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It’s been a rough last few days for me, so I figured what better distraction than to talk about TV?! I haven’t really had the energy to do thoughtful critiques or even simple reactions like “I loved it” or “blah”, so I thought I’d give you a run down of what I’ve been enjoying, what I haven’t and what I haven’t even watched yet. There’s very minimal spoilers in my comments.

Shows I’ve Been Loving )

Shows I’m Enjoying )

Shows That I’m Not All About )

Shows on my PVR that I Haven’t Seen Yet (or have only seen 1 episode of) )

I must say that overall I’m underwhelmed by a lot of the TV shows this season. (This could be more a reflection of how I'm feeling.) There better be some exciting things in November! I’m most excited about Heroes right now. *hearts* Hiro.
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Today is the last day that the WB will exist. Tomorrow it and UPN merge to form the CW. I'm mostly excited about this (despite being sad about Everwood and Reba being casualties of the merger), however I am sad about the WB ending. And, I wanted to remind you all that:

As a good-bye, the WB is airing the pilots of its significant shows today.

5pm - Felicity
6pm - Angel
7pm - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
9pm - Dawson's Creek

**check your local listings**

I will totally be watching! I missed out on seeing Felicity when it first aired so I'm excited to check it out. Even though I think it's weird that they're playing Angel before Buffy I'm excited to watch them one last time on the network that (mostly) nurtured these two brilliant shows (I'm trying not to focus on the too soon cancelling of Angel). And it'll be fun to end with the post-modern teen angsting of Dawson's Creek!

I thought it would be fun, as a good-bye, if I listed my favourite memorable moments from the shows I watched on the WB. Good Times on the WB )

Jun. 22nd, 2006

  • Jun. 22nd, 2006 at 10:45 PM
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Work's been all stressful this week (thanks in part to all the preparations for Pride this weekend) and my co-worker/friend and I had to - temporarily - take apart our desks and computers for Pride-related reasons... but that means I have a three day weekend!! Yay!

The Emmy nomination ballots are being prepared, and since the shows that I love rarely get nominated, I thought it would be fun to give them some love. Because I'm feeling unoriginal, I'm blatantly stealing the categories from TV Gal's Nominations for the 2006 Amy Awards (I love her awards because the categories, nominations and winners are all decided by the readers of her column). WARNING: Spoilers for Veronica Mars season 2 for numbers 1 & 5 and for Everwood and Smallville behind the cut Here's my take on the TV Gal awards categories: )

I'm using my Hannah/Bright Everwood icon because I love those characters and miss the show lots and lots.

So, as mentioned above, this weekend is Pride here in Toronto (actually all week is Pride week) which means I may not be around too much. Or it means I'll be around lots because I'll be overwhelmed by the crowds and commercialism. I'm planning a low-key Pride but these things always grow. So HAPPY PRIDE!!!!
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Tonight I have thoughts about the Smallville season finale and fanfic recs!!!

Smallville 'Vessel' 5:22 )

Fanfic recs!! )
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So it’s been a crazy week in which I worked too much (because of all the slacking I’d done previously), and didn’t get enough sleep because I still tried to do everything I normally do after work.

Now I’m looking at the “notes” I made while watching various tv shows and shaking my head at how unhelpful they are. For example, here’s something I wrote about this about this week’s Gilmore Girls episode: “Come what may. (Moulin Rouge)” Um, what? I think someone may have said that line and I was noting that it’s the title of that song in Moulin Rouge, but I can’t recall the context.

Anyway, here are my thoughts about my tv shows:

Gilmore Girls ‘Driving Miss Gilmore’ 6:21 )

Veronica Mars ‘Happy Go Lucky’ 2:21 )

Scrubs ‘My Fallen Idol’ 5:21 )

The Amazing Race ‘Man, They Should Have Used Their Fake Names’ )

Smallville ‘Oracle’ 5:21 )

Supernatural ‘Devil’s Trap’ 1:22 )

I did see Mission: Impossible III with a couple of friends and it was a fun time. Not really spoilers but there’s a bit of rambling about MI-III and about book references. )

Before I finish this rambly post, I wanted to give people a heads up that I’m planning another music post for this weekend. They’ll be more Arcade Fire and another band/musician (*is mysterious*). I thought I’d see if anyone had any other requests. I love sharing things that make me happy so if there’s something you want to hear more of, let me know!! *g*
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I’m mostly caught up on this week’s television watching, except for tonight’s shows. The highlight of this week is definitely Scrubs. The episode reminded me why I fell in love with the show in the first place, but I will continue the gushing safely behind a spoiler tag

Scrubs ‘My Lunch’ 5:20 )

Since I gushed about the incredible awesomeness of Scrubs, I’m only saying a couple of sentences about the other shows. Seriously, I’m actually succinct.

24 ‘1am-2am’ 5:19 )

How I Met Your Mother ‘Mary the Paralegal’ 1:19 )

Gilmore Girls ‘Super Cool Party People’ 6:20 )

Veronica Mars ‘Look Who’s Stalking’ 2:20 )

Smallville ‘Mercy’ 5:19 )

Even though this post is ridiculously long (thanks a lot Scrubs!), I wanted to draw your attention to my new default icon! Thanks to [ profile] femmenerd, who directed me to [ profile] book_icons, I now have a bunch of Anne of Green Gables and L.M. Montgomery icons (including an Anne/Diana one!). This one is from the cover of the first edition of Pat of Silver Bush (1933). I actually own this book (as well as many other old editions of LMM’s work) and I love the cover art, even though it doesn’t really fit the book.

ETA: There are Veronica Mars season two spoilers in the comments up to episode 2:20 (Look Who's Stalking). There's also some really damn good speculation by [ profile] ladyinhottpink about the answers to the major mysteries.
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Not only were four of my television shows on last night, but I also had three of my friends over to watch Veronica Mars. At one point, my friend told us that a friend of hers had informed her that Christian Kane had bragged about being with Paris Hilton. After the shuddering, one of my friends (who reminds me of Brennan on Bones) said that she'd heard of Paris Hilton but didn't think she'd ever seen her.

Another friend responded: It’s like cockroaches, you know if you've seen one because they make you all shuddery and icked out. You've probably seen Paris Hilton and she's made you feel like that.

This is one of my favourite similes ever, Paris Hilton is like a cockroach.

Veronica Mars ‘Plan B’ 2:17, or My happy inner fangirl )

Bones ‘The Man with the Bone’ 1:18, Pirates!!! )

Six degrees of Joss on last night's Bones:

Rodney Rowland who plays Dane McGinnis on Bones is the very scary Liam Fitzpatrick on Veronica Mars (he was on VM last night too), was also Corbin Fries on Angel (“Conviction” 5:1).

Fredric Lehne who plays Giles Hardewicke on Bones was Ranse Burgess on Firefly (“Heart of Gold”). He also is Marshal Edward Mars on Lost.

David Wells who plays Harley Frankel on Bones was the Cheese Man on Buffy (“Restless” 4:22)!!

Lost ‘Dave’ 2:18, It’s all about Hurley )

The Amazing Race 9 ‘Sleep Deprivation is Really Starting to Irritate Me’ 9:6 )

Smallville 'Void' 5:17, They taunted us with no James Marsters )

I finally caught up on my lost sleep caused by evil Daylight Savings, because I accidentally slept until 3:30pm (I was up really late, vampire hours late). Fortunately I had enough time to enjoy the beautiful spring-like day and walk to work!!
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I just saw this on Citytv's CablePulse news: A man was killed in an explosion in a Toronto Tim Hortons. It happened around 1pm at the Tim Hortons on Yonge Street just north of Bloor. For those who don't know, Tim Hortons is THE Canadian coffee shop. Most coffee drinkers love Tim Hortons more than Starbucks or any other brand. I was just in one yesterday with my aunt who was getting some coffee beans to bring to my cousin who's living in India (yes, he asked her to bring him some "Timmies" even though there's lots of coffee in India). ETA: Another Tim Hortons was evacuated because of a suspicious package! The Tim Hortons that was evacuated is right near my house!!!! I actually walked by the emergency task force unit which was speeding up to the Tim Hortons, which I'd JUST passed 10 minutes earlier. Ahh! Seriously though, I suspect the second incident happened because of fears from the first incident. It's just so weird, who would want to bomb a Tim Hortons? I thought everyone loves Tim Hortons?!

