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And now for the third and final part of my talk about the Emmys ... and of course, I'll soon get to give away some more Cordelianne Emmys!!!

Let's get this show over with! On to Part Three )
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And now here's Part Two of the Emmys with my scintillating reactions. Okay, there's a lot of squeeing and some snarking.

Part Two of Cordelianne's Emmys, with talk about the actual Emmys too )

Emmy reactions part one

  • Aug. 27th, 2006 at 8:52 PM
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Welcome to Part One of Cordelianne watching the Emmys and giving out her Emmys which are the REAL Emmys. I will be posting a couple of updates throughout the evening … so stay tuned!

I was about as rushed to get the Emmys as the host, Conan O’Brien, (I actually got caught up in training a new customer service agent at work and had to rush home worrying to myself But if I’m not home to watch the opening of the Emmy’s how will TV know that I love it?!) ... but I made it in time.

The opening Emmy sequence kicked my ass )

Conan’s opening speech )

Who the Emmys gave awards to and who I gave awards to )
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In previous years I've held out hope that my favourite shows and actors would get Emmy nominations. And I've always been disappointed when it seems like being on HBO guarantees a nomination, the same shows get nominated year after year, and mediocre actors like Charlie Sheen and Patricia Arquette get nominated (and win!). So, last year after gazing at the awards and declaring It's like these people don't actually watch television! I decided that (other than the industry prestige and glitzy parties) the Emmys are silly and meaningless, and if I made up my own nominations to celebrate my favourite shows, actors and writers it is way more meaningful. Why more meaningful, you ask? Because I love television!! And I'm sure I watch way more tv than the average Emmy voter.

So, if you want to see who the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences nominated click here. ETA: There are NO spoilers behind the cut. And if you want to know why I nominated something or why I didn't, please ask - I didn't have the energy for lengthy explanations (thus, why no spoilers). Now, onto the real nominations: The Second Annual Nominations for the Cordelianne Emmys )

I'm sure you're wondering how the winners will be determined. I will be making that decision and announcing it on (or close to) Emmy night. I will likely do a poll to determine the people's choice around that date, but I will ultimately have to pick one from my favourites in each category (which will be a challenge!!).

I'd wanted to do more categories (ie. writing and directing) but am exhausted from all my preparations for visiting [ profile] savoytruffle (I leave on Monday!!! eeeeee!!!) and for Writercon!!! The excitement levels are VERY HIGH here!!! I'm pretty much ready although there's a couple of last minute things I need to do tomorrow and Monday (eg. I still need to get American money. I remembered to set aside my Veronica Mars dvds but not get cash. *headdesk*).

*squishes you all* *collapses*
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Will & Grace, Everybody Loves Raymond, the West Wing, Six Feet Under are all shows that I don't watch and/or don't enjoy, yet they consistently get nominated (and even win) Emmys. I get so sick of almost all of my favourite - and excellent - shows being ignored at the Emmys. So, back in mid-July when the Emmy nominations were announced, I decided to follow the tradition of some of my favourite tv columnists on the internet (TVGal on zap2it and Kristen on Eonline) and have my own nominations and winners.

Well the Emmys were on Sunday night and I had to watch, how could I not - it's a whole night celebrating television and I really love tv. So, I'm now announcing my winners along with some commentary about Emmy night. To see all my nominations check out my July 14 & July 15th entries.

Cordelianne's Emmy Night

- I was feeling ambiguous about the cheesy clips of previous winners reflecting on their Emmy win, until Candice Bergen talked about the controversy over Murphy Brown's single motherhood.

- Opening music sequence is pretty good - I'm enjoying the celebratory feel, thanks to Earth, Wind and Fire and the Black Eyed Peas.

- Oooh, Ellen's getting a lot of applause, and why not, she's fabulous!

- Good reference to Hurricane Katrina - I liked that Ellen talked about her roots and noted that at times like these comedy is important.

- "If you don't win tonight, it doesn't mean you're not a good person. It just means you're not a good actor." hee hee, good line Ellen.

- "In the scheme of things winning an Emmy is not important. Let's get our priorities straight, I think we all know what's really important in life: winning an Oscar. They're for movies. Man, I'd love to host that show." hee hee Thanks for making me laugh Ellen! I'd love to see Ellen host the Oscars!

- Oooh, the Desperate Housewives' dresses are all really nice.

Ah, the first award of the evening: OUTSTANDING SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A COMEDY

hmm, Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond) wins the Emmy again. Boring choice.

My winner: John C. McGinley, "Scrubs" (NBC)

It was a close race between McGinley, Jeffrey Tambor and Jeremy Piven but McGinley's cranky Dr. Cox triumphed!

