Rome and Venice here I come!

  • Jul. 2nd, 2009 at 5:31 PM
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I am all packed and relaxing in front of the computer catching up on my fic reading (which I am totally behind on) before I leave for Rome and Venice!!! The girlfriend and I will be vacationing there together and then on July 10th I'll be flying home and she'll be staying on in Italy for a conference till the end of July. Although we'll have minimum ability to communicate while she's at the conference, I am comforted by my extreme excitement for our vacation together!!

In an uncharacteristic move for us, we are NOT bringing our laptops! Normally when we travel, we do. But this time there will be so much to see and it just seems like we'll have limited time to be on the computer anyway, so it seems like popping into an Internet cafe on occasion is the best route. We also won't have TV at the places we're staying - inexpensive but good places my mom recommended - so it's really a vacation from things I normally do! I'll be books and writing with pen and paper, which is actually kinda neat! Of course, my iPod is coming with me! I am optimistically bringing two books and am also planning to work on a Giles/Xander fic for summer_of_giles, a new Kirk/McCoy fic, a Pinto fic that's been knocking around my brain and a Sulu/Chekov fic. Er, it's a long plane ride?

Anyway, I hope you are all well and I will be back in time for the new Harry Potter movie!

While I'm away feel free to drop links to fic and posts here that you think I would like to see! :D
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Because I have more icons on LJ, I like to post there first so I can have a good icon selection but then I keep forgetting to post here too. Anyway, after a day's delay, I have remembered to post this here!

Title: A Shocking Turn of Events
Author: [personal profile] cordelianne
Fandom: Star Trek (2009)
Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy, with Sulu, Spock, Uhura, Chekov and Scotty all featured
Rating: Mature
Word count: 2,240
Disclaimer: Sadly not mine, in any way.
Summary: The Bridge Crew gets a dose of truth pollen. Jim thinks it's awesome. No one else agrees. Except possibly Bones.
Warnings: Vampire plants, awesomeness, not feeling the respect.
Notes: Thanks so much to [ profile] savoytruffle for her awesome beta and handholding!
Written for prompt #23 at the Kirk/Mccoy Fic/Art Challenge (prompt given at end of fic).

In which Jim is awesome and brilliant – as usual )
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I'm happy to say that I have now completed my second Kirk/McCoy fic! :D And for some reason I keep writing smut, hope that's okay! ;)

Title: The Best (Laid) Plans
Author: [personal profile] cordelianne
Chapter: 2/2
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Strip poker + Jim + Bones
Summary: Set pre-movie (so minimal movie spoilers). Jim’s shirt lands on the floor with a soft thud and he turns back to face Bones who’s across from him on the bed. Playing cards are scattered in between them.
Disclaimer: So not mine. I sadly own nothing. However, I love feedback and comments!
Note: Thanks to [ profile] savoytruffle for the awesome beta and encouragement!

Part One

In which things are far from boring )
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I'm in the midst of this Kirk/McCoy fic and since it seems to be expanding, I thought I'd start posting what I have while I keep writing away! More will be coming very soon!! :D

Title: The Best (Laid) Plans
Author: [personal profile] cordelianne
Chapter: 1/2
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy
Rating: Mature
Warnings: The results of boredom, sloppy smiles, skepticism.
Summary: Set pre-movie (so minimal movie spoilers). Bones is laughing at him. He knows it. Maybe not out loud, but in his head. Jim doesn’t have to take this.
Disclaimer: So not mine. I sadly own nothing.
Note: Thanks to [ profile] savoytruffle for the awesome beta and encouragement!

In which things are too boring for Jim's liking )

My life, let me show you

  • May. 28th, 2009 at 12:32 PM
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My life has been seeming random and weird lately!

* I took my dad to see Star Trek (his first viewing, my third) and he loved it. Afterward, we were enjoying some tea when a guy came up and asked us for crack and told us he really needed some. I'm like "Really? You're asking us?" (well, I thought that in my head!). The fact that he asked us suggested how desperate he was!

