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It’s been a rough last few days for me, so I figured what better distraction than to talk about TV?! I haven’t really had the energy to do thoughtful critiques or even simple reactions like “I loved it” or “blah”, so I thought I’d give you a run down of what I’ve been enjoying, what I haven’t and what I haven’t even watched yet. There’s very minimal spoilers in my comments.

Shows I’ve Been Loving )

Shows I’m Enjoying )

Shows That I’m Not All About )

Shows on my PVR that I Haven’t Seen Yet (or have only seen 1 episode of) )

I must say that overall I’m underwhelmed by a lot of the TV shows this season. (This could be more a reflection of how I'm feeling.) There better be some exciting things in November! I’m most excited about Heroes right now. *hearts* Hiro.
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In previous years I've held out hope that my favourite shows and actors would get Emmy nominations. And I've always been disappointed when it seems like being on HBO guarantees a nomination, the same shows get nominated year after year, and mediocre actors like Charlie Sheen and Patricia Arquette get nominated (and win!). So, last year after gazing at the awards and declaring It's like these people don't actually watch television! I decided that (other than the industry prestige and glitzy parties) the Emmys are silly and meaningless, and if I made up my own nominations to celebrate my favourite shows, actors and writers it is way more meaningful. Why more meaningful, you ask? Because I love television!! And I'm sure I watch way more tv than the average Emmy voter.

So, if you want to see who the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences nominated click here. ETA: There are NO spoilers behind the cut. And if you want to know why I nominated something or why I didn't, please ask - I didn't have the energy for lengthy explanations (thus, why no spoilers). Now, onto the real nominations: The Second Annual Nominations for the Cordelianne Emmys )

I'm sure you're wondering how the winners will be determined. I will be making that decision and announcing it on (or close to) Emmy night. I will likely do a poll to determine the people's choice around that date, but I will ultimately have to pick one from my favourites in each category (which will be a challenge!!).

I'd wanted to do more categories (ie. writing and directing) but am exhausted from all my preparations for visiting [ profile] savoytruffle (I leave on Monday!!! eeeeee!!!) and for Writercon!!! The excitement levels are VERY HIGH here!!! I'm pretty much ready although there's a couple of last minute things I need to do tomorrow and Monday (eg. I still need to get American money. I remembered to set aside my Veronica Mars dvds but not get cash. *headdesk*).

*squishes you all* *collapses*
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You know those multi-fandom icon posts that'll have things like Buffy, Angel, Veronica Mars and Doctor Who, and then there'll also be some of Lindsey Lohan or Christina Aguilera? And you're like - or I'm like - Lindsey Lohan? Christina Aguilera?!! WTF?! Well, I blame those posts (which I do enjoy cause I like chancing upon icons I wouldn't otherwise) for my own personal Christina Aguilera?! WTF?! moment yesterday. I had a dream that I was about to - but actually didn't (because I would so not be sharing otherwise!!) - have a threesome with Christina Aguilera and Scarlett Johansson. It was very bizarre because I almost never think about either of them in any way (I do think Scarlett Johansson is very beautiful). I actually don't think about celebrities that much. So, when I was going back through icon posts looking for a "Logan/Weevil OTP" icon (which I now have OMG!!!), I realized that's how those celebrities got in my head (they were in some of the posts). Um yeah, so that's enough of my odd dream!

Speaking of icons, [ profile] earth_vexer has another round of beautiful, beautiful icons here. Her icons are so stunning and always make me want to upload every single of one of them (Why do we not get unlimited icon space? Why? /dramatics). I'm using this very sexy one of Spike in "Dirty Girls" because it reminds me of the awesome - and now finished! - [ profile] trufflemouse fic:

And Let the Gods Do the Rest - The summary: What happened in Oxnard stayed in Oxnard and so did Xander...until Buffy sent him a souled and crazy Spike to help out with a little case of Apocalypse.
It's Spike/Xander and is one of my favourite S/X fics ever! To quote one of my own comments on the fic: One of the many things I love about this story is how interestingly it weaves into canon, yet charts its own very believable and fascinating - and damn awesome - path. There's a re-working of that "Dirty Girls" scene in my icon (as well as other scenes from the show) which is so well done and gives added meaning to certain lines. And there's awesome S/X banter and sexiness (*flails*). As well it has a lovely flow, great energy and I'm enamoured with the utilization of language.

So, yesterday was filled with television watching. I've now watched the last 2 hours of the Grey's Anatomy finale and the last 4 episodes (including 2 hour finale) of Lost. I was all jittery and wired after that much Lost. Yeah, I know I'm almost a month late and probably no one cares anymore or remembers, so I just have some random thoughts.

Grey's Anatomy Season Two finale )

The last 4 episodes of Lost season two )

I'm thinking of doing a poll, once I actually figure out how to do a poll, about which tv shows I should watch or not watch next year. I need to cut down on the ridiculous amount of shows that I watch and I have such a hard time making those decisions so have decided to let other people do it for me!! And I want to do a poll.

I hope everyone's Saturday is going well!! *g*
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Michael Ausiello (TV Guide) reports that Veronica Mars has been renewed!!! The sad news is that Everwood won't be. Here's what you'll find at the link:

Straight from the horse's mouth, Rob Thomas just e-mailed me to confirm that Veronica Mars has been renewed for a third season. The show got a 22-episode order that, depending on ratings, can be reduced to 13. Very reliable sources, meanwhile, are also telling me that One Tree Hill will be back and that Everwood is, in fact, dead. Talk about injustice.

So I'm trying to focus on the positive that my beloved Veronica Mars will be back. I'm a little worried because this is similar to what happened to Arrested Development and we know how that turned out.

I've been lucky because Everwood is the only one of my shows so far to be officially not renewed. (I am incredibly sad about this, because it's one of the best shows on television.) Here's what's been renewed so far:

- My Name is Earl: Moves to Thursdays 8pm, NBC
- The Office: Moves to Thursdays 8:30pm, NBC
- Scrubs: It won't be airing until mid-season, like this year. NBC
- What About Brian: Mondays 10pm, ABC (I haven't decided if I'll keep watching.)
- Lost: Wednesdays 9pm, ABC (I'm considering not watching next season because I haven't been loving this season and I need to cut down on the amount of shows I watch)
- Grey's Anatomy: Moves to Thursday 9pm, ABC
ETA: - I believe that Gilmore Girls has already been picked up by the CW (probably for Tuesdays 8pm).
ETA#2: - Because the official schedules haven't been announced I forgot that Bones and How I Met Your Mother have already been renewed.

I haven't been following the new shows too closely because I find so much can change between now and September. And I'm trying to reduce the amount of tv shows I watch, not increase them.
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I have a confession to make: I watched the 7th Heaven series finale. See, a few years ago I was briefly addicted to the show. I’m a big fan of campiness and stuff that’s so bad it’s good (eg. I loved Tremors and am excited about Snakes on a Plane), so I found the show entertaining. Of course, there was only so long I could take the preachyness and hypocrisy (eg. we’ll spend an entire episode being obsessed with sex but insist it’s wrong to be having sex.), so it was a brief fling.