Moving on to happier news, I attended my friend's professional singing debut last night. She was marvelous! It was a production of the St. Matthew Passion by J.S. Bach, and she was the soprano soloist. She looked gorgeous in a total diva dress, and sang beautifully. When she finished her first aria I realized that I was completely tense because I was so nervous for her. By her second aria I was much more relaxed because she was performing perfectly. I'm so very proud of her!!

It was a Cellar Singers production in Orilla (an hour north of Toronto), and I was able to attend because of my aunt. By total chance my aunt and I made the connection that the choir her best friend performs in, is the same one that my best friend has also performed in over the years and would be making her professional debut with. My aunt bought me the ticket for a Christmas gift and she drove us up. It was nice to see my aunt again (who I don't see that often). We did have a funny moment when she was telling me about some wallpaper she'd had in her house and she described it as "flocked". Immediately my brain thought "Her wallpaper was friend locked? Wait, that doesn't make sense!" It turns out "flocked" can also mean textured wallpaper. hee! I didn't tell her about my initial confusion.

We had some nice reminiscence about my grandma (my aunt is technically my grandma's daughter-in-law but they were very close). My aunt was observing how upset my grandma would be by Stephen Harper, particularly because of his anti-gay marriage stance. It was neat to discover that my aunt is also supportive of same-sex marriage and dislikes Stephen Harper (for many reasons). Her perspective is that all Canadians should be equal which means that everyone should be able to marry. Yay for my aunt! She was also reminding me of how she, my grandma and I marched together in the Metro Days of Action against the many troubling right wing policies of Mike Harris' Conservative government.

Besides my adventures north of the city, I've also been playing some television catch-up, so here's some brief thoughts on some shows:

Smallville 'Hypnotic' 5:16, aka Lots & lots of James Marsters! )

Supernatural 'Hell House' 1:17 or What would Buffy do? )

Conviction: Why it's failing as a show. I also reference Numb3rs but there's no real spoilers for either. )

I hope everyone is having an excellent Sunday, and that the loss of an hour wasn't too disruptive.
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We actually celebrated International Women's Day at my work today (usually it's just another day). All the women were given cards with pears on them (I guess that pears symbolize womanhood?). We got to leave work for an hour, have warm beverages and PIE (I totally thought of [ profile] entrenous88 when I had the pecan pie).

The first part was all very proper as we sipped our hot chocolate, ate pie and chatted - I noted that we were having the kind of celebration that L.M. Montgomery (aka author of Anne of Green Gables) would have participated in. Sadly, that comment only entertained me. However it did spark life into the group and we talked about everything from our breasts, online dating, the anti-abortion law in South Dakota, the age of consent laws in Canada, our first experiences in feminist groups and horrible IDW dances we've attended. It was actually a very fun time, and it felt like an appropriate way to mark IWD.

I haven't seen any of my tv shows since Monday because all I've been doing is working (stressful) and sleeping (because I'm still feeling ucky). But I do have tv news!

1. Season 3 of BSG won't air until October 2006. WHAT?! We'll have to wait ...*counts*...SEVEN months for the new season. Seven?! Seven months?!! Recounts. Damn, it's still seven months. You just know there's going to be a BIG cliffhanger and then the wait will be excruciating. Also, this doesn't seem like an effective way to retain viewers; peeople don't like to wait.

2. This is the last season of Charmed. I feel weirdly sad about the show ending, despite being amazed that such a crappy show has been on the air so long. Of course I'll inexplicably continue to watch it to the very end.

3. The Amazing Race and How I Met Your Mother both renewed for next season. Here's hoping that next year's The Amazing Race will NOT be the Family Edition. I adore How I Met Your Mother so I'm very happy about this. Also, yay for more Alyson Hannigan on tv!!

4. Speaking of How I Met Your Mother Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof will BOTH guest star on the season finale of the show. Alyson Hannigan, Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof all on the same show, this may top the Alyson Hannigan and Charisma Carpenter reunion on Veronica Mars!

5. James Marsters' next guest starring appearance on Smallville will be Thursday, March 30th at 8pm on the WB. That's also the night when the next new episode of Supernatural airs at its new time at 9pm on Thursday.

In honour of IDW, I leave you with this tidbit I learned from my beloved grandma who passed away in October: celery tastes amazing when it has been soaking in water. She also always used to say "let's play it by ear" which can be very useful to remember.
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Despite the insane weather, which a meteorologist described as the result of "a war between cold and warm fronts", I'm rushing off to go out with some friends. I really want to recap my week of television watching, so I've limited myself to writing one non-spoilery sentence about each show that I watched.

Battlestar Galactica - Sacrifice (2.16)

It made me cry and there was angst - especially Kara angst - so all good in my books.

Gilmore Girls - A Vineyard Valentine (6.15)

I will not be won over and like Logan no matter how much the show tries to make the viewers like him!!

Supernatural - The Benders (1.15)

Oh Dean, you're the best brother ever, and did I mention sooo damn sexy?!!

24 - 2pm-3pm (5.8)

Jack Bauer once again proves that only he is capable of going undercover, thwarting terrorists, disobeying direct orders and - as an added bonus - being adorable with small children!

The Daily Show

Best joke the Daily Show staff didn't have to write: The vice president accidentally shot a 78 year old man in the face.

I'm still a couple of weeks behind on Lost, Bones, Smallville, and the Office. I must get caught up while the Olympics are on and Veronica Mars is in reruns. My friend E called me last night after she watched Smallville and told me that Clark is a bastard. When I worried that he was being mean to Lex, she reassured me that they'd had a nice romantic dinner with candles and Clark was very sweet to Lex. Now, I suspect that she MIGHT be joking, but I'm enjoying her version for now.

Now off to dinner and Capote!!!
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I also love this exchange from the BtVS episode "Goodbye Iowa" which I quoted above:

Anya: And after everything you've been through with Angel. You really should get yourself a boring boyfriend. Like Xander. You can't have Xander!

Buffy: That was the idea. Riley was supposed to be Mr. Joe Guy. We were going to do dumb things like hold hands through the daises going tra-la-la.

Willow: Poor Buffy. Your life resists all things average.

Anya: So dump him. But you can't have Xander!

Now that I’ve had time to mull over Veronica Mars “Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle” (2:12) I actually have lots of random thoughts on the episode!! Spoilers for VM 2:12 )

One of my friends has a thought-provoking and comprenshive post in her blog about Canada’s new Prime Minister, Stephen Harper: so is Stephen Harper a Theocon?. If you’re concerned about Canada’s future and want to know more about Stephen Harper, it’s a must read.

In tv-related serious news, it does sound like Everwood’s fate is uncertain according Ask Ausiello at TV Guide. I’m going to write to Dawn Ostroff, the current UPN President and future Entertainment President of the CW on Everwood’s behalf:

Dawn Ostroff
11800 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Let’s hope this goes better than my letters about My So-Called Life and Angel. On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t write.

I also bring you more news about James Marsters on Smallville. Ask Ausiello reports:

”He'll [James Marsters] return in Episode 16, which will be our first episode back in April," reveals Al Gough in an interview I cribbed from my colleague, Matt Webb Mitovich. "And he will then appear in, I believe, two more episodes after that, leading up to the season finale."