- Oh no! We're already at the next award which is my favourite and toughest category:


Did they just say that William Shatner won?! WTF. They know this is for a drama series right? His role is so fluffy. Also his speech isn't making much sense.

My winner: Tom Amandes, "Everwood" (WB)

I really would like everyone that I nominated to have won: Naveen Andrews, "Lost" (ABC); Jason Dohring, "Veronica Mars (UPN); Terry O'Quinn, "Lost" (ABC); Chris Pratt, "Everwood" (WB); and Michael Welch, "Joan of Arcadia" (CBS). I picked Tom Amandes because he constantly wows me with his performance, and I feel that if he was on another network he'd have millions of awards already - so he deserves to be the first winner in this category at my awards.

- Emmy Idol? I'm down with them singing popular tv theme songs but do they have to model it after American Idol?

- Donald Trump and Megan Mullally singing Green Acres: this is actually so surreal and weird that it's kind of entertaining.

- Oh look, it's the leads from Two and a Half Men - I'm glad that CBS isn't blatantly promoting it's own shows.

- Sniff. Michael J. Fox reflecting on his Emmy makes me all teary.


I didn't do any nominations for this category because the Amazing Race is the only reality show that I watch. Excellent, the Amazing Race just won! This may be the only time the Emmys and I are in agreement tonight. I'm loving seeing the clips of Uchenna and Joyce. Oh Phil looks so cute - I love Phil. Excellent short acceptance speech.

- Oh wow, it's Zach Braff and Hugh Laurie! I love them both! hee hee I love Braff's fake British accent.


Hmm, Blythe Danner won for Huff which she's excellent in, although I suspect that the Emmy voters and I are the only ones who've watched Huff.

Despite liking Blythe, here's my winner: Becky Wahlstrom, "Joan of Arcadia" (CBS)

Wahlstrom's phenomenal performance opening up to Luke about her mother's alcoholism (particularly the non-verbal scene in "The Cat") won my award.

- Jason Lee looks delightfully creepy with his moustache.

- Lauren Graham is presenting with Jennifer Love Hewitt. Sadly, Lauren is coming across as more of a bimbo than Jennifer Love Hewitt (which I didn't think could be possible).

- Okay, I don't care about this blatant CBS promotion because it's Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris (from How I Met Your Mother) introducing Kristen Bell performing Fame!!! Very very fun. Kristen Bell is a very good singer.

- Oooh, Rachel Bilson gets to present! What a surprise, almost every nominee in the guest star in a comedy series category is for Will & Grace (since all that show does it have famous guest stars).

They're now announcing the winner for WRITING FOR A VARIETY, MUSIC OR COMEDY PROGRAM

The only acceptable winner will be The Daily Show - and it is!

- The pairing of Adrian Grenier (Entourage) and Misha Barton is excellent. She totally seems like the kind of girl that Adrian's character would date on Entourage.


Oh well, it's another Everybody Loves Raymond win (Doris Roberts). Although it's pretty cute that Doris Roberts brought her grandsons on stage with her.

Onto the more interesting winner, my winner: Alexis Bledel, "Gilmore Girls" (WB)

How could Alexis not win after so many years phenomenally portraying Rory?

- What's with the standing ovation for Letterman? And his joke wasn't even that funny.

- Good piece on Johnny Carson.

- The cast of Everybody Loves Raymond is presenting - are we already at the boring middle of the show?


Excellent, the Daily Show wins - by my count the Emmys and I have agreed 3 times so far.

- Poria DeRossi gets to announce Macy Gray and Gary Dourdan (CSI) performing The Jeffersons' theme song. I'd forgotten what an amazing voice Macy Gray has.

- Okay, and the winner for ugliest dress is: Patricia Arquette. Her dress is tight and unflattering, and makes her look ill.

- Excellent, JJ Abrams just beat out Quentin Tarantino for Best Directing in a Drama Series (Lost)! He's so adorably geeky looking.

- Darn, David Fury just lost Best Writing in a Drama Series. Although it is to David Shore for a House episode, a show which I have much respect for.

- The boring middle portion of the Emmys brings you: miniseries awards, Halle Berry reading a horrible and cheesy script, technical problems, the realization that Geena Davis is really tall (she's taller than Matthew Fox), and ..... wait a minute, did they just announce Jon Stewart?! Okay, at least this segment won't be boring!

- Hey, Jon Stewart can go off script and still be funny (I'm not actually surprised by this)! Also, his pre-tapped segment criticizing the governmental response (or lack of) to Hurricane Katrina is very funny and "topical and edgy."

- Yea, Arrested Development won for Outstanding Writing on a Comedy Series! Gotta love the writers desperate plea for people to actually watch the show. I think I'm actually at 5 agreements with the Emmys (hmm, actually quite impressive).