The other reason I watched the finale was my love of watching series finales. I can be a huge sap and finales normally inspire crying. The 7th Heaven finale was – unsurprisingly – so very bad. There were flashbacks (I LOVE flashbacks!), and ridiculous fantasy sequences that made Angel’s fantasy/dream in “Awakening” seem believable in comparison. Spoilers for the 7th Heaven finale. Is there anyone who’s actually worried about getting spoiled? If you don’t watch the show, you should read this because the revelation at the end of the show is absolutely cracktastic and is like really bad fanfiction!!! )

Anyway, I did actually watch some good tv tonight:

How I Met Your Mother ‘Milk’ 1:21 )

24 ‘3am-4am’ 5:21 )

Everwood ‘All the Lonely People’ 4:17 )

Logans: What’s with all the Logans on tv? There’s the awesomely complex one on Veronica Mars, the annoying one on Gilmore Girls and then President Logan on 24 (okay I know it’s a last name, but I still think it counts). I don’t think I’ve ever met a Logan in real life, yet it’s this incredibly popular tv name. Also, they’re all very messed up individuals. I’m beginning to think I’ve been lucky to not know a Logan in real life.

And speaking of Logans, tonight (Tuesday) is the season finale of Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. I’m very worried about the direction it looks like GG is going in, especially considering that Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino will not be running the show next year. Fortunately, I’m much more optimistic about the VM finale based on a completely non-spoilery report that indicates it should ROCK!!!

The talk of spoilers reminds of something annoying that happened today. I’ve been carefully avoiding reading Lost spoilers since I’ve yet to see last week’s episode. I even read two entries on LJ in which I successfully avoided the Lost sections. Well, I forget that the rest of the world isn’t as nice about alerting for spoilers as people on LJ are, and I got completely spoiled by the first few words of my favourite tv columnist, TVGal’s column (and, of course, don’t read this if you’re unspoiled for Lost, Alias and Veronica Mars).

So how come you came up with Anne? (btvs 3:1)

  • Apr. 14th, 2006 at 11:07 PM
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I'm taking advantage of the 3 day weekend and am visiting my family in Kingston. It's weird to be back in Kingston because there's always small things that have changed (a road where there wasn't one before), but basically it's the same. I'm very very thankful that my brother has wireless internet access set up in the house and that I brought my laptop. *clings to laptop* Of course, I'm now behind on my LJ reading because I've only just logged in now that my mom's gone to bed. We talked and talked, and then watched Moulin Rouge.

I did the worst thing today, and it was totally unintentional but I still feel really bad about it. I was up really late last night doing laundry, gathering my tax info (so my dad can do my taxes), packing, and organizing my tv recording schedule. Even though I had set my two alarms so I'd have plenty of time to get ready and meet my friend, who was driving me (and a friend of hers) to Kingston, I completely slept in. Not only did I sleep in ridiculously late, but the ringer was turned off on my phone (because I work late nights, I frequently turn the ringer off so I'm not woken up and it was still turned off from the previous night). So, not only did I keep 2 people waiting, I also caused my friend to really worry about me because she couldn't get a hold of me. I still feel really guilty even though my friend and I worked it out, and she was really understanding about it. I just hate being irresponsible and inconveniencing people.

In the car ride we did have a fun discussion about whether we'd sleep with Sawyer or Jack from Lost. The unanimous agreement was Sawyer. My friend suggested that Jack would probably cry, or be really clingy afterwards. We were torn about Jin and Sayid, but I think we all leaned more towards Sayid. I also noted that I'd sleep with Ana-Lucia because I think Michelle Rodriguez is HOT!!

Changing topics entirely, I've seen the username meme floating around and have enjoyed reading how everyone chose their username. I love talking about how I came up mine so I had to do it as well. The origin of my username. )

One last thing: If you haven't already checked out [ profile] earth_vexer's new icons here, they're wonderful!! I'm now heading off to grab lots and lots, and exclaim with glee.
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Not only were four of my television shows on last night, but I also had three of my friends over to watch Veronica Mars. At one point, my friend told us that a friend of hers had informed her that Christian Kane had bragged about being with Paris Hilton. After the shuddering, one of my friends (who reminds me of Brennan on Bones) said that she'd heard of Paris Hilton but didn't think she'd ever seen her.

Another friend responded: It’s like cockroaches, you know if you've seen one because they make you all shuddery and icked out. You've probably seen Paris Hilton and she's made you feel like that.

This is one of my favourite similes ever, Paris Hilton is like a cockroach.

Veronica Mars ‘Plan B’ 2:17, or My happy inner fangirl )

Bones ‘The Man with the Bone’ 1:18, Pirates!!! )

Six degrees of Joss on last night's Bones:

Rodney Rowland who plays Dane McGinnis on Bones is the very scary Liam Fitzpatrick on Veronica Mars (he was on VM last night too), was also Corbin Fries on Angel (“Conviction” 5:1).

Fredric Lehne who plays Giles Hardewicke on Bones was Ranse Burgess on Firefly (“Heart of Gold”). He also is Marshal Edward Mars on Lost.

David Wells who plays Harley Frankel on Bones was the Cheese Man on Buffy (“Restless” 4:22)!!

Lost ‘Dave’ 2:18, It’s all about Hurley )

The Amazing Race 9 ‘Sleep Deprivation is Really Starting to Irritate Me’ 9:6 )

Smallville 'Void' 5:17, They taunted us with no James Marsters )

I finally caught up on my lost sleep caused by evil Daylight Savings, because I accidentally slept until 3:30pm (I was up really late, vampire hours late). Fortunately I had enough time to enjoy the beautiful spring-like day and walk to work!!
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My weekend was very relaxing!! There was probably too much ice cream and chocolate consumed, and not enough exercising but I’ve decided not to worry about it!! That’s for tomorrow’s [ profile] cordelianne to deal with.

I’m now completely caught up on Lost and Smallville (I was 3 weeks behind on both shows). I adore my PVR (like a Tivo), but it’s bad in situations when networks (*cough*ABC*cough*) decide that it will be fun for their show to run an extra minute or two. Hello? Who is this fun for, other than advertisers? It screws over everyone who has a Tivo-type machine and people who programme their VCRs to stop at the hour. More grumbling about the recording situation. )

Seeing She’s the Man was definitely one of the highlights of my weekend. Between my 3 other friends and I we laughed throughout the entire movie. Frequently AT the dialogue. More thoughts on the movie, none very spoilery. )

My weekend - bizarrely - ended up having a completely unintentional Amanda Bynes theme because I also watched the series finale of What I Like About You (the tv show Bynes stars in with Jennie Garth). Since I’ve already disclosed that I paid to see She’s the Man, I’m freely admitting to crying during the episode (although I do cry at a lot of things, eg. One of the trailers before She’s the Man got me all teary). The episode had a number of the factors that can almost always make me cry: a wedding, a series finale (with sentimental flashbacks), and a happy ending. Now it becomes clear why I love Anne of Green Gables. Oh, I just remembered that there was a VERY slashy flashback, which I like to think they did just for me.

I love having a friend who’ll call me up just to tell me the Frighteners is on because she knows I’m a big Peter Jackson fan, but haven’t seen the movie yet!!! She also called me a bit into it to see if I’d caught Peter Jackson’s Hitchcockian cameo as a punk guy. Very good movie, by the way, very fun and thrilling in a scary way.

Tomorrow is new 24 AND 2 hours of new Everwood (8pm-10pm on the WB)!! It's been far too long since there was a new Everwood, I'm very glad it'll be back.
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.... if I have to kill every single person on the face of the earth to do it. (btvs 3:20)

How awesome was last night's Gilmore Girls episode?!!! Friday Night's Alright for Fighting 6:13 Spoilers )

Veronica Mars episode tonight!!!! It's so nice to have the show back after so long. Silly thoughts/questions about 'Donut Run' 2:11 )

Random question: How do you think I was able to get chocolate on the TOP of my sock? Admittedly I had consumed chocolate earlier, but how'd it get on my sock?!!