* I'm getting tired of people saying that they're okay with other people being gay as long as it's not so "in your face" (*cough*Nigel on SYTYCD*cough*). So, for my work's Pride parade costumes, I suggested we have things written on t-shirts like "cocksucker" and "bull dyke", just to be really in your face. Everyone loves the idea so I'm pleased and now have to figure out what I want on my shirt.

* I'm also getting tired of people claiming that you can only be a nice person if you're from a small town. A friend and I helped a woman who'd fallen and hit her head (she fortunately seemed very okay so we just waited with her till her husband came, got her water and offered to help clean her scrapes), and it came up that from friend and I aren't originally from Toronto and the woman and her husband were all "Oh, so that's why you helped, because you're from a small place." Which was baffling to me because we've both lived in Toronto for 10+ years and helped her because we saw her fall/trip. I feel confident that if we weren't around other people would have helped.

* I've been bummed by the number of people who've totally flaked on [ profile] spring_with_xan. Some people have let us know which is great and we understand that things happen, but it's disheartening to have so many people who aren't getting in contact with us. *sigh*

* My cousin and I have realized that we went to summer camp with the guy charged in the creepy creepy kidnapping and murdering of a young girl (Tori Stafford), which has been big news up here in Canada. [Link to story.] It's all very creepy to think about. Randomly, this was the Christian camp that inspired my Spike/Xander AU Outside Pride.

In happier news.... )

Also, I thought it would be fun to do that meme that's going around: Name your 10 absolutely favorite couples (het/slash/canon/fanon) and ask people to see what trends they notice about your couples. Try to pick different fandoms. My answers behind the cut )
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School has been stressing me out. I'm not sure I like my prof and the essay I just wrote was a painful, painful, all-night struggle and not half as good as I wanted it to be. I'm now very sleep-deprived. But! Instead of focusing on why I could be grumpy, I must share my love for the shiny new Star Trek!

I went into the movie expecting to enjoy it (the trailers looked so good that even though I've never been a big Trek fan - I've always been been someone who enjoys it but not loved it - I went in excited) and I left LOVING it!! I've now seen it twice and am conspiring to see it again. I also came out of the theatre declaring to my girlfriend, "I now understand why Trek basically started fanfic". And since then it's been a downward (upward?) spiral into reading fic and even writing it! (My first ST fic, Kirk/McCoy, is here.) Oh! Plus, the girlfriend and I are planning to watch the other Trek movies when she's back up here in June (I've seen them but she hasn't). I've also been DVRing original Trek episodes.

So yes, I'm already percolating on some more ST slash BUT I do not plan to leave the BtVS fandom. I continue to write (and am currently posting Xander Harris Versus Destiny with [personal profile] reremouse and [ profile] savoytruffle - the next chapter is now up!) and read in the Buffyverse. I do wish that there were more Spike/Xander fics that I want to read. Reading all the Trek fic has made it especially apparent to me how much I've been missing having lots of fic I want to read. I hope that doesn't sound too whiny, I know there's still S/X fic being produced but a lot of it sadly isn't to my taste. But yes, I am not leaving you, Buffyverse! Oooh, and I'm excited for [ profile] summer_of_giles - it always inspires me to write Giles and reminds me how much I love him (and Giles/Xander!). :D

So changing topics entirely... I'm like two pages away from finishing Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and am a bit conflicted about how I feel about it. Cut in case of spoilers )
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Do not adjust your DWs, this is [personal profile] cordelianne's journal. And yes, I have written outside of the BTVS fandom! I've become swept up in the excitement and awesomeness of the new Star Trek movie and have been inspired to write some Kirk/McCoy.