It also sounds like Spike James Marsters will appear in the season finale!!
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Instead of watching George W. Bush's State of the Nation address on Tuesday night, like most Americans I watched Gilmore Girls and Supernatural. (The WB was 2nd in adults 18-49 behind Fox in ratings). To be honest, I was actually at work during the State of the Nation address and only had time to watch Gilmore Girls when I got home BUT I PVRed Supernatural and will watch it when I have time during the day (because I'm wimpy and SPN scares me).

I did watch Jon Stewart - who's been sick, poor Jon Stewart - and got my favourite quote from Bush's speech:

"America is addicted to oil."

I then watched The Colbert Report and was delighted to see David Cross (aka Tobias on Arrested Development) as "Russ Lieber"!! According to Maureen Ryan on the Chicago Tribute blog, Colbert has a feud with Lieber. This makes me wish I had more time to watch The Colbert Report more frequently.

I also have some TV news of note in my world:

- The final 4 episodes of Arrested Development will air on Friday, February 10th 8pm-10pm on Fox. Yes, that is the same time as the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Yes, Fox should announced that it will be cancelling Arrested Development any day now. I'm hoping what I've read is true, and that Showtime will pick up this fabulous show!!

- This news makes me very happy: James Marsters will return to Smallville sometime in the spring in an episode called 'Hypnotic.' He will guest star in more than this one episode.

- The WB shifts its shows around: In March Everwood moves to Monday nights at 9pm (its old time slot) and Supernatural moves to Thursdays at 9pm. Now this actually makes some sense: Smallville and Supernatural are the perfect pairing. However, Everwood shouldn't be paired with 7th Heaven because ... well it seems silly to explain that 7th Heaven is a completely crappy show (everyone knows that) whereas Everwood is one of the best shows on tv.

Speaking of Everwood, I've been irrationally worrying that it will be sacrificed when the WB and UPN become The CW. TV Gal also expresses concern for Everwood's future making me feel less silly.

Hmm. Even though it's a few hours after Veronica Mars "Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle" (2.12), I don't have much to say about it. (Don't worry no spoilers.) I enjoyed it at the time, but I've noticed that I can't think of anything to post about VM episodes recently. Maybe because my writing partner and I are working on a VM spec script, I don't have any more energy to think about the show.
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One hundred is a really important number in television. Sure it means your show can now be sold into syndication, but it means more than that. If you've actually managed to produce and air 100 episodes, that's a huge accomplishment. Most tv shows are never even produced, and few make it past a season or two (some don't even make it past one or two episodes). If you've reached your 100th episode it means that you've had an audience for 5 years, and good enough ratings to continually be renewed.

By some marvelous miracle both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel got to celebrate the 100th episode mark. Buffy went on to two more seasons, whereas Angel ended it's run (stupid almost defunct WB) ten episodes later. Last year was Gilmore Girls' 100th. In the last couple of weeks, Smallville, Reba and Scrubs all aired their 100th episodes.

I've noticed that 100th episodes tend to fall into a few categories (which I've just made up now!):
1. The big dramatic OMG did you notice this is our 100th episode, 2. The just another episode, and 3. We've done something special for 100 but are still keeping true to the premise of our show.

And, guess which category Smallville is in? If you guessed 1. The big dramatic OMG did you notice this is our 100th episode you're absolutely correct. I know! I'm surprised too, Smallville is normally so subtle. hee

Smallville's 100th episode ("Reckoning") almost made it in the other two categories because it has all the features of a regular Smallville episode except that they're super-sized AND there's a major character death. It has the usual bad and obviously telegraphing plot, dodgy acting by Kristin Kreuk (Lana), lousy dialogue and extremely over-earnest Kents. So what made this episode special? Because they actually killed a character!!! For five freaking years characters have almost died so many times that death has stopped meaning anything on Smallville. Actually having someone die is a big deal for this show. Of course, Smallville figured that the audience wouldn't get the significance of this, so they had a long funeral scene with no dialogue just music (it was like all those final montage moments of Smallville episodes, only this time it lasted for basically the final act).

See the thing about Smallville is that it's kind of a bad show, but once you realize that it's so much fun to watch. There's superhero angst and dorkiness, Clark/Lex homoerotic subtext and the cool and sexy cousins - Chloe and Lois. I've also enjoyed watching Tom Welling (Clark) develop more than two facial expressions. I think he's up to about four or five now!!

Oh, and did I mention that I sobbed during the funeral scene, while simultaneously noting cynically in my head that my emotions were being manipulated?

Reba's 100th episode was totally 2. The just another episode. In "Parenting with Puppets", Reba and Barbara Jean disagree on Barbara Jean's parenting technique. (Are we sure they're not the married couple on the show? I'm just saying). Meanwhile Brock and Van go to a spa on their "guy's day" and get mistaken for a gay couple. (See there's queerness everywhere on this show!)

Reba's done some "very special episodes" before (eg. helping Katrina victims), but this episode returns to what makes Reba a great show: dealing with the everyday issues of being a parent and part of an unconventional family. Ultimately Reba and Barbara Jean bond over how difficult it is to be a parent when you have to be "mean" and discipline your kid. Brock and Van's storyline actually becomes about parenting and how important it is that kids have parents who love them regardless of sexual orientation. Bonus points to the show for focusing on the four strongest characters (and actors), and downplaying Cheyenne, Kyra (is she still on the show?) and Jake.

And what would a [ profile] cordelianne discussion about Reba be without lesbian subtext? In this episode Reba spanks Barbara Jean. TWICE!! I don't need to watch The L Word, I can get lesbian action on the WB's family-friendly Reba, thank you very much!!

Scrubs definitely falls in the final category: 3. We've done something special for 100 but are still keeping true to the premise of our show. "My Way Home" is a funny and beautiful Scrubs-esque homage to The Wizard of Oz. The episode could have been gimmicky or too derivative of the movie but instead it felt like any other Scrubs episode, but one that referenced The Wizard of Oz in a fun and loving way.

The episode had all the things that make me love Scrubs:
- J.D.'s straight man girlyness Living with Elliot was certainly different: every inch of her apartment was filled with girly stuff. There were lavender scented candles, pink robes, bath salts.. IT.. WAS.. AWESOME! [J.D. has a pink towel on his head in this scene.]
- Over-the-top funny surreal moments, such as J.D. driving his scooter into a huge water trench, and Jordan (aka "Wicked Witch of the East Wing") melting in her office.
- Music numbers, eg. Laverne's church choir singing "Payback's a Bitch", and Ted's barbershop quartet singing "Maniac" during the montage of Elliott faking being really knowledgeable (I also love Elliott's neuroses!!).

Of course I loved all the Wizard of Oz stuff: J.D.'s red shoes and being called Dorothy, the yellow brick road, Dr. Cox saying "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain", Ted's a cappella group does an instrumental version of "We're Off To See the Wizard," and so much more!!!

So it was a typical awesomely funny Scrubs episode with a little extra goodness.

In case you're wondering how I'd categorize the 100th episodes for Angel, Buffy and Gilmore Girls:

1. The big dramatic OMG did you notice this is our 100th episode - Angel. Cordelia comes back, Lindsey's there, and they fight because of some thing (?) in the basement. Not a good plot (did they ask Smallville for advice?) but we're not supposed to care because Cordelia and Lindsey - who were both in the first episode - are back. Also, Cordy and Angel finally kiss, right before we find out she's dead. Oh god, I'm feeling teary. It's so sad. Poor Angel, poor Cordy.