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I had this very stressful and busy week, which meant that I didn't watch any of my tv until the weekend (this produced a VERY cranky and anti-social cordelianne). I thought it would be a fun experiment to see if I could keep my reactions about shows to a couple of lines each.

Sunday January 8

The Simpsons – It's funny again!!

Family Guy – Hee. Sychronized swimming and lesbians!

American Dad – I giggled and giggled during the climactic sequence (monkeys!), and I also loved Roger imagining he was in a sitcom (I never do that!).

Charmed – Probably the most original Charmed episode ever ... in a bizarro world where no one realizes this was just a cheap rip-off of a dumb summer movie starring Brangelina.

Grey’s Anatomy – You thought this would be a new episode? Ah ha ha. Welcome to the hell of yet another ABC “recap” episode (I did not watch).

Monday January 9

The Critics Choice Awards – Yay! I’m very happy about the love for Brokeback Mountain!! In other reactions, Dennis Miller as host bored me. Also, I’m beginning to think that Dakota Fanning is a robot; she gives better acceptance speeches than most adults. Maybe Tom Cruise, who – incidentally - she praised in her speech, hypnotized her.

How I Met Your Mother – I LOVE this show! It perfectly captures what it’s like to be single in your late 20s.

Out of Practice – Fun sitcom.

House x 2 - Hmm, both House reruns starred actresses who’ve been on previous seasons of 24. Could Fox be getting us ready for 24’s return?

Tuesday January 10

Gilmore Girls – This season keeps getting better and better! I was highly amused by Rory’s breakdown – the kleenexs!! Also, Lorelei looked so happy & beautiful in her wedding dress – please don’t break our hearts Amy Sherman-Palladino (aka show creator/show runner)!!!

Supernatural – Plot? Who cares about the plot? I love the Winchester brothers and their angst!! I think they’re my favourite brothers on tv. Also, this show is still scaring me at least once an episode

House – I think my favourite moment of the episode was House taking the ball away from the kid. In terms of the romantic stuff, I think it’s going to end badly (Wow! What a shocking prediction!! Maybe I should become a psychic. Ha.)

Scrubs x 2 – These episodes were even better than last week’s. I LOVED the triathlon one and how slow J.D. was, and that Elliot kept catching up and carried him in the end. Also how great was the whole kung fu sequence?!

People’s Choice Awards – After watching this I had to reassure myself that I am indeed a person (I even reminded myself of the Heritage Moment about the Persons Case which proved women are people) because “the people” and I don’t agree on much. Star Wars as best movie?! shudder.

Wednesday January 11

Lost – Watch out Charlie! Now everyone likes Sawyer and no one likes you. Also, we got Eko’s back story which was pretty interesting, and sad.

Thursday January 12

Smallville – sigh. I want James Marsters to return. On the bright side, the villain wasn’t affected by Kryptonite in any way, she was just crazy (fortunately they’ve never had any crazy girls on the show before! Ha, see above re: bizarro world).

Four Kings – Why? Seth Green, why? I only watch this for you, and it’s painful, fingernails on a chalkboard painful.

My Name is Earl – Earl working in fast food! It reminded me of the Buffy “Doublemeat Palace” (6:12) episode (that's a good and funny thing in my book). Oh, I loved the hairnet over Earl’s moustache. hee!

The Office – This show is kicking my ass. I’ve now seen some of the British version and am even more impressed with the American version because it has really become it’s own excellent show. I loved that Michael BURNED HIS FOOT ON A GRILL!! Also, Dwight with concussion was adorable!

Crumbs – I didn’t love it, but it has some potential. It’s fun to see Fred Savage and Jane Curtin again!

Beauty and the Geek – I miss Everwood! Even amusing pop culture questions like “Which of these Jennifers was Ben Affleck not engaged to? (There were pictures of J.Lo, Garner and Aniston), and “Who is the father of Britney Spear’s baby?” could not appease my sadness about the loss of Everwood until March!

Friday January 13

Living with Fran – Fluffy fun.

Reba – Not the best Reba this season, but it was fun to see Reba and Brock get along.

Twins – More fluff.

Numb3rs – Wait, did I say the Winchesters are my favourite brothers? I’d forgotten about the adorable Epps boys. I think the casino in this episode was the one where Gunn and Angel almost lost their souls in Angel “Double or Nothing” (3:18).

The Book of Daniel – This show is a lesser version of Desperate Housewives, Joan of Arcadia and Six Feet Under (I'm not even into Desperate or Six Feet Under). Even the scene when Daniel thinks the 2 mob guys are a gay couple wasn’t as funny as it could be. Just another fluffy Friday night show, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll stick it out.

I've also FINALLY been watching last season of 24 (season 4) to get ready for season 5. Wow! Season 4 is an awesome season - definitely better than seasons 2 or 3. Air Force One gets shot down (see what happens when Harrison Ford isn't President?), there's a nuclear meltdown, torture and all the best characters return (yay President Palmer!!). Chloe kicks ass, or more precisely kills a terrorist. Michelle and Tony reconcile!! Jack experiences lots of angst and people continually doubting his abilities (why would anyone do this?). I just need to watch the 2 hour finale, but I'm already psyched for season 5!!!

Whew! I think I'm experiencing tv overload. Hopefully this week won't be so annoying and I'll be able to actually watch some of my shows!
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I have a long history of crushes on tv characters. Back in high school it was Jordan Catalono on My So-Called Life, then in university it was Pacey on Dawson’s Creek, and in more recent years it’s been Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. One thing they all have in common – other than that they’re all bad boys – is that my crush is on the character, not on the actors. I’m just more interested in the richly drawn and well-written characters than the actors who never live up to their fictional counterpart. The only exception is Spike’s James Marsters because I will watch whatever he’s in, no matter how bad it is **cough**Andromeda**cough – that’s what the fast forward function is for!

As I become more absorbed in my television obsession love, my list of crushes is constantly changing and expanding:

Rob Thomas (VM Creator)

This is more of an “I want to be his friend, or wish I was him, or both” kind of crush.

I was already filled with love for Rob Thomas because of his fabulously enthralling and smart show. Then my love increased when he had Buffy alumni Charisma Carpenter and Alyson Hannigan both guest star as recurring characters. Rob Thomas delighted me further when it was announced that Charisma and Alyson would guest star in the same episode and he declared: “Believe me, we will bend over backwards to put Charisma and Alyson in a scene together. Whatever it takes, it's gonna happen!” (Watch with Kristen chat transcript, September 26, 2005)

So could my love for him overflow more?! Of course it could! He was so adorable during an online chat with Watch with Kristen my crush actually increased! Here’s a couple of my favourite Rob Thomas quotes during the chat:

“We haven’t shied away from Buffy comparisons. We’re flattered by it.”

“The joy is the journey.”

Watch with Kristin (Eonline TV Columnist)

I’d describe this as an “I want to be her friend so we talk and talk about tv” kind of crush.

Her real name is Kristin Veitch, and she has a weekly column on Eonline about television. I had so much fun watching her interview Rob Thomas online because she’s so enthusiastic. When she talks, her love for television is very evident. I’m also endeared to her because she’s a huge Buffy fan, and has always promoted and supported the show.