Title: Ship Shape
Author: [personal profile] cordelianne
Fandom: New Star Trek Movie
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy
Rating: Adult
Warnings: A drunk-happy place, inappropriate glowing in the dark, swaggering.
Summary: Set some vague time after the movie. Leonard calls Jim's bluff.
Note: Thanks to [ profile] savoytruffle for the awesome beta!
This is my first Star Trek fic and my grasp on Star Trek canon is tenuous at best. I've tried to ensure there's no errors but please let me know if you find any. :)

In which Leonard’s scowl is firmly in place )
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I was just realizing that I have neglected to pimp the fic which I have the honour of cowriting with [personal profile] reremouse and savoytruffle. We're been posting it to spring_with_xan and currently the first 8 chapters are up. Actually check out the comm tomorrow and the next day for more!

Title: Xander Harris versus Destiny (Chapters 1-8/?)
Authors: [personal profile] cordelianne, [personal profile] reremouse, savoytruffle
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Revisiting of old haunts, non-verbal communication, gas tanks of unknown capacity
Summary: Xander's got places to be, things to do. Giles wishes Xander had given the Council a heads up. Spike figures, what the hell, the pay's good and it's not like he's got other plans at the moment.

All chapters are here in my memories.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight

Also! Check out the fantastic movie posters by the talented [profile] katekat1010 beneath the cut. Thank you, Kate! ♥

The Movie Posters )
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I am officially on Dreamwidth now (same name as on LJ: [personal profile] cordelianne)! I've actually been on DW for around a week but haven't posted because I became completely absorbed in learning how to put a custom layout on the journal and fiddling with it. I am now very happy with it, check it out:

The only thing I can't figure out is how to get the people's usernames to display under their userpics when I'm viewing my friends page. Also, for community posts it'll show the username under the userpic but not the community name. I've discovered that I like to see that information when I'm looking at the page. Does anyone know how to fix this? I'm using an awesome layout by grrliz which is here, based on the totally easy to follow instructions here (I highly recommend these instructions, I'm not technically savvy and found them really easy to use). So can anyone help me with the friends issue? It's driving me crazy, I can't figure it out! ETA: I got it!! Thanks [personal profile] callaoressene

On a happy note, I want to say thank you so much to the kind person/people who nominated my Faith/Dawn fic Life After Sunndale for TWO awards:

- Round 9 of the Rogue Poet Awards
- kinda_gay_award, which has very pretty graphics:

I think that Dreamwidth is now open (or very very soon), so I should soon have some codes to share. Definitely let me know if you'd like one - I'm not sure how many I'll have but I definitely want to share! I'm not sure if I'm leaving LJ but it's been fun playing with a new layout and there's some very cool things about Dreamwidth including the Diversity Statement. Also, I've tried to ensure that comments are open to everyone, whether you're logged into anything or not, on DW so that anyone can comment (this is how my LJ is set up). Also, you should be able to comment on LJ or DW - comment where you want! :D

Fandom Meme!

  • Apr. 21st, 2009 at 12:50 PM
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I am so in love with this icon by [ profile] katekat1010 - I love how it captures such a neat Tara moment, she's so sassy in this! Plus, the icon is gorgeous!

So, snagged from all over my flist....

01. The first character I fell in love with:
02. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
03. The character everyone else loves that I don’t:
04. The character I love that everyone else hates:
05. A pairing that I love:
06. A pairing that I despise:
07. 5 things I enjoy about the fandom:
08. And 5 that suck:
09. Who are my 3 favorite characters.
10. Who are my 3 least favorite characters.
11. What are my 3 favorite pairings.
12. What are my 3 least favorite pairings.
13. Which character you're most like.
14. What is my deep, dark fandom secret.

Any show (or other media fandom) you've seen me mention as watching/reading is fair game!

This week in TV

  • Apr. 17th, 2009 at 4:54 PM
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In my too-short break between school semesters, I have gotten the wacky idea into my head to try committing myself to posting each Friday with brief thoughts, reactions and links to various things TV from the week. I read lots and lots of TV sites, articles, blogs and new pieces that I figure it might be fun to share the things I glean from that.