Okay, so it's actually a pretty good episode (because I now just ignore the plot) and Angel's so much better than Smallville, but it really feels like it's more about "yay 100" than "here's a well-written and heart-wrenching episode". It's like the producers were trying to please fans - and most fans LOVE this episode - so worried more about what fans would like than about a good plot and story. Sure the Cordy is dead thing is REALLY sad - and makes me sob - but the episode is more about spectacle than content. For better episodes to represent the show that season watch "Soul Purpose", "A Hole in the World", "Shells," "Smile Time", and "Not Fade Away".

2. The just another episode - Gilmore Girls. Sure there was a wedding and relationship issues (between Lorelei and her mother, and Lorelei and Luke), but it still could have been any other really good Gilmore Girl's episode. So basically it kicked ass!!

3. We've done something special for 100 but are still keeping true to the premise of our show - Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In "The Gift" we return to the premise of the show, that this girl with a big heart is forced to make horrible decisions to save the world. She's lucky because she's surrounded by awesome allies and friends, but ultimately she alone makes the tough decisions. Definitely one of the best Buffy episodes ever, as well as one of the best hours of tv ever.

Here's hoping that Veronica Mars, Battlestar Galactica, Everwood, My Name is Earl, and the Office also all make it to 100. I'd have included Arrested Development on that list but - at this point - I'm just praying it'll get picked up by Showtime. Let's hope that the next heart-wrenching television moment I experience is during the 100th episode of one of my favourite shows and not because of Arrested Development's demise.
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I’ve haven’t watched all my weekly tv shows yet, but so far it’s been a very entertaining and good week for tv!!

The Golden Globes

I don’t think I ever want to watch another award show live again. I watched the Golden Globes on Tuesday night and fast-forwarded through commercials, blah speeches and the boring miniseries section.

Favourite moments:
- Hugh Laurie and Steve Carrel’s hilarious acceptance speeches for best actor in a tv drama and comedy respectively. It was also awesome when Lost won later (for best tv drama) and they also thanked Steve Carrel’s wife.
- Joaquin Phoenix winning for best actor in a comedy or musical, and then revealing that he’d bet against himself! Could I love him even more than I already do?!!
- Brokeback Mountain winning (and deserving) lots of awards.
- Ang Lee calling Clint Eastwood “the man” – so adorable!!

The boring parts:
- I don’t remember because I fast-forwarded through them!

Skating with Celebrities

Totally fun fluff, although I was disappointed that no “celebrities” got hurt during the episode. (I know, I’m evil.) It was funny to hear Kristy Swanson described as a “movie star”, hee! Also I loved when Lloyd Eisler (Canadian Figure Skating champion) who undeservedly lost multiple times said: “You all know that I don’t like judges.”


Good job Smallville writers for going at least 4 episodes without a kryonite enhanced villain. Also, I’m impressed that the episode wasn’t a complete Panic Room rip off. I’m less impressed that Lana continues to live.

Did anyone else notice that when Lex was trying to tell Lana he loved her, that he was distracted by thoughts about Clark? I was giggling when he started rambling about how nice Clark’s hair is. The Clark/Lex relationship is practically canon on Smallville now.

So next week is the big character death (for the 100th episode). I just hope it’s not Clark’s dog, in typical Smallville “we always back down from doing anything daring” fashion. From what I’ve heard it actually will be one of the characters in the main credits that will die, although I don’t know who it will be. Fingers crossed that it’s Lana, although my friend’s prediction (based on comic book canon) is that it’ll be Jonathan Kent.

My Name is Earl

This is definitely one of my favourite Earl episodes so far!!

Favourite moments:
- Earl calling Kenny his “homosexual friend” (it sounds very endearing the way Earl says it).
- Earl putting the picture of him, Joy, Darnell and the kids at Joy & Darnell’s wedding on his desk.
- The “old gang” doing the slo-mo type power walk to the office.
- Randy in a boardroom talking and pointing to a pie chart (with his 4 empty beer cans on the ground).
- Joy not telling Darnell and the kids about the toe because she was worried their reactions wouldn’t be real enough. Joy’s completely fake horror.
- Darnell’s continued horror when they’re getting the cheque for the toe incident.

The Office

Despite the high cringe factor, this show has wormed it’s way into my heart. Oh Michael, you are the worst secret keeper ever! I am so rooting for Jim and Pam; they may be my favourite couple on tv right now. They’re so adorable. I loved Dwight in surveillance mode and his complete obliviousness to Oscar’s gayness.


Such big spoilers that I’m using a spoiler cut!! )

Battlestar Galatica 2.12

More huge huge spoilers for everything up to episode 2.12!!! )
What I love best about BSG is that it always explores the complexities of a situation and never portrays anything as all good or all evil. It reminds me of Everwood in the way it can maneuver the viewer through a variety of perspectives all of which could potentially be “right”. I’m so glad that I didn’t discover BSG until 2006 because otherwise my Best TV Shows of 2005 list would have expanded to 12 shows, since BSG is definitely one of the best shows on tv right now.

I have so much love for my tv shows right now!!!
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I had this very stressful and busy week, which meant that I didn't watch any of my tv until the weekend (this produced a VERY cranky and anti-social cordelianne). I thought it would be a fun experiment to see if I could keep my reactions about shows to a couple of lines each.

Sunday January 8

The Simpsons – It's funny again!!

Family Guy – Hee. Sychronized swimming and lesbians!

American Dad – I giggled and giggled during the climactic sequence (monkeys!), and I also loved Roger imagining he was in a sitcom (I never do that!).

Charmed – Probably the most original Charmed episode ever ... in a bizarro world where no one realizes this was just a cheap rip-off of a dumb summer movie starring Brangelina.

Grey’s Anatomy – You thought this would be a new episode? Ah ha ha. Welcome to the hell of yet another ABC “recap” episode (I did not watch).

Monday January 9

The Critics Choice Awards – Yay! I’m very happy about the love for Brokeback Mountain!! In other reactions, Dennis Miller as host bored me. Also, I’m beginning to think that Dakota Fanning is a robot; she gives better acceptance speeches than most adults. Maybe Tom Cruise, who – incidentally - she praised in her speech, hypnotized her.

How I Met Your Mother – I LOVE this show! It perfectly captures what it’s like to be single in your late 20s.

Out of Practice – Fun sitcom.

House x 2 - Hmm, both House reruns starred actresses who’ve been on previous seasons of 24. Could Fox be getting us ready for 24’s return?

Tuesday January 10

Gilmore Girls – This season keeps getting better and better! I was highly amused by Rory’s breakdown – the kleenexs!! Also, Lorelei looked so happy & beautiful in her wedding dress – please don’t break our hearts Amy Sherman-Palladino (aka show creator/show runner)!!!

Supernatural – Plot? Who cares about the plot? I love the Winchester brothers and their angst!! I think they’re my favourite brothers on tv. Also, this show is still scaring me at least once an episode

House – I think my favourite moment of the episode was House taking the ball away from the kid. In terms of the romantic stuff, I think it’s going to end badly (Wow! What a shocking prediction!! Maybe I should become a psychic. Ha.)

Scrubs x 2 – These episodes were even better than last week’s. I LOVED the triathlon one and how slow J.D. was, and that Elliot kept catching up and carried him in the end. Also how great was the whole kung fu sequence?!

People’s Choice Awards – After watching this I had to reassure myself that I am indeed a person (I even reminded myself of the Heritage Moment about the Persons Case which proved women are people) because “the people” and I don’t agree on much. Star Wars as best movie?! shudder.

Wednesday January 11

Lost – Watch out Charlie! Now everyone likes Sawyer and no one likes you. Also, we got Eko’s back story which was pretty interesting, and sad.

Thursday January 12

Smallville – sigh. I want James Marsters to return. On the bright side, the villain wasn’t affected by Kryptonite in any way, she was just crazy (fortunately they’ve never had any crazy girls on the show before! Ha, see above re: bizarro world).