In fact, Kristin does an excellent job of helping out less popular shows. Sure she talks a lot about the trendy Lost (a little too much for my tastes) but she’s also there for shows watched by real tv lovers. Over the years she’s championed Buffy, Angel, Arrested Development, and Veronica Mars to name a few of my favourite shows. She also does this neat thing each year in which her readers get to vote for one show that should be saved (ie. Past winners have been Angel and Veronica Mars), and then she uses her pull at Eonline to campaign for the show.

Even though she has a Hollywood Eonline feel to her, I can tell that deep down she’s a big tv geek, and I love her for that!

Jon Stewart (The Daily Show)

I totally have a “you’re so smart, funny and adorable” crush on Jon Stewart.

He’s able to make the news not only tolerable but actually fun. Jon Stewart can always make me laugh, no matter how upsetting the subject matter. He also has such awesome facial expressions! My favourite parts are when he’s having trouble not laughing at one of the other “reporters”.

Thanks to Jon Stewart, the fake news is good enough for me.

George O’Malley (Grey's Anatomy)

Grey’s Anatomy is slowly becoming one of my favourite shows. It’s gone from being good soapy fun to a show with increasingly well-written episodes and smart/interesting story decisions (ie. Having Dr. McDreamy’s estranged wife stay and be a likeable character).

Of course, George – “he’s so adorable and sweet” type of crush – is always the highlight of the show for me. Frequently shows are good at writing the “bad boy” but it’s hard to make a sweet and good character interesting, and George actually is!! I frequently feel swoony during George scenes. T.K. Knight, who plays George, definitely deserves credit for making the nice guy my favourite character!!

Marshall (How I Met Your Mother)

I feel that I deserve credit for not selecting the ex-Buffy actress (Alyson Hannigan). I just can’t resist Marshall, who’s my “he’s so goofy and cute” crush.

Jason Segel (Freaks and Geeks) won me over when he danced like a total dork and wore a Pirates of the Caribbean/Johnny Depp inspired pirate costume. Sure Neil Patrick Harris’ deliciously sleazy Barney is a scene stealer but Marshall is the heart of the show.

Randy (My Name is Earl)

My crush on Randy is similar to my George and Marshall crushes in that he’s the sweet guy on the show. I’d describe my crush on Randy as the “he’s so sweet, goofy and lovable” type of crush. Randy may not be the smartest guy but he has a really good heart. One of my favourite episodes is when he ruins another chance at scoring a touchdown to help out Earl. I would totally a buy that shirt that says “I heart Randy”.

House (House)

House will never be described as sweet, goofy or adorable, he definitely falls more into the bad boy section of my list. I’d describe House as the “entertainingly sarcastic, witty and snarky” type of crush. He’s the kind of bad boy who appeals to me more for his mind than his looks.

I’m also a huge fan of the House and Wilson friendship, and must admit that I love to read a homoerotic subtext into their relationship. As a result I was particularly entertained by this exchange in last week’s episode:

Stacy: What are you hiding?

House: I’m gay. Oh, that’s not what you meant. But it does explain a lot though. No girlfriend, always with Wilson, obsession with sneakers.

Logan (Veronica Mars)

And speaking of bad boys, I have to include Logan! This is definitely the “he’s so pretty and bad, but can be sweet” type of crush.

Jason Dohring continues to impress me with his nuanced and layered portrayal of rich bad boy Logan. He’s particularly skilled at revealing Logan’s vulnerability and making us (I know I’m not alone in this) believe that Logan has the potential to be good.

Ana-Lucia (Lost)

I suspect that I picked Ana-Lucia because she’s reviled across the fandom. Normally my character allegiances are consistent with other people’s, however there are occasions when I enjoy being contrary.

I admit that Ana-Lucia made the list because “she’s hot, tough and kind of butch” and that is a definite weak spot for me. There’s so few butch girls on tv that, at this point, I’m just excited when there actually is one on a show. I’m also a fan of Michelle Rodriguez (who plays Ana-Lucia) in Girlfight and SWAT because she’s all tough and hot.

So I should actually describe this as “my completely shallow crush, that’s totally based on looks.”

Bright (Everwood)

This is definitely the case of “the reformed bad boy who’s still struggling to be the nice supportive guy” type of crush.

Chris Pratt (Bright), like Jason Dohring, brings texture and depth to a character that could have been two-dimensional. Bright started off as a dumb jock but has always been more than just that stereotype (Hello! The O.C., welcome to real acting and good writing, bitch). Entertainment Weekly may have put him on their “Must List” a few issues ago but he’s been one of my favourite characters since I discovered Everwood in its 2nd season.

Lorelei (Gilmore Girls)

After years of watching – and adoring - Gilmore Girls I recently realized that I’m frighteningly similar to Lorelei (except that I didn’t get pregnant at 16, I don’t have rich parents, I don’t own an inn etc.). This crush is more the “your quirkiness is similar to mine and we should friends” type.

Here’s 3 reasons why Lorelei would be the perfect friend for me:

1. I didn’t realize that the characters (especially Lorelei) talk fast until someone else told me.
2. I also have a gigantic video collection of recorded tv shows.
3. I love all sorts of pop culture, the weirder the better, just like Lorelei.

Reba (Reba)

The main reason that I love Reba is because Reba is so kick ass and funny! She’s definitely the “I’m in awe of your many powers” type of crush.

Reba deals with her ex-husband on a regular basis, has forged a friendship his new wife, started a new career, supported her daughter through teen pregnancy, and raised her other 2 children. While doing all that she still has time to solve the perpetual family crises and keeps her sense of humour. Dude, on my best days I’m not that productive and on top of things!

This is actually a short list of crushes for me because I forced myself to stick with one character per show. There are plenty of other characters I wanted to include (special shout outs to Wallace, Lane and Paris), but I’m working on restraining myself. I’m pleased that as I’ve gotten older my crushes have expanded outside of the bad boy realm, although I’ll probably never completely give up on the bad boys. Every time I hear Spike say “What can I tell you, baby? I’ve always been bad” (btvs 5:7) I still get a little weak in the knees. I think the whole bad boy attraction was summarized nicely on Grey’s Anatomy:

"How can someone be so offensive and yet so charming all at the same time?"
"It's an art form." (Grey's Anatomy 2:3)
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When I was watching the Bones episode "The Man in the Wall" I suddenly realized that the exterior of the hip hop club was very very familiar. There may have been a yelp of excitement when I realized that the warehouse on Bones is the very same warehouse that Spike, Drusilla and Angel (played by David Boreanaz who is also, coincidentally, one of the stars of Bones) lived in during Buffy season 2!! It was a very weird mixing of tv worlds.

The more television-obsessed that I become, the more I start not only to recognize tv actors, I'm also starting to notice when television sets are repeated. I think it's because I love how sets - when properly dressed - really help create the fictional world of a television show. Buffy wouldn't have been nearly as effective without the darkened cemeteries and alleys contrasting with bright school hallways. Veronica Mars has great details like the stained glass in the Mars Investigations office and the picture of Lilly in Veronica's bedroom which add texture to the fictional world. On this week's Grey's Anatomy sets were used to differentiate between Christina and Burke's personalities (his perfectly decorated and organized apartment compared to her really really - horrifying to a neat freak like me - messy apartment).

Some sets can really become a part of the show. On Firefly the ship, Serenity, was such a lived-in space that it was another character on the show. The island on Lost is a significant presence and is basically at the heart of the show's main mystery, "Where are we?" The show also has almost entirely outdoor sets (except for the hatch) on the island which contrast with the large amount of indoor shots in the flashbacks. Although Central Perk was a huge presence on Friends, Monica's apartment was the heart of the show. Almost every major event happened in that apartment and, in one of the best episodes ever, it was fought over by Rachel & Monica and Chandler & Joey. It was fitting that Friends ended with the gang leaving Monica's apartment for good and that the final shot was of the closed apartment door.