- Blah, blah blah, we're back to miniseries awards and CSI presenters. But, wait did they just announce Phil from The Amazing Race?! It looks like he and Jeff Proust are trying to wear matching suits. Cool, the trophy presenters are from America's Next Top Model - I'm loving how it's such a tv-centric event (I know, one would assume that the Emmys should be tv-centric but this year the show actually seems to be embracing television in a way it hasn't in the past).

- OMG, did they just say that William Shatner will be performing the theme from Star Trek with a Mezzo-Soprano? Okay, now this performance just topped Donald Trump's Green Acres as the most surreal and weirdly entertaining song number.

- This is kind of neat, they're honouring Tom Brokow, Dan Rather and the late Peter Jennings. This evening really is celebrating all aspects of television.

- Excellent, we're now getting to the awards I've been waiting for and Conan O'Brian is being funny!


Hmm, Felicity Huffman just won. She certainly is very talented but wasn't the funniest actress on Desperate Housewives. I didn't know that she's married to William H. Macy (who's such an awesome actor).

Anyway, on to the more exciting award, mine:

Lauren Graham, "Gilmore Girls" (WB)

Gilmore Girls had one of it's best seasons last year and it was largely due to the fantabulous Lauren Graham. Thanks to her I keep forgetting that Lorelei and Stars Hollow are actually fictional.


Oh no, Patricia Arquette won (which seems to make no sense) and now we have to see her horrible dress. Shudder.

To avoid the dress, I'm plowing ahead and announcing the real winner:

Amber Tamblyn, "Joan of Arcadia" (CBS)

Every episode she gave an amazing performance. This fall I'll be missing you the most Joan!

- Oh god, Patricia's dress strap is falling down - it's distracting me from her meaningful comments on the importance of helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina and her hope that the soldiers will return from Iraq safely.

- I always get a little teary at the In Memoriam sequence.


This show keeps making me use internet acronyms that I hate (eg. OMG and WTF) because they keep doing things like giving Tony Shalhoub, "Monk" (USA) the Emmy. WTF?!

I'm fast forwarding my PVR in annoyance, and announcing my winner:

Zach Braff, "Scrubs" (NBC)

I love Zach Braff so much: from his surreal day-dreams to his love of appletinis. Like the Gilmore Girls, Zach Braff makes me forget that he's a fictional character.


I'm now ignoring that James Spader won (again I say, WTF, is Boston Legal even a drama?!) ....

My winner: Gregory Smith, "Everwood" (WB)

I can only hope that Gregory Smith will get his props someday, but until then at least I know that he's the best actor in a drama series on television right now (regardless of the Emmy voters wacky voting).

- Ah, the star of Everybody Hates Chris is so articulate!

- We're back from commercials and there seems to be yet another technical problem (after the announcement that Donald Trump's Green Acres performance won the Emmy Idol which I don't really care about).

- FINALLY we're actually on the last 2 awards!!!


So, Lost actually won!! Very very cool.

Okay, here's my nominations for this category:

24 (FOX)
Everwood (WB)
Joan of Arcadia (CBS)
Lost (ABC)
Veronica Mars (UPN)

I included my nominations because this is one of my closest races. I'd say that Everwood, Joan of Arcadia, Lost and Veronica Mars are in a 4-way tie. Since that isn't very interesting, I am declaring a winner:

Joan of Arcadia

It probably would have been a tougher choice if Joan was returning this year, but since it's not I can award Joan this year and know that the other shows still have the possibility of winning in the future (and since I make the decision I have a pretty good idea that they all will win my award very soon).


Everybody Loves Raymond won, not a big surprise but kind of boring.

Here's my nominations:

Arrested Development (FOX)
Desperate Housewives (ABC)
Gilmore Girls (WB)
Reba (WB)
Scrubs (NBC)

This is a particularly tough decision because each show is a different kind of comedy/genre so they're all excellent in their own way. I am declaring a winner though:

Gilmore Girls

I picked Gilmore Girls because it had the strongest season last year.

- Whew! My PVR stopped recording when the Raymond people were accepting the award but I suspect that I didn't miss anything. I'm pleased with my awards as all my favourites won! I'm delighted that Gilmore Girls, Joan of Arcadia, Scrubs and Everwood all did well! I still have a huge amount of my love for Veronica Mars, Lost and Arrested Development. Hmm, I actually agreed with the Emmys five times. I'm too tired to figure out how many actual awards were given out that night, but I suspect that my agreement rate can't be higher than 10%.

As bitter as I get about my favourite shows being ignored, I have to admit that when shows become too popular (Lost & Desperate Housewives) it can damper my love of a series. I love that for shows like Veronica Mars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Everwood, Gilmore Girls, Scrubs and Arrested Development I can saturate myself in them on my own terms. And it's always more fun to have control over my obsession instead of having an obsession forced on me.


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