Four Kings – Why? Seth Green, why? I only watch this for you, and it’s painful, fingernails on a chalkboard painful.

My Name is Earl – Earl working in fast food! It reminded me of the Buffy “Doublemeat Palace” (6:12) episode (that's a good and funny thing in my book). Oh, I loved the hairnet over Earl’s moustache. hee!

The Office – This show is kicking my ass. I’ve now seen some of the British version and am even more impressed with the American version because it has really become it’s own excellent show. I loved that Michael BURNED HIS FOOT ON A GRILL!! Also, Dwight with concussion was adorable!

Crumbs – I didn’t love it, but it has some potential. It’s fun to see Fred Savage and Jane Curtin again!

Beauty and the Geek – I miss Everwood! Even amusing pop culture questions like “Which of these Jennifers was Ben Affleck not engaged to? (There were pictures of J.Lo, Garner and Aniston), and “Who is the father of Britney Spear’s baby?” could not appease my sadness about the loss of Everwood until March!

Friday January 13

Living with Fran – Fluffy fun.

Reba – Not the best Reba this season, but it was fun to see Reba and Brock get along.

Twins – More fluff.

Numb3rs – Wait, did I say the Winchesters are my favourite brothers? I’d forgotten about the adorable Epps boys. I think the casino in this episode was the one where Gunn and Angel almost lost their souls in Angel “Double or Nothing” (3:18).

The Book of Daniel – This show is a lesser version of Desperate Housewives, Joan of Arcadia and Six Feet Under (I'm not even into Desperate or Six Feet Under). Even the scene when Daniel thinks the 2 mob guys are a gay couple wasn’t as funny as it could be. Just another fluffy Friday night show, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll stick it out.

I've also FINALLY been watching last season of 24 (season 4) to get ready for season 5. Wow! Season 4 is an awesome season - definitely better than seasons 2 or 3. Air Force One gets shot down (see what happens when Harrison Ford isn't President?), there's a nuclear meltdown, torture and all the best characters return (yay President Palmer!!). Chloe kicks ass, or more precisely kills a terrorist. Michelle and Tony reconcile!! Jack experiences lots of angst and people continually doubting his abilities (why would anyone do this?). I just need to watch the 2 hour finale, but I'm already psyched for season 5!!!

Whew! I think I'm experiencing tv overload. Hopefully this week won't be so annoying and I'll be able to actually watch some of my shows!

You're ruining my happy day. (btvs 4:9)

  • Nov. 21st, 2005 at 8:04 PM
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I think that the shortened hours of daylight are getting to me because I have my usual November blahs. I just don't feel like my usual chipper self. So to remind myself of the good things in life, I've made a list of everything that is making me happy right now:

1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I saw the movie on opening night with some friends and had a super fun time!! It's a great adaptation of the book because it retains the significant aspects of the story while moving along at a fast and engaging pace. As well as exciting and scary sequences, there's also some really funny awkward puberty and dating stuff which made me laugh and laugh. Lots and lots of fun! I'm hoping to see it again very soon!

Spoilery comment )

2. Veronica Mars

I'm still loving Veronica Mars!! Although last week's episode was disturbing, it was still an excellent hour of television. The great thing about that show is that I'm excited for each new episode regardless of who's guest starring - excellent guest stars are a bonus.

Spoilers for VM 2:6 & 2:7, casting spoilers for 2:9 )

3. Buffy night with friends

A few friends and I are going to get together to watch our favourite fun Buffy episodes. This is definitely something that's making me very happy right now. We're all suggesting 5 episodes and we'll pick the most popular ones, here's my choices:

"Something Blue" (4:9) - This is just wacky fun. It's entertaining to watch Buffy and Spike be so mushy, especially because when they actually do get together they're never like this.

"The Replacement" (5:3) - I love Xander so much in this episode, its so awesome to watch him realize that he's growing up. There's also lots of fun and silliness: the Snoopy dance, "It's a robot. It's an evil robot constructed from evil parts", "She entirely wants to have sex with us together. Which is ... *wrong*, and, and it would be very confusing," "Kill us both Spock", and "Yes, he's clearly a bad influence on himself."

"Life Serial" (6:5) - This is a geektastic episode in which the Geek Trio are very very funny ("To Final Jeopardy. ...Where Buffy's the one in jeopardy." and "Timothy Dalton should get an Oscar and beat Sean Connery over the head with it!"). I also enjoy Buffy in this one - she's very funny in the time loop sequence and when she's drunk. As well, this episode has Kitten Poker!!!

"Selfless" (7:5) - Sure there's some sad stuff in this episode but the fabulousness of the Anya flashbacks balance that out. This also has one of my all-time favourite Buffy quotes: "Oh, breathtaking. It's like somebody slaughtered an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog."

"Storyteller" (7:16) - "Join me on a new voyage of the mind. A little tale I like to call: Buffy, Slayer of the Vampyrs." sigh, I find Andrew so entertaining! I love all of Andrew's different versions on events and of course, another favourite quote: "In my plan, we are beltless."

I also wanted to include "Fool for Love" and "Intervention" on the list but wanted to actually keep my list to 5. I didn't include "Once More with Feeling," "Hush," "Halloween" and "Dopplegangland" because I've watched those episodes multiple times with friends already, I was trying for some episodes we don't always watch.

4. Doctor Who

I'm very excited about the Christmas special ("The Christmas Invasion")! I just checked online and it looks like CBC will be airing it on Boxing Day (December 26th). Also there's a special mini adventure online (written by Russell T. Davies and starring David Tennant and Billie Piper) which picks up exactly where the season finale ended. It reminded me of how much I love the new Doctor Who!!!

5. My Name is Earl

I'm just adoring this show! It's definitely one of my new favourite shows. It has a great premise (Earl discovering the concept of Karma and now trying to make amends for all the bad things he's done) that has resulted in interesting and funny episodes (eg. trying to make up for faking his own death to break-up with a girl, or kidnapping a woman to help her quit smoking).

I love all the characters (especially Randy!) and their relationships which aren't the types of relationships normally portrayed on tv (ie. Earl and his ex-wife's husband get along really well). It's definitely my #1 pick for viewing on Tuesdays at 9pm (it even beats the enjoyable and excellent House).

6. James Marsters on Smallville

I'm really enjoying getting to see James Marsters on tv again. Even though Smallville isn't the best written show, James Marsters always makes the most of his scenes. I'm looking forward to seeing him on more episodes in the new year.

7. How I Met Your Mother

Definitely my favourite new sitcom. It has sustained its funny from the pilot and it does over-the-top really well. I love the episode in which Lilly and Marshall discover a "cockamouse" (a cross between a cockroach and a mouse) in their apartment. Last week's episode was really awesome because it had a duel - with swords - between Ted and Marshall over who would get their apartment! The best part? That the guys kept stopping their arguing to comment on how cool it was that they were dueling.

8. The WB

So my favourite network right now. They have some of the best shows on tv: Gilmore Girls, Everwood and Reba. I also get to enjoy mindless fun viewing with Charmed, Related and Smallville. Also, there is still the possibility that the WB will air the Spike tv movie (it's sounding promising that it'll be made but there's been no official announcements yet).

9. Brokeback Mountain

I'm counting down the days till this movie premieres - 18 days (December 9th)!!! This is definitely my personal most anticipated movie of the year. It has so many things I love: Ang Lee (one of my favourite directors), cowboys, gay cowboys, angst and more angst, longing and repression, and pretty scenery.