I don't know that much about costs surrounding exterior shots/exterior shooting but I suspect that it can be expensive. I'm basing my theory on the fact that so many shows use the same studio backlot for outdoor scenes which leads me to believe that it's cheaper to film in the backlot of the studio that the show is affiliated with.

Paramount definitely has the most prominent backlot on television. They have this New York street set that's used in many many television shows and commercials. I clued into this because the building that was the exterior for Angel Investigations in season one of Angel, a really large old-style office building, keeps popping up on other shows. It's Chris' school on Everybody Hates Chris and is frequently in the background of Charmed episodes. Charmed, which is set in San Francisco, always uses the New York street set as downtown San Francisco, although one time they did use the same streets actually as New York city.

There's also this bridge, which I believe is also part of Paramount's backlot, which has been prominently featured in Angel (Jasmine and Angel fought on it in "Peace Out"), 24, and Alias, to name just a few shows. This reminds me of how the high school used for exteriors on Buffy was also used for Beverly Hills 90210 and the movie She's All That.

My favourite exterior shot this season was in the Numb3rs episode "Assassin" when they used the Hyperion Hotel as the exterior for a senior's assisted living centre. The Hyperion Hotel was the home of Angel Investigations for seasons 2 to 4 on Angel. I just love that building (it's a historical building and is actually Los Altos Hotel & Apartments) so I was very excited to see it again. What made the experience even better was that Christian Clemenson (Abel Koontz on Veronica Mars) played a criminal living with his mother in the building. It was neat to see my television worlds converge.

Even though I've started noticing the same sets used in a different fictional worlds, it hasn't ruined my enjoyment of my shows. Because most of them effectively create a believable reality, I tend to have confused thoughts like:

"Oh wow, it must be really weird for Angel to be back in the warehouse he hung out in when he was evil. Oh wait, he's now Booth, so I guess it's not that weird. I wonder if it's odd for David Boreanaz or if he even noticed when he watched the episode?"

"Awesome. The Hyperion Hotel!! That makes me so happy that it's now a senior's assisted living centre, I guess that means that Angel made sure good people bought the building. What am I thinking?! This is a completely different fictional world. ... Oh my god!! It's Abel Koontz in Angel's old building!! My worlds collide!!!"

Well, at least I still have a firm grasp **cough cough** on reality!
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My television can still surprise me. Now I'm not talking about shocking twists and surprise endings, because these devices rarely surprise me anymore (not that I don't enjoy a good twist). It's mostly random things that are catching me off guard right now.

Here's what's actually surprising me:

1. Lost isn't dead. I wasn't loving the 1st couple of episodes so it wasn't until Wednesday that I watched "Everybody Hates Hugo" and "...And Found". They may not have provided big answers, and there was still a music montage ending, but both episodes were good tv.

I enjoyed the glimpse into Hurley's slacker past. And of course, I loved the Sun and Jin meeting - so adorable! I also liked the fleeting glimpse of who I'm assuming are the Others.

2. There's a good chance of romance for Reba this year! I didn't expect to be so excited by the minister telling Barbara Jean that he likes Reba.

Also, bonus surprise points for casting Patrick Fabian as Reverend Parks because he's sexy, nice and interesting on Reba whereas he was jerky and mean on Joan of Arcadia as Gavin Price (the vice-principal).

3. The Amazing Race: Family Edition sucks. I figured it wouldn't be as good as previous seasons and was disappointed about the lack of diversity but I never expected it to be this bad and boring.

Having the teams go to a giant office chair and a gas station for clues seems more like a scavenger hunt organized by dorky parents instead of the Amazing Race. Oh yeah, and why are they STILL in the U.S.?!!

4. I'm laughing at sitcoms (note the plural use of the word sitcom!), instead of being confused when I hear a laugh track. Both How I Met Your Mother and Out of Practice consistently make me laugh out loud.

Neil Patrick Harris is always fabulously sleazy, Alyson Hannigan is cute and Jason Segel is very entertaining (especially the scene of him dancing). Out of Practice also has an excellent cast. Wait, you mean actors need to be able to deliver their lines, not just look pretty?!!

5. There's a lesbian on tv who looks like a real lesbian, and not a super femme straight woman. Obviously there are lots of femmy queer women but there's also lots of dykes who dress like Paula Marshall's character (Regina) on Out of Practice: funky jeans, a t-shirt with fun patterns layered over a long sleeved top. Very cute!

6. Smallville had a good pop culture reference!

Aquaman: “I don’t travel with an entourage.”

This is a reference to Entourage because on the show Vince is cast as Aquaman.

Of course, there's still stuff that doesn't surprise me:

1. Veronica Mars rocks! It's definitely my favourite show. I really enjoyed the last 2 episodes especially Charisma Carpenter's character's annoyance with Veronica (the hand gesture is excellent) and Logan's "Veronica Mars has accused me of evil.[Logan twirls an imaginary moustache.]" hee hee

2. Everwood continues to kick ass (not literally though). My heart ached when Ephram was tempted by the piano (I love that temptation comes in the form of a piano on this show). Everwood also delights me with excellent scenes containing unexpected pairings, eg. Hannah and Jake. Also I love weirdly obsessive Harold!

To the show runner: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for Rose’s cancer being gone!!!

3. Gilmore Girls has entertaining episodes - Sores and Boils Alley! - even when not much happens. One of the things that Gilmore Girls has excelled at it making small issues into good and fun tv.

4. James Marsters is an excellent actor. With much enjoyment I re-watched all of his scenes on Smallville. He just pours his whole self into a character, and it pays off. I don't like Milton Fine as much as Spike, but I'm very interested in the character and excited to see what his real plans for Clark are.

Also, the promo for next week's episode of Smallville has James Marsters say: "Clark, there's no such thing as vampires." ha!

5. I still love Buffy the Vampire Slayer!! I just saw parts of "The Replacement" and it made me so happy. I love how slobby!Xander and Anya hide behind suave!Xander when Toth attacks. Also, these lines always make me laugh:

Both Xanders: "Kill us both Spock."
Giles: "Yes, he's clearly a bad influence on himself." (I suspect that could also frequently apply to me!)

Here's some of my favourite quotes from tv recently:

Bright: “You’re like a social black hole. All light goes into you and dies.”
Ephram: “First of all, it’s not certain whether light is conscious so it can’t die ….” (Everwood 4:3) Love the geekiness!

Gary: “I hate her.”
Vince: “Then you may be sending mixed signals by making out with her.” (What I Like About You 4:4)

Lorelei: “Of course, the Norma Rae reference was only in my head and everyone was very confused.”
Michel: “Yes, it happens a lot with you.” (Gilmore 6:6) Sigh, I can totally relate to Lorelei.

Oh, good news, it looks like Alyson Hannigan will guest star in a November episode of VM (Charisma Carpenter will also guest star)!!
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I'm very excited by the large amount of Buffy/Angel alumni on my television screen these days. As cool as it is to see my beloved crew of Serenity on the big screen, it's even better to see my favourite actors in new episodes each week!

Here's who's on what:

Alyson Hannigan - How I Met Your Mother (CBS Mondays 8:30pm)

I've only seen the pilot and really enjoyed the show (although it is a sitcom - which I enjoy - so you may want to avoid it if sitcoms aren't your thing). I have the rest of the episodes on my PVR and am looking forward to watching them! How I Met Your Mother has been picked up for the full season, so good news on that front!

