and is written by [ profile] madame_meretrix.

This is set in season two.

Fic: Countdown (Xander/Cordelia, PG, drabble) )

BtVS Fic: Treat (Dawn/Faith, PG, drabble)

  • Jan. 20th, 2007 at 3:16 PM
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I've had an interest in the Dawn/Faith for a while now (recently re-sparked by [ profile] _beetle_'s fabulous fic Baby Steps). So when [ profile] apreludetoanend posted a drabble meme, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to try the pairing in drabble form!

The idea of the meme is to write a drabble using a line from one of her fics listed here. So, the first line in this drabble is not mine, and is written by [ profile] apreludetoanend.

This is set post-Chosen.

Fic: Treat (Dawn/Faith, PG, drabble) )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] earth_vexer!!!!!! I hope your day is wonderful and I wish you many exciting and fabulous surprises and good things! [ profile] earth_vexer is a wonderful presence on LJ, so friendly, interesting, smart, and she has an awesome sense of humour. Also she's a super talented icon maker, who always wows me with her wonderful icons (and her sense of humour often comes through in her icons - check out the one I'm using today).

In her honour, I've written a Spike/Buffy drabble (my first Spike/Buffy!), well more like pre-Spuffy. It's set sometime late season 4.

BtVS Fic: Coming Clean (Spike/Buffy, G, drabble) )
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For those of you wondering what MNE is, that's what I call my BtVS/VM crossover fic, Murder at the Neptune Express. I'm very sorry but I don't have chapter seven of MNE for you today. Traveling delayed the writing and betaing process. It should be ready to be posted tomorrow afternoon or evening, so it's only a short delay. *smiles charmingly* Chapter eight (the final chapter!) should be posted on schedule (so next Tuesday).

In lieu of fic, I thought I'd post an unbetaed Spike/Xander drabble because it feels weird to not post fic today.

BtVS Fic: When I Awake in the Middle of the Night (Spike/Xander, PG, drabble) )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] stoney321!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are having a wonderful day!!!! You are such a smart, funny and fun person. I'm so happy that I got to meet you recently. *g* Since I can't give you Will Ferrell or Sparrington lovin', I've written you a Connor drabble because I know that you love Connor (me too!).

This is set late season 3, around the time Connor's just arrived in L.A.

FIC: Fries with That (Connor, G, drabble) )

BtVS Fic: Pink (Giles/Xander, G, drabble)

  • Jun. 18th, 2006 at 1:33 AM
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I’m very excited to announce that this is the final drabble from my post asking for drabble requests, oh so long ago. I'm very pleased to have completed all the drabbles, and thanks to my delightful flisters for the awesome prompts and for reading them! (Okay, technically I didn’t do the Logan/Weevil drabble and did a fic instead, but I’m hoping no one will complain!) It will not be the last drabble I write, because I really enjoy writing them. However my new goal is to write fic longer than 100 words! Yay for writing goals!!

This is for [ profile] savoytruffle who always brightens my day and provides insightful, intelligent assistance and wonderful support. She requested giles, xander, fashion. you can choose whether it's gen or shipper.

Set during “The Initiative” (4:7), after Xander’s mom offers him and Giles fruit punch.

Fic: Pink (Giles/Xander, G, drabble) )

AtS Fic: Two Angel & baby Connor Drabbles

  • Jun. 15th, 2006 at 8:22 PM
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I have more drabbles!! They're both Angel and baby Connor.

For [ profile] femmenerd who requested Daddy!Angel. Cute and funny.
[ profile] savoytruffle is thanked and adored.

Fic: Vampire Baby Blahs (Angel & baby Connor, G, drabble) )

This is a bonus Daddy!Angel drabble which doesn't exactly fit the "cute & funny" prompt.

Fic: Falling Forward (Angel & baby Connor, G, drabble) )
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Mental note to self: Do not re-watch the last few minutes of Everwood's series finale first thing in the morning. It makes me sob and then I cry sporadically while working out (which disrupts proper breathing for Pilates). Incidentally, it was a lovely finale which nicely resolved the storylines and was overall very satisfying. Potential good news for Everwood: TV Gal reports that Rumors still abound that "Everwood" could get a last minute pick up!. I'm trying not to get too excited because rumours are rarely to be believed. ETA: Zap2it has this well-done review of the finale (that says most of the things I would have said if I was feeling more articulate).