Considering how blah I'm feeling, I'm impressed that I have such a comprehensive list of things that make me happy! I'm glad I have so much fun stuff to look forward to because it certainly helps on days like today when it's dark all day (because it's cloudy). Do you think it's too early to start counting down till Spring?
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My television can still surprise me. Now I'm not talking about shocking twists and surprise endings, because these devices rarely surprise me anymore (not that I don't enjoy a good twist). It's mostly random things that are catching me off guard right now.

Here's what's actually surprising me:

1. Lost isn't dead. I wasn't loving the 1st couple of episodes so it wasn't until Wednesday that I watched "Everybody Hates Hugo" and "...And Found". They may not have provided big answers, and there was still a music montage ending, but both episodes were good tv.

I enjoyed the glimpse into Hurley's slacker past. And of course, I loved the Sun and Jin meeting - so adorable! I also liked the fleeting glimpse of who I'm assuming are the Others.

2. There's a good chance of romance for Reba this year! I didn't expect to be so excited by the minister telling Barbara Jean that he likes Reba.

Also, bonus surprise points for casting Patrick Fabian as Reverend Parks because he's sexy, nice and interesting on Reba whereas he was jerky and mean on Joan of Arcadia as Gavin Price (the vice-principal).

3. The Amazing Race: Family Edition sucks. I figured it wouldn't be as good as previous seasons and was disappointed about the lack of diversity but I never expected it to be this bad and boring.

Having the teams go to a giant office chair and a gas station for clues seems more like a scavenger hunt organized by dorky parents instead of the Amazing Race. Oh yeah, and why are they STILL in the U.S.?!!

4. I'm laughing at sitcoms (note the plural use of the word sitcom!), instead of being confused when I hear a laugh track. Both How I Met Your Mother and Out of Practice consistently make me laugh out loud.

Neil Patrick Harris is always fabulously sleazy, Alyson Hannigan is cute and Jason Segel is very entertaining (especially the scene of him dancing). Out of Practice also has an excellent cast. Wait, you mean actors need to be able to deliver their lines, not just look pretty?!!

5. There's a lesbian on tv who looks like a real lesbian, and not a super femme straight woman. Obviously there are lots of femmy queer women but there's also lots of dykes who dress like Paula Marshall's character (Regina) on Out of Practice: funky jeans, a t-shirt with fun patterns layered over a long sleeved top. Very cute!

6. Smallville had a good pop culture reference!

Aquaman: “I don’t travel with an entourage.”

This is a reference to Entourage because on the show Vince is cast as Aquaman.

Of course, there's still stuff that doesn't surprise me:

1. Veronica Mars rocks! It's definitely my favourite show. I really enjoyed the last 2 episodes especially Charisma Carpenter's character's annoyance with Veronica (the hand gesture is excellent) and Logan's "Veronica Mars has accused me of evil.[Logan twirls an imaginary moustache.]" hee hee

2. Everwood continues to kick ass (not literally though). My heart ached when Ephram was tempted by the piano (I love that temptation comes in the form of a piano on this show). Everwood also delights me with excellent scenes containing unexpected pairings, eg. Hannah and Jake. Also I love weirdly obsessive Harold!

To the show runner: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for Rose’s cancer being gone!!!

3. Gilmore Girls has entertaining episodes - Sores and Boils Alley! - even when not much happens. One of the things that Gilmore Girls has excelled at it making small issues into good and fun tv.

4. James Marsters is an excellent actor. With much enjoyment I re-watched all of his scenes on Smallville. He just pours his whole self into a character, and it pays off. I don't like Milton Fine as much as Spike, but I'm very interested in the character and excited to see what his real plans for Clark are.

Also, the promo for next week's episode of Smallville has James Marsters say: "Clark, there's no such thing as vampires." ha!

5. I still love Buffy the Vampire Slayer!! I just saw parts of "The Replacement" and it made me so happy. I love how slobby!Xander and Anya hide behind suave!Xander when Toth attacks. Also, these lines always make me laugh:

Both Xanders: "Kill us both Spock."
Giles: "Yes, he's clearly a bad influence on himself." (I suspect that could also frequently apply to me!)

Here's some of my favourite quotes from tv recently:

Bright: “You’re like a social black hole. All light goes into you and dies.”
Ephram: “First of all, it’s not certain whether light is conscious so it can’t die ….” (Everwood 4:3) Love the geekiness!

Gary: “I hate her.”
Vince: “Then you may be sending mixed signals by making out with her.” (What I Like About You 4:4)

Lorelei: “Of course, the Norma Rae reference was only in my head and everyone was very confused.”
Michel: “Yes, it happens a lot with you.” (Gilmore 6:6) Sigh, I can totally relate to Lorelei.

Oh, good news, it looks like Alyson Hannigan will guest star in a November episode of VM (Charisma Carpenter will also guest star)!!
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I'm very excited by the large amount of Buffy/Angel alumni on my television screen these days. As cool as it is to see my beloved crew of Serenity on the big screen, it's even better to see my favourite actors in new episodes each week!

Here's who's on what:

Alyson Hannigan - How I Met Your Mother (CBS Mondays 8:30pm)

I've only seen the pilot and really enjoyed the show (although it is a sitcom - which I enjoy - so you may want to avoid it if sitcoms aren't your thing). I have the rest of the episodes on my PVR and am looking forward to watching them! How I Met Your Mother has been picked up for the full season, so good news on that front!

Also I hear that Alyson will be returning to guest star as Trina Echolls on Veronica Mars in February!! I've even heard talk that the brilliant Rob Thomas (the mastermind behind VM) is working to ensure that Alyson and Charisma Carpenter will share a scene together. How can I not love Rob Thomas when he has the best show on television and still has the time to make Buffyverse fans happy?!! Speaking of Charisma....

Charisma Carpenter - Veronica Mars (UPN Wednesdays 9pm)

I was excited that Charisma would be playing a rich trophy wife as Kendall Casablancas, the perfect role for her, and I have not been disappointed. It's great to see her sizzling up the screen as a sexy, self-assured, confident and bitchy woman again. She looks beautiful, especially with the longer hair, thank god she no longer has that awkward short cut from seasons 2-4 of Angel. She's also still good with the funny, as evidenced by her exchange with Veronica at the gym in last week's episode. She's already been in the first 3 episodes and will be in at least 6 more.

James Marster - Smallville (WB Thursdays 8pm)

I'm so excited about James Marsters' first significant guest spot on Smallville (he just had a brief yet tantalizing cameo in the season premiere), that I'm up-to-date on the show!! I've read that he'll be guest starring in at least 10 episodes. In an interview that I read, James Marsters commented that he wanted this role because his character (Professor Milton Fine/Brainiac) is very different to Spike: he smiles a lot and is smart (not that Spike was stupid, he's just not known for his smartness). I like that James Marsters wants to play someone that smiles a lot, that makes me very happy.

This Thursday, October 20th is the the episode that we're introduced to his character (oh yeah, and Aquaman)! I can't believe I'm this excited about a Smallville episode, I mean I can believe I'm excited about James, it's being excited about the show that's weird.

David Boreanaz - Bones (Fox Tuesdays 8pm)

It's so much fun to get to see David Boreanaz not brood and have some fun (even though he's investigating murders). I still get weirded out seeing him in the sun. I admit that I was disappointed when David didn't do a comedy - because I think he's excellent at comedy - but I really enjoy him as Booth.

I was pleased that Bones is picked up for the full season! The next new episode will air November 1st when baseball is over.

Amy Acker - Alias (ABC Thursdays 8pm, CTV Sundays 4pm)

I'd heard that Amy Acker would be on Alias last week as Kelly Peyton, so I excitedly checked out the episode to see if I'd heard correctly. I instantly recognized her voice when she infiltrated the place where they were doing stuff with dangerous weapons (sorry, I didn't pay that much attention to those details). It's great to see her again, and in a different role than the adorable Fred or the awesomely cool (I mean scary) Illyria. She did an excellent job at seeming nice and being Rachel Gibson's friend, and then being all evil and willing to kill Rachel.