Also I hear that Alyson will be returning to guest star as Trina Echolls on Veronica Mars in February!! I've even heard talk that the brilliant Rob Thomas (the mastermind behind VM) is working to ensure that Alyson and Charisma Carpenter will share a scene together. How can I not love Rob Thomas when he has the best show on television and still has the time to make Buffyverse fans happy?!! Speaking of Charisma....

Charisma Carpenter - Veronica Mars (UPN Wednesdays 9pm)

I was excited that Charisma would be playing a rich trophy wife as Kendall Casablancas, the perfect role for her, and I have not been disappointed. It's great to see her sizzling up the screen as a sexy, self-assured, confident and bitchy woman again. She looks beautiful, especially with the longer hair, thank god she no longer has that awkward short cut from seasons 2-4 of Angel. She's also still good with the funny, as evidenced by her exchange with Veronica at the gym in last week's episode. She's already been in the first 3 episodes and will be in at least 6 more.

James Marster - Smallville (WB Thursdays 8pm)

I'm so excited about James Marsters' first significant guest spot on Smallville (he just had a brief yet tantalizing cameo in the season premiere), that I'm up-to-date on the show!! I've read that he'll be guest starring in at least 10 episodes. In an interview that I read, James Marsters commented that he wanted this role because his character (Professor Milton Fine/Brainiac) is very different to Spike: he smiles a lot and is smart (not that Spike was stupid, he's just not known for his smartness). I like that James Marsters wants to play someone that smiles a lot, that makes me very happy.

This Thursday, October 20th is the the episode that we're introduced to his character (oh yeah, and Aquaman)! I can't believe I'm this excited about a Smallville episode, I mean I can believe I'm excited about James, it's being excited about the show that's weird.

David Boreanaz - Bones (Fox Tuesdays 8pm)

It's so much fun to get to see David Boreanaz not brood and have some fun (even though he's investigating murders). I still get weirded out seeing him in the sun. I admit that I was disappointed when David didn't do a comedy - because I think he's excellent at comedy - but I really enjoy him as Booth.

I was pleased that Bones is picked up for the full season! The next new episode will air November 1st when baseball is over.

Amy Acker - Alias (ABC Thursdays 8pm, CTV Sundays 4pm)

I'd heard that Amy Acker would be on Alias last week as Kelly Peyton, so I excitedly checked out the episode to see if I'd heard correctly. I instantly recognized her voice when she infiltrated the place where they were doing stuff with dangerous weapons (sorry, I didn't pay that much attention to those details). It's great to see her again, and in a different role than the adorable Fred or the awesomely cool (I mean scary) Illyria. She did an excellent job at seeming nice and being Rachel Gibson's friend, and then being all evil and willing to kill Rachel.

There's this great article about Amy guest starring on Alias that says she's scheduled for 7 to 9 episodes! I got all giddy at this news because Amy rocks!

Nicholas Brendon - Kitchen Confidential (Fox Mondays 8:30pm)

I wish that someone would ask me to participate in the ratings system. If I did I'd be able to actually try and keep lots of cool shows on the air (My So-Called Life, Life as We Know It, Freaks and Geeks, Angel, Miss Match, Joan of Arcadia). So, anyone who actually affects the ratings: please, please, please watch Kitchen Confidential when it returns in November!!!

I find Nicholas Brendon so adorable and, sure, I don't think the role of Seth is exactly suited for him but he'll likely make the role his own given time. I'm willing to give Nicholas Brendon and Kitchen Confidential a chance because it's a fun and interesting show, so I hope that Fox and the viewers do too.

Christian Kane - Close to Home (CBS Tuesdays 10pm)

I've only the seen one episode, but I'll keep watching it just to see Christian Kane (Lindsey from Angel)!! Speaking of evil Wolfram and Hart lawyers....

Daniel Dae Kim - Lost (ABC Wednesdays 9pm)

I adore the fabulous Daniel Dae Kim (Gavin from Angel) as the very interesting Jin - I'm glad he's alive! - on Lost.

Anthony Stewart Head - Doctor Who (upcoming)

I've heard that Giles, cough, I mean Anthony Stewart Head will guest star in an episode of the 2nd season of my beloved and much missed Doctor Who!! Something to look forward to in the future.

Some of the Buffyverse actors - Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michelle Trachtenberg, Seth Green and Marc Blucus - are developing successful movie careers, so they're no longer interested in television. Just to clarify, by movie success I mean that these actors are getting film roles, sometimes the lead, and are making money from it - I'm not actually commenting on the questionable quality of many of the movies (First Daughter anyone?). Anyway, I decided to make a Wish List of the actors I'd like to see again on television and the shows I wish they'd guest star on:

Amber Benson on Everwood. Her earthiness is the perfect fit for the show, and she'd be great as a sweet and wise friend for Amy.

Emma Caulfield on Veronica Mars. I know I get a lot of Buffyverse actors on VM already, even Joss Whedon himself, but I think that she'd bring a great humour and toughness that'll work on the show. I'd love to see her as an employee at the police station who helps Veronica out because she also hates Sheriff Lamb.

Tom Lenk on Gilmore Girls or maybe Smallville. Tom Lenk would be the ideal quirky addition to the already quirk-filled Stars Hollow on GG. Perhaps he could be Miss Patty's new assistant? My suggestion of Smallville is basically for the fun of a reunion with him and James Marsters (it would be great if he got to hug James again), but it would also be amusing because Tom's played a geek wanting to around superheros and then he'd get to be on a show about a superhero.

Alexis Denisof on Arrested Development. I loved bumbling and dorky Wesley, and so did Alexis, so I just know he'll want to play that kind of role on Arrested Development. Perhaps he could be Bob Loblaw's clumsy assistant?

J.August Richards on Grey's Anatomy. I loved suave Gunn in that season 4 episode "Players" so I want to see J. August Richards in a romantic role. It would be fun to watch him to be all suave and sexy, confusing the romantic triangle of Meredith, Dr. McDreamy and Dr. McDreamy's estranged wife by becoming a love interest for Meredith.

Andy Hallett on Bones. He could be an old friend of Booth (David Boreanaz's character), so we could enjoy the fun dynamic between Andy and David again. For old times sake, he could facilitate Booth's romance with Brennan, although let's not have someone float up to heaven all glowy again (I'm not that nostalgic).

Mercedes McNab on Reba. I think that Mercedes is really funny so I want to see her on a comedy. She would be the perfect younger cousin/sister of Barbara Jean who comes to stay with Barbara Jean and Brock for a while.

Despite my wish list, I'm pretty happy about getting to see so many of my favourite tv actors on my television again! Of course what would make me the happiest is if there'd be official news confirming that the tv movie about Spike is getting made (I just hear unconfirmed positive rumours), that would make my year!!!
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As much as I'm enjoying the fabulous seasons of Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Everwood, Prison Break and Arrested Development the rest of this television season hasn't been spectacular (new and returning shows). However, I was delighted by the last new The Simpsons episode "Milhouse Of Sand And Fog" which transported me back to the earlier very fabulous seasons of the show. Inspired by the excellent and very quotable lines on The Simpsons, I thought it would be fun to write about the television shows I've been watching recently by using quotes from the shows.

"I have to do this for work." (The Simpsons 17:3)

If I wasn't watching shows for my own research I'd stop watching Charmed, The O.C., Reunion, Sex, Lies and Secrets, Invasion, and probably even the sadly declining Desperate Housewives.