-- If you are a fan of Dirty Sexy Money, Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies, you will be happy to hear that ABC is finally airing the last few episodes of these shows:
* Daisies' final three episodes will air Saturdays, May 30 to June 13 at 10pm
* Eli Stone's final four episodes will air Saturdays June 20 to July 11 at 10pm
* Dirty Sexy Money's final four episodes will air Saturdays July 18 to Aug 8at 10pm
Yeah, I know, the popular Saturday 10pm slot! Well, at least we'll finally get to see the last few episodes. [Source]

-- In less happy news: It does seem likely that the wonderful Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles will be cancelled. I continue to hope this isn't true because the second season ended so awesomely! Plus I just love Summer Glau as Cameron (even more than *gasp* as River on Firefly).

-- Should you not have heard about where a particular House actor will be working now... click here only if you've seen the April 6th episode )

-- If you're seeking reassurance about what happened at the end of this week's House... click here only if you've seen the April 13th episode )

-- What do Southland, The Unusuals, and Castle have in common? Well, aside from the obvious of them all being cop shows, it's actually that they all have wealthy people who have chosen to become cops (and in two of them are trying to keep their wealth a secret). Also, there is basically identical back stories of why characters on The Unusuals and Castle became cops. It's gotten to the point where I'm getting confused between everyone's stories on all these shows. I love Nathan Fillion on Castle, Benjamin Mackenzie on Southland and Amber Tamblyn on The Unusuals being back on my TV, but I may only stick with Castle - it's the most fun. I wish Amber Tamblyn was on something as smart as Joan of Arcadia.

-- My favourite new show: Better Off Ted. Funny, satirical and smart. Last week's episode dealt with the issue of institutional racism so well. I wish I could find a good clip of that but youtube is failing me, so instead I'll give you a promo for the show which captures how great it is: Better Off Ted teaser.

-- My favourite quote of the week: From Hurley on Lost: "That was Luke's attitude, too. In 'Empire', when he found out Vader was his father, instead of putting away his light saber and talking about it, he overreacted and got his hand cut off. I mean, they worked it out eventually. But at what cost? The Death Star was destroyed, Boba Fett got eaten by the Sarlacc, and everyone got The Ewoks. It all could have been avoided if they had just, you know, communicated. Because let's face it: Ewoks suck, dude."
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Thanks to [ profile] tkp for tagging me!

If you've been tagged, you can (if you want) write your answers in your own LJ and replace any questions that you dislike with a new, original question.

In which I replace a lot of questions with ones about TV )

I'm now rushing off to class in which I get to give a presentation on Prospect Research for Non-Profits (don't hate me because I get to do awesome things! ;)), so I won't bother tagging anyone. But if you would like to be tagged, consider yourself tagged! And please feel free to change all my cordelianne-specific TV questions! :D

Reminder: Sign up for Spring with Xan!!

  • Mar. 26th, 2009 at 2:28 PM
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April 1st, the start of our fest, is quickly approaching, so I want to remind you all to make sure to sign up! There are still free days so come and sign up!!

{info} l {join} l {affiliate} l {sign up!}

Sign-up Period:, Monday March 9, 2009 to Tuesday March 31, 2009 (and continuing throughout the fest, if there are blank days)

Go HERE for all the details and to sign up!

Posting Dates: Wednesday April 1, 2009 to Sunday May 31, 2009

I also have thoughts on TV I need to post! Thoughts on BSG (disappointing) and Lost (loving it!). Hopefully I'll find some time soon. Hope you are all well! :D

ETA: Hopefully I'm not flooding too many people's flists with stuff about SWX. I'm pimping madly!

Spring with Xan Sign Up Time!

  • Mar. 9th, 2009 at 5:36 PM
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It's almost Spring which means.......