There's this great article about Amy guest starring on Alias that says she's scheduled for 7 to 9 episodes! I got all giddy at this news because Amy rocks!

Nicholas Brendon - Kitchen Confidential (Fox Mondays 8:30pm)

I wish that someone would ask me to participate in the ratings system. If I did I'd be able to actually try and keep lots of cool shows on the air (My So-Called Life, Life as We Know It, Freaks and Geeks, Angel, Miss Match, Joan of Arcadia). So, anyone who actually affects the ratings: please, please, please watch Kitchen Confidential when it returns in November!!!

I find Nicholas Brendon so adorable and, sure, I don't think the role of Seth is exactly suited for him but he'll likely make the role his own given time. I'm willing to give Nicholas Brendon and Kitchen Confidential a chance because it's a fun and interesting show, so I hope that Fox and the viewers do too.

Christian Kane - Close to Home (CBS Tuesdays 10pm)

I've only the seen one episode, but I'll keep watching it just to see Christian Kane (Lindsey from Angel)!! Speaking of evil Wolfram and Hart lawyers....

Daniel Dae Kim - Lost (ABC Wednesdays 9pm)

I adore the fabulous Daniel Dae Kim (Gavin from Angel) as the very interesting Jin - I'm glad he's alive! - on Lost.

Anthony Stewart Head - Doctor Who (upcoming)

I've heard that Giles, cough, I mean Anthony Stewart Head will guest star in an episode of the 2nd season of my beloved and much missed Doctor Who!! Something to look forward to in the future.

Some of the Buffyverse actors - Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michelle Trachtenberg, Seth Green and Marc Blucus - are developing successful movie careers, so they're no longer interested in television. Just to clarify, by movie success I mean that these actors are getting film roles, sometimes the lead, and are making money from it - I'm not actually commenting on the questionable quality of many of the movies (First Daughter anyone?). Anyway, I decided to make a Wish List of the actors I'd like to see again on television and the shows I wish they'd guest star on:

Amber Benson on Everwood. Her earthiness is the perfect fit for the show, and she'd be great as a sweet and wise friend for Amy.

Emma Caulfield on Veronica Mars. I know I get a lot of Buffyverse actors on VM already, even Joss Whedon himself, but I think that she'd bring a great humour and toughness that'll work on the show. I'd love to see her as an employee at the police station who helps Veronica out because she also hates Sheriff Lamb.

Tom Lenk on Gilmore Girls or maybe Smallville. Tom Lenk would be the ideal quirky addition to the already quirk-filled Stars Hollow on GG. Perhaps he could be Miss Patty's new assistant? My suggestion of Smallville is basically for the fun of a reunion with him and James Marsters (it would be great if he got to hug James again), but it would also be amusing because Tom's played a geek wanting to around superheros and then he'd get to be on a show about a superhero.

Alexis Denisof on Arrested Development. I loved bumbling and dorky Wesley, and so did Alexis, so I just know he'll want to play that kind of role on Arrested Development. Perhaps he could be Bob Loblaw's clumsy assistant?

J.August Richards on Grey's Anatomy. I loved suave Gunn in that season 4 episode "Players" so I want to see J. August Richards in a romantic role. It would be fun to watch him to be all suave and sexy, confusing the romantic triangle of Meredith, Dr. McDreamy and Dr. McDreamy's estranged wife by becoming a love interest for Meredith.

Andy Hallett on Bones. He could be an old friend of Booth (David Boreanaz's character), so we could enjoy the fun dynamic between Andy and David again. For old times sake, he could facilitate Booth's romance with Brennan, although let's not have someone float up to heaven all glowy again (I'm not that nostalgic).

Mercedes McNab on Reba. I think that Mercedes is really funny so I want to see her on a comedy. She would be the perfect younger cousin/sister of Barbara Jean who comes to stay with Barbara Jean and Brock for a while.

Despite my wish list, I'm pretty happy about getting to see so many of my favourite tv actors on my television again! Of course what would make me the happiest is if there'd be official news confirming that the tv movie about Spike is getting made (I just hear unconfirmed positive rumours), that would make my year!!!
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Sure there's lot of CSI and CSI-clone shows on tv right now, but my love of television has been renewed! I've been watching more shows that I like recently, which has resulted in a less snarky Cordelianne. I had so much fun in my last entry organizing my thoughts around quotes from my recently viewed shows, that I thought I'd do it again. Also it gives me the opportunity to include my favourite quotes!

"These people are crazy." (re: The Weavers on The Amazing Race: Family Edition 8:3)

Hey! The Weavers are the most entertaining family on the show. I enjoy their over-the-top Christianity (ie. praying for God to help them with a clue) and their high levels of excitement. If more of the families were as "crazy" as them it might be a more entertaining season.

I'd also be more into the show if the teams actually left the damn country!! Three episodes and they're still in the U.S.?! It's hard to feel suspenseful about a mystery bus ride within the U.S., it just can't compare to mystery trips through beautiful scenery on the other side of the world. .... Opps I guess I lied, there's still some snark in me after all.

"Guy probably got attacked by the toxic mold that he found under the crack foundation that covers the portal to hell." (Reba 5:3)

I like to imagine that this is a reference to Buffy!! Sure my Buffy obsession may cause me to associate every portal to hell reference with the show, but even if it wasn't a reference it's still fun to imagine that it is!

However, Reba definitely had an excellent pop culture reference during some really funny interactions between Brock and Barbara Jean and the operator from their car's navigation system who's name is Hal (you know like the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey). I was very amused when Hal called Brock "Dave" and then locked him in the car. Good times, I love Reba!!

"Yours is the best gay show since Frasier." (re: Queer Eye on Living with Fran 2:3)

I just giggled over that comment because I enjoy it when other people - not just me - read queer subtexts into pop culture.

Speaking of gay subtext, check out the following quote from Smallville. Clark is very passionately saying this to Lex in between punches:

"I thought we could start over Lex. But you're too obsessed with the past, with me. I'm different now and I'm through playing games with you." (Smallville 5:2)

Did anyone else start wondering exactly what games they used to play? I know, I know, Clark is really upset about Lex spying on him in an attempt to uncover his secret but still ... it's hard to deny the subtext. Additionally, Lex and Clark have the most compelling and interesting relationship on the show - way more interesting than Clark and Lana (boring).

"What you're saying is now that you're human you have absolutely no useful skills." (Smallville 5:2)

hee hee, Chloe was so cool and lots of fun this episode - I just love that comment of hers to Clark. A friend of mine was complaining that it's not that interesting now that Clark has lost his powers. However, I enjoyed watching Clark learn to succeed like a regular non-super powered person. But I agree that the show won't be interesting in the long-term if he doesn't have powers. Fortunately - as I reassured my friend - Smallville doesn't have a good track record for maintaining story or characters arcs so Clark will get his powers back soon.

"I got beat up by a taco." (American Dad 1:10)

I love that line said by Roger (the alien), and think it would be perfect for a t-shirt.

"You know, yelling is sometimes a really loud way of saying I love you." (Kitchen Confidential 1:2)

I'm very entertained by this line, because it points out the romantic comedy cliche of a couple starting out by arguing and hating each other but eventually realizing they love each other. I must admit that I love this particular cliche if it's done correctly because I love snarky banter. What makes this line rock is that the 2 people arguing in this episode are 2 straight guy best friends.

I really hope that Kitchen Confidential doesn't get canceled. Just to clear things up, it has not been canceled, instead - like all the other Fox shows - it is in hiatus during the baseball playoffs. I'm hoping it'll get picked up because I want all the Buffy/Angel alumni to succeed (Alyson Hannigan's How I Met Your Mother and David Boreanaz's Bones have both been picked up for full seasons - YEA).