"You are watching the O.C. on Fox. Coming up next crappy local news." (The Simpsons 17:3)

And if it's not crappy local news, it's the equally crappy Reunion. When I was watching the "1988" episode my cable cut out for a minute and it was the most entertaining part of the show. This is the kind of show that'll have a character say a threatening statement which doesn't make sense for the character to be saying but plays to the knowledge that the viewer has.

"Those tv writers are geniuses. Whatever they're paid, it's not enough." (The Simpsons 17:3)

Well they may not be true for Charmed but I'm really impressed by the writing on Grey's Anatomy, Threshold, House and The 4400. Although I love when The Simpsons and Family Guy draw attention to the writing with quotes like the one above, it's also nice to watch a show and forget about the writing because you're actually drawn into the story and characters.

"How can someone be so offensive and yet so charming all at the same time?" "It's an art form." (Grey's Anatomy 2:3)

This is my favourite questions about all the fun bad boys on television: There's of course Logan on Veronica Mars and Sawyer on Lost. And now Alex on Grey's Anatomy joins the ranks. I'm hoping that James Marsters as Brainiac on Smallville will soon be on the list. I'm also tempted to add House on House to my list, although the question to House would really be: "How can someone be so offensive and yet so damn fun to watch all at the same time?"

"We want to keep the use of magic to a minimum so the demons don't find out we're still alive." "Three chicks move in under the same roof, hello how dumb can they be?" (Charmed 8:3)

I like that the Charmed ones are trying to live "normal" lives (ie. without magic) and are slowly seeing that this isn't possible, but the ridiculous idea that they're 3 cousins of themselves who've moved into their house to look after the kids seems like a stupid plan (and makes even less sense when I try to describe the plan in writing). I couldn't agree more with the Television Without Pity recapper who calls the Charmed ones "Glamorous Idiots."

"Maybe you give them too much credit." (Charmed 8:2)

I would say that the demon community on Charmed gives the sisters too much credit, but since the demons are all equally as idiotic as the Charmed Ones, everyone's on a level playing field. Here's an idea: make the demons actually hard to defeat so that the show doesn't seem like an exercise in whining and stomping around in expensive outfits.

"That's both crazy and self-absorbed." (Desperate Housewives 2:3)

Yes. That does sum up season two of Desperate Housewives very well. It's too bad because I loved the show when it started - it was such a neat mix of satire, soap opera and comedy. Now it seems to have lost the satire, amped up the soapiness while half-heartedly trying to add some humour.

"Sex, Lies, and Secrets" (show title)

No, no and no. There's only one word that can describe this show: Incomprehensible. Although if the show creators are attached to a three word title I would suggest: "Incomprehsible, stupid and pointless".

"It's a natural thing that happens like hurricanes or going to war." (The Simpsons 17:3)

I'm starting to feel that voiceovers (VO) are inescapable natural things because practically every television show is using them right now, even shows I like employ the VO, ie. Veronica Mars, Arrested Development and Scrubs (how I miss you right now Scrubs!!). Here's the list of other shows - that I can recall - which use VO (organized in order of most effective to least effective):

- Everbody Hates Chris
- My Name is Earl
- How I Met Your Mother
- Grey's Anatomy
- Desperate Housewives
- Sex, Lies and Secrets - Although does it count as a VO if it's trying - but failing - to be a faux anthropology documentary commentary?
- Charmed - Thank god it was only one episode but it was excruciating. Phoebe was purposefully imitating Sex and the City, and I fear it has traumatized me enough that I never want to see Sex and the City ever again.

"You're the least objective person I've met." (Bones 1:3)

I'm still enjoying the banter between Brennan and Booth on Bones. Also I was very excited when I saw Chewy from Joan of Arcadia!! Mark Totty played Dt. Carlisle (aka Chewy), Will Girardi's always snacking partner. I must admit that I'm inclined to like Bones because it has David Boreanaz in it as well as Hart Hanson (the creator) and Stephen Nathan (consulting producer), both from Joan of Arcadia.

"Just because something is unfamiliar doesn't mean it's alien." (Invasion 1:2)

Wait, what?! Isn't that exactly what the term alien means? As it turns out agrees with me, stating that alien means: "Belonging to, characteristic of, or constituting another and very different place, society, or person; strange."

"Where is the clitoris?" (The Office 2:2)

Okay, what's up with women on television being critical of working mothers? It was annoying to see in the Close to Home pilot and was even more annoying in the Desperate Housewives season premiere. It's nice that television shows are portraying the pressures that many women are under to balance kids and work, but does that have to always involve making other women the enemy? It's particularly aggravating because it vilifies women who don't have kids, and both shows have suggested that a woman's life is ultimately unfulfilled without children.

"I'll be right back." (Alias 5:1)

aka the line said in horror movies right before someone dies. Thanks to that anvilicious comment I realized that Vaughan was about to be killed (I had heard rumours but this line totally spoiled me).

Although I'm not feeling the love for that many shows this television season it could be that I've been reading too much Television Without Pity recaps, and also that I've been saving the excellent half-hour shows on my PVR to watch once I've caught up on the hour long ones I'm less excited about. Fortunately I am enjoying the Sitcom Renaissance (remember I coined this term!) and am delighted that after 17 years The Simpsons can still have funny episodes with great lines like this one from Homer:

"Of all the people for Marge to cheat on, why did it have to be me?"
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I think the success of Lost (high ratings and Emmy wins) has caused many other shows on television to try and emulate Lost's penchant for baffling the viewer. Of course the creators of Lost are trying to confuse on purpose, whereas I suspect that other shows aren't that deliberate. Here's some questions that came to mind when watching an assortment of hour long shows this week (most comments have spoilers for the last couple of aired episodes, so click on the show title to read my questions):

The O.C. )

Reunion )

Threshold )


How great is it that Navi Rawat (the crazy slayer, Dana, on Angel, and the ex-girlfriend, Theresa, of Ryan who gave birth to his kid on The O.C.) is in the credits of Numb3rs? Also, is David Krumholtz cuter than ever? Yeah I know those aren't real questions, sometimes I enjoy being shallow.

The 4400

Speaking of shallow: How awesome is it that Summer Glau (River in Serenity) is in the first couple of The 4400 season 2 episodes?

Invasion )

Smallville )

Close to Home )

Lost )

I may be annoyed/baffled/bored by a few of the above shows, but there's still some shows that are rocking my world and nicely proving that I do not have a short attention span:

Gilmore Girls

When Lorelei was sorting through her videotapes my thought was: "Cool. She has as many tapes of television shows as I do. Hmm. It's possible I actually have more." I also loved her logic for not getting rid of her tapes, I use similar logic.

How could I not love a show that uses "snarktastic"?

It was so sad to see how Rory and Lane have drifted apart.

Oh the pain continues, but it's playing out so well. The last scene with Lorelei was just heart-breaking. Who knew that Rosie O'Donnell could facilitate a poignant scene?


It's back, it's back!!! And Ephram's back! I'd forgotten how many subtle twists and turns a single Everwood episode takes, each time causing me to rethink my conclusions from previous scenes.

How adorable are Hannah and Bright? I loved Amy's haircut, very reminiscent of Rory's first year of university haircut (although trendier).