{info} l {join} l {affiliate} l {sign up!}

Sign-up Period:, Monday March 9, 2009 to Tuesday March 31, 2009 (and continuing throughout the fest, if there are blank days)

Go HERE for all the details and to sign up!

Posting Dates: Wednesday April 1, 2009 to Sunday May 31, 2009

Live Blogging the Oscars

  • Feb. 22nd, 2009 at 9:17 PM
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Since I'm home working on an essay, I figured it would be the perfect time to also live blog my Oscar reactions! Also, this may stop me from bothering my girlfriend by texting her my reactions!

My reactions, which'll be updated regularly, nicely hidden behind a cut )

Fic: Better Days (Spike/Xander, Mature)

  • Feb. 14th, 2009 at 12:03 AM
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Happy Valentine's Day! And what better way to celebrate than to write and read about Spike/Xander expressing their love?! Here is my fic written for [ profile] reremouse's Spander Valentine's Day ficathon:

Title: Better Days
Authors: [ profile] cordelianne
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 2,632
Warnings: Ill-advised sex, cheesy teen references, slapstick and second-hand nicotine.
Summary: It's the summer after Buffy's death. Everyone is dealing in their own ways. We get a glimpse into Xander and Spike's.
A/N: Written for [ profile] bruttimabuoni for the Spander Valentine's Day Ficathon (request after the fic).
Thanks to [ profile] savoytruffle for her awesome support and beta.

In which Xander experiences new heights )

In my plan, we are beltless. (btvs 7:16)

  • Jan. 18th, 2009 at 10:00 PM
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The nice thing about comms like [ profile] buffyversetop5 is that they inspire me to organize rec lists and celebrate my favourite writers and artists in the fandom.

Here's the posts I did for [ profile] buffyversetop5:

My Five Favourite Giles/Xander Fics of 2008

My Five Favourite Spike/Xander Fics of 2008

My Five Favourite Rare Slash Pairing Fics of 2008

My Five Favourite Icons of 2008

It was awesome to recognize some of my favourite people on my flist who produce such great work. I want them to get showered with praise.

And for the heck of it, I thought I'd do my list of My Five Favourite Movies of 2008 )
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In case you haven't heard, I want to alert you to the most awesome Ficathon!

[ profile] reremouse is hosting a SPANDER VALENTINE FICATHON!! How awesome is that?!

You know you want to write about the ways those two crazy guys express their love for each other (my quote and icon being a great canon example, ahem).

Don't hesitate to signup because Signups close January 17th!

And there's only a 500 words minimum so it's totally low pressure, high on the fun and romance!

Go HERE for all the details and to sign up!
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My stomach's been upset for days and I feel like crap thanks to not being able to sleep last night because I felt nauseous. Oh yeah, fun times. So since I'm in bed, I figured I would belatedly jump on the icon meme train and do it.

Go here for my answers )

I hope all of your days are going better than mine!


My Favourite TV from 2008

  • Jan. 3rd, 2009 at 4:57 PM
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Happy New Year!!! I do plan to finally update my fic masterlist soon but in the meantime I thought I’d round up the year by sharing my favourite tv shows of 2008.

It’s interesting because – and this pains me to say it – but I don’t think this has been the best year for TV. The writer’s strike – which I fully supported – ended up negatively affecting a lot of shows, in ratings and in quality and quantity. This fall was the first time I wasn’t excited about any new tv shows. And some shows had been gone so long – Dirty Sexy Monday and Chuck – that it made it easier to stop watching them.

It has also been the year in which I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the stupid plotlines of Grey’s Anatomy (the horrible ending of the lesbian relationship and the stupid “we’re trying to be Ghost Whisperer” storyline), and in which I gave up on Bones after it destroyed a beloved character and devolved into making the characters parodies of themselves. I also don’t have the patience for Heroes anymore.

But there were shows that continued to be bright spots for me and which I looked forward to each week. My favourite dramas, comedies and reality shows – no spoilers )

So, what about you guys? Did we have similar favourite shows?



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