Mental note to self #2: Do not also watch BtVS's "The Gift" while already sentimental (eg. see above), because it just makes every moment tear-inducing.

I have another drabble!! For [ profile] crazydiamondsue who requested: Tara & Xander stuck somewhere together (waiting for the others, first to arrive at the Magic Box, or maybe separated from the group during a crisis sitch) having an awkward yet sweet conversation. I chose the Magic Box angle.

Thanks to the awesome [ profile] savoytruffle for all her help!

Fic: The 'In' in Infestation (Tara & Xander, G, drabble) )
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Hello all!! It's been a while since I updated. I can't believe it's June 4th already!! The days are just flying by. It's been crazy stressful at work recently so there's been days when I'll keep refreshing my flist but then don't have the mental capacity to actually comment at the time, let alone write an entry. But we shall speak no more of this no more!

I have some good news!! )

Why the hating? )

So in the spirit of fun, and love for Veronica Mars (which has been the target of much hate recently), I have a fun Dick-centric drabble. (See I haven't forgotten about my drabble requests, I'm just really really slow! But I've been writing lots recently, so yay!)

For [ profile] brandil who requested: Either Logan, Weevil, or Dick. You choose. I chose Dick because I've been writing a Logan/Weevil fic ... so watch this space!!

No spoilers for the show, set really anytime during the series.
Warning: Dick is, well, a dick.

VM Fic: The Ladies (Dick, PG, drabble) )

BTVS Fic: By Rote (Oz & Giles, G, drabble)

  • May. 23rd, 2006 at 11:29 PM
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For [ profile] tkp who requested: A friendship fic about Oz & Giles.
Set early Season 4-ish.

Thanks to [ profile] savoytruffle for all her help and support!

Fic: By Rote (Oz & Giles, G, drabble) )
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I'm a little overwhelmed - but in the best possible way - because all my favourite writers have been posting fics and I want to read all the stories RIGHT NOW! So, of course, that means I've read hardly any so far and they're all bookmarked. And then my PVR was at its max so I had to watch tv shows to clear it off (I know, I have such a rough life!) which meant that instead of reading excellent stories, I watched the season finale of Charmed instead! Even though I know I'm being manipulated, I'm such a complete sap that I cried anyway. And I don't even really like the show! *is deeply shamed*

I will pimp a story that I've actually read (because I beta'ed it), and which I highly highly recommend. It's [ profile] savoytruffle's Not Noisy or Excited (part 1 of 2). It's "wow" inspiring, beautiful, and haunts you (in a good way).

And I have another drabble!! For [ profile] lillianmorgan who requested: Spike&/Xander, pizza, basement of doom.

Thanks to [ profile] savoytruffle for all her support!

BTVS Fic: Best Seat in the House (Spike/Xander, PG, drabble) )
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Yes, you read that correctly I have another drabble! And more to be posted soon!

For [ profile] karabair who requested: Anya & Willow, appropriate reading material. Hopefully it's alright that the phrase served as inspiration but isn't actually in the drabble.
Set pre-The Prom (BtVS season 3).

Big hugs to [ profile] savoytruffle for all her help!

Fic: Puzzle (Anya & Willow, G, drabble) )

BTVS Fic: Poseurs (Cordelia, G, drabble)

  • May. 18th, 2006 at 3:57 AM
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For [ profile] tinpanalley who requested: Cordelia, takeout
Set during AtS late season one/early season two.

Continuing thanks to [ profile] savoytruffle.

Fic: Poseurs (Cordelia, G, drabble) )

BTVS Fic: Carrots (Willow, G, drabble)

  • May. 16th, 2006 at 8:53 PM
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I have completed my first drabble ever (from my request for prompts post)!! Thanks to [ profile] savoytruffle for her continuing help and support, and for just being her!

For [ profile] entrenous88 who requested: Willow reading Anne of Green Gables, either the first time or a repeat time. If you want/have space, you could slip in some reaction to Buffy or Xander in the mix.

Fic: Carrots (Willow, G, drabble) )


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