"There was lots of nice architecture and smokers." (Ephram on Europe, Everwood 4:2)

Yes, that does describe Europe perfectly!!

"It's called communication, it's what relationships are based on." (Everwood 4:2)

hee, I'd clarify that statement slightly "It's called communication, it's what good relationships are based on."

This season of Everwood is excellent (as per usual). In particular, I really like Bright and Hannah's burgeoning romance. It's neat to watch Bright learning how to be in a mature relationship that lasts more than 3 dates. Everwood is good at moving beyond cliches and creating 3-dimensional characters, such as Bright who've developed beyond dumb jock territory.

"I'm sorry Harold, am I late for my interrogation in a 1940s war movie?" (Everwood 4:2)

I just love that line so much I had to include it!!

I love watching good shows like Everwood, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Reba and Kitchen Confidential. They remind me of why I love television - sometimes it can be good for a relaxing half hour of laughing, and other times to examine the horrible and beautiful complexities of human interactions. Thank god there isn't just crime shows on television, although it can feel that way which is why I'm concluding with this amusing quote from Gilmore Girls (6:5):

Jackson: Did anyone see that new show on tv last night?
Lorelei: The one where they were solving crimes by cutting bodies open and poking their organs?
Jackson: No.
Sookie: The one where they're solving crimes from 30 years ago by going to graveyards and cutting open bodies and poking their organs?
Jackson: No.
Lorelei: The one where people are missing and then they find their bodies and cut them open and poke their organs, and that's how they solve the crimes?"
Jackson: No.
Lorelei: What else is on?
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As much as I'm enjoying the fabulous seasons of Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Everwood, Prison Break and Arrested Development the rest of this television season hasn't been spectacular (new and returning shows). However, I was delighted by the last new The Simpsons episode "Milhouse Of Sand And Fog" which transported me back to the earlier very fabulous seasons of the show. Inspired by the excellent and very quotable lines on The Simpsons, I thought it would be fun to write about the television shows I've been watching recently by using quotes from the shows.

"I have to do this for work." (The Simpsons 17:3)

If I wasn't watching shows for my own research I'd stop watching Charmed, The O.C., Reunion, Sex, Lies and Secrets, Invasion, and probably even the sadly declining Desperate Housewives.

"You are watching the O.C. on Fox. Coming up next crappy local news." (The Simpsons 17:3)

And if it's not crappy local news, it's the equally crappy Reunion. When I was watching the "1988" episode my cable cut out for a minute and it was the most entertaining part of the show. This is the kind of show that'll have a character say a threatening statement which doesn't make sense for the character to be saying but plays to the knowledge that the viewer has.

"Those tv writers are geniuses. Whatever they're paid, it's not enough." (The Simpsons 17:3)

Well they may not be true for Charmed but I'm really impressed by the writing on Grey's Anatomy, Threshold, House and The 4400. Although I love when The Simpsons and Family Guy draw attention to the writing with quotes like the one above, it's also nice to watch a show and forget about the writing because you're actually drawn into the story and characters.

"How can someone be so offensive and yet so charming all at the same time?" "It's an art form." (Grey's Anatomy 2:3)

This is my favourite questions about all the fun bad boys on television: There's of course Logan on Veronica Mars and Sawyer on Lost. And now Alex on Grey's Anatomy joins the ranks. I'm hoping that James Marsters as Brainiac on Smallville will soon be on the list. I'm also tempted to add House on House to my list, although the question to House would really be: "How can someone be so offensive and yet so damn fun to watch all at the same time?"

"We want to keep the use of magic to a minimum so the demons don't find out we're still alive." "Three chicks move in under the same roof, hello how dumb can they be?" (Charmed 8:3)

I like that the Charmed ones are trying to live "normal" lives (ie. without magic) and are slowly seeing that this isn't possible, but the ridiculous idea that they're 3 cousins of themselves who've moved into their house to look after the kids seems like a stupid plan (and makes even less sense when I try to describe the plan in writing). I couldn't agree more with the Television Without Pity recapper who calls the Charmed ones "Glamorous Idiots."

"Maybe you give them too much credit." (Charmed 8:2)

I would say that the demon community on Charmed gives the sisters too much credit, but since the demons are all equally as idiotic as the Charmed Ones, everyone's on a level playing field. Here's an idea: make the demons actually hard to defeat so that the show doesn't seem like an exercise in whining and stomping around in expensive outfits.

"That's both crazy and self-absorbed." (Desperate Housewives 2:3)

Yes. That does sum up season two of Desperate Housewives very well. It's too bad because I loved the show when it started - it was such a neat mix of satire, soap opera and comedy. Now it seems to have lost the satire, amped up the soapiness while half-heartedly trying to add some humour.

"Sex, Lies, and Secrets" (show title)

No, no and no. There's only one word that can describe this show: Incomprehensible. Although if the show creators are attached to a three word title I would suggest: "Incomprehsible, stupid and pointless".

"It's a natural thing that happens like hurricanes or going to war." (The Simpsons 17:3)

I'm starting to feel that voiceovers (VO) are inescapable natural things because practically every television show is using them right now, even shows I like employ the VO, ie. Veronica Mars, Arrested Development and Scrubs (how I miss you right now Scrubs!!). Here's the list of other shows - that I can recall - which use VO (organized in order of most effective to least effective):

- Everbody Hates Chris
- My Name is Earl
- How I Met Your Mother
- Grey's Anatomy
- Desperate Housewives
- Sex, Lies and Secrets - Although does it count as a VO if it's trying - but failing - to be a faux anthropology documentary commentary?
- Charmed - Thank god it was only one episode but it was excruciating. Phoebe was purposefully imitating Sex and the City, and I fear it has traumatized me enough that I never want to see Sex and the City ever again.

"You're the least objective person I've met." (Bones 1:3)

I'm still enjoying the banter between Brennan and Booth on Bones. Also I was very excited when I saw Chewy from Joan of Arcadia!! Mark Totty played Dt. Carlisle (aka Chewy), Will Girardi's always snacking partner. I must admit that I'm inclined to like Bones because it has David Boreanaz in it as well as Hart Hanson (the creator) and Stephen Nathan (consulting producer), both from Joan of Arcadia.

"Just because something is unfamiliar doesn't mean it's alien." (Invasion 1:2)

Wait, what?! Isn't that exactly what the term alien means? As it turns out agrees with me, stating that alien means: "Belonging to, characteristic of, or constituting another and very different place, society, or person; strange."

"Where is the clitoris?" (The Office 2:2)

Okay, what's up with women on television being critical of working mothers? It was annoying to see in the Close to Home pilot and was even more annoying in the Desperate Housewives season premiere. It's nice that television shows are portraying the pressures that many women are under to balance kids and work, but does that have to always involve making other women the enemy? It's particularly aggravating because it vilifies women who don't have kids, and both shows have suggested that a woman's life is ultimately unfulfilled without children.

"I'll be right back." (Alias 5:1)

aka the line said in horror movies right before someone dies. Thanks to that anvilicious comment I realized that Vaughan was about to be killed (I had heard rumours but this line totally spoiled me).

Although I'm not feeling the love for that many shows this television season it could be that I've been reading too much Television Without Pity recaps, and also that I've been saving the excellent half-hour shows on my PVR to watch once I've caught up on the hour long ones I'm less excited about. Fortunately I am enjoying the Sitcom Renaissance (remember I coined this term!) and am delighted that after 17 years The Simpsons can still have funny episodes with great lines like this one from Homer:

"Of all the people for Marge to cheat on, why did it have to be me?"


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