Veronica Mars )

To conclude I must quote from my favourite exchange on television in the past few weeks, courtesy of the Weaver mother on The Amazing Race: Family Edition:

Weaver Mom: God bless you.
Helpful Trucker: God bless you too.
Weaver Mom: Stick to the Lord. Do you know the Lord?
Helpful Trucker: Ah yes, he's my friend.
[They high five each other.]
Weaver Mom: We'll be spending eternity together.

If that exchange had been scripted, it would have been criticized for it's ridiculous lack of believability. Not many people high five each other when they discover they share a religion. Although maybe if high fiving was more a part of religion there'd be less religious conflicts. I think I'm going to start asking people if they know Veronica Mars and if they say yes, I'll high five them ... hey we all have our passions!
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I've never been that hip about music. I was the kid who grew up in Kingston and didn't know who the Tragically Hip were when I started high school (the Tragically Hip are Kingstonians like me). I used to only find out about a hip, cool or ground-breaking musician/band if one of my friends clued me in. But now I can actually pretend that I'm tuned into the music scene, all thanks to television.

I recall the days when it seemed like only Dawson's Creek would prominently use songs in montage sequences but now it's become commonplace. Television is now one of the key advertising venues for new albums or singles, and it's getting way less subtle than previously (which is impressive because Dawson's Creek had many good qualities but subtlety was never one of them). Did you enjoy the song you just heard in this week's episode of The O.C. or Smallville? Wait until the episode's over and we'll tell you the artist, album name and suggest that you buy the album on our website.

Sure it's starting to feel that television episodes are just advertisements for new albums or singles, and that we don't need well-written conclusions if we end with a music montage, but there's also some positives. A lot of cool music is reaching a wider audience. So even though major artists like REM (who I like, don't get me wrong) practically sponsored an episode of Smallville, the increased focus on music means that smaller artists and bands are also getting noticed by viewers.

Here's some musicians I've been introduced because of television (keeping in mind that I'm really really out of it about music):

- Franz Ferdinand: So technically I'm already a fan of Franz Ferdinand because I own and love their self-titled debut. However, I kept hearing this awesome song on television shows and was dying to know the song title and artist's name. After fruitless searching on the internet, I had a brainwave and realized the addictive song I'd heard in the first few minutes of the Threshold premiere and in the promos for Everwood is the new Franz Ferdinand single "Do You Want To." As a result of the song's connection to both tv shows, I now am excited about buying the new album this Tuesday (October 4th!!!).

- Death Cab for Cutie: Sure Seth Cohen's coolness has faded as the seasons of The O.C. pass, but Death Cab is blossoming. I didn't think it could be possible but I actually like Plans more than Transatlanticism. Also I noticed that Death Cab has been high on the charts which means that they're reaping the rewards of their television exposure.

- Postal Service: Okay, I actually had been loving Postal Service before hearing "Such Great Heights" on Veronica Mars, but it was only after seeing it on VM that I bought the album.

- Avril Lavigne: Now even I had heard of Avril Lavigne, but hearing her song "Take Me Away" on Joan of Arcadia made me a fan. I loved "Take Me Away" so much that I searched the internet to find out who the artist was, and was taken aback that it was Avril Lavigne (I'd been avoiding Avril because I wasn't impressed by her pseudo Punk thing). I now own the album that "Take Me Away" is on and enjoy quite a few other songs.

- Kim Richey - I bought the Angel soundtrack CD mostly because of her beautiful song "A Place Called Home" (the other reason for the purchase was motivated by my Buffy/Angel verse fandom). This is a good example of excellent use of a song montage to end an episode because the song perfectly evokes the character's grief and the solitary state of the characters on the show: "Someday I'll go where there ain't no rain or snow. Dream of a place called home." I don't think that this lyric is played in the episode ("Shells"), but it also perfectly describes the journeys of all the characters, including Fred: "I'd rather walk a winding road, rather know the things I know, see the world with my eyes, no regrets, no looking back, no good-byes." The reason this song worked (other than that it's an awesome song) is that it wasn't a gimmicky montage (yes I'm talking to you One Tree Hill, The O.C. and Smallville), rather it perfectly fits into the episode.

- The Dandy Warhols - Thanks to Buffy and VM I not only know who this cool band is - it was awesome to understand why my film prof talked about The Dandy Warhols in his lecture on postmodernism - but I also enjoy them.

- Modest Mouse - Another indie band that's been working for years and is finally getting noticed thanks in part to exposure on shows like The O.C. "Float On" always makes me feel better if I'm down about the state of the world.

- Damien Rice - My discovery of Damien Rice was a serendipitous television event. I initially mistook "Delicate" for Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah" that was played in the season finale of The O.C. Season One (please remember that I am really really unhip about music), so decided to check out Rice's whole album. I then realized that I'd heard him on Joan of Arcadia and as I sorted out my confusion I became a huge fan of Damien Rice.

As much as I also really love Jeff Buckley's cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" (see I now am more knowledgeable about the song), the song is becoming a cliche. It was used in the ending montage of House's 2nd season premiere (lessening an otherwise excellent episode), and it isn't even the 2nd time "Hallelujah" has been used in the final montage of an episode. According to Daniel Fienberg at

"The effect [of "Hallelujah" playing on House's premiere] was probably similar to when Buckley's cover of Cohen's "Hallelujah" was used for heartbreaking closing montages on The West Wing, Without a Trace and The O.C. all within the past couple years. The song pops up again for the same purpose in the new movie Lord of War. ... Buckley's recording of the song is the perfect showcase for the late singer's fragile voice and it's made all the more haunting by his premature demise, but seriously, this abuse has got to stop. Playing "Hallelujah" has become the equivalent of showing a dead kitty cat. Need some gratuitous tears? Cue up the Buckley. Why bother working for it when you can let the soundtrack do the work. ... Forget about saving Katie Holmes. Save Jeff Buckley."

This very similar observation was also made by Dalton Ross in the September 23/05 issue of Entertainment Weekly, who additionally observes that Lost, Six Feet Under and Resucue Me have also succumbed to music montage. Ross suggests that "Keep this cliche up, and viewers may start creating their own montages - by channel surfing."

Sure television columnists - like Feinberg and Ross - and people obsessed with tv - like me - have noticed the music montage cliche and over-dominance of music on television shows recently, but have most other viewers? Do the people who tune into a few shows a week get upset that there's often music montages or that only Beck's music is played during an episode of The O.C.? Do they care about the extended/gratuitous U2 concert on Entourage? Perhaps, like me, people are pleased that they're also getting some exposure to music in an interesting way (instead of mindlessly watching music videos for hours on end, not that I've ever done that, ahem) and maybe discovering some cool new musician or band that'll become their new favourite. For example, I think it's neat that Saigon, an up and coming hip hop artist who's about to release his first album, is being showcased on Entourage as an up and coming hip hop artist.

So if I start hearing Arcade Fire or Stars on television shows (I think that a Stars' song may already be in a commercial), I'm going to be excited that excellent Canadian indie bands are getting more exposure. Hey, Canada's already getting name dropped by Green Day (they mention Toronto in "She's a Rebel") and Death Cab (Calgary's mentioned in "I Will Follow You Into the Dark"), so let's also get more play for the numerous excellent musicians of Canada! As a friend pointed out about Death Cab's popularity, they've worked really hard so it's nice that it's paying off and they're getting recognized. Let's hope that the increasingly spotlight on songs on television pays off for more deserving artists.

So I say, bring on the music montage, bring on the purchasing plugs at the end of episodes if it keeps introducing excellent and hard-working artists to a wider audience. Of course, that doesn't mean that every episode has to end in a cliched music montage, I also want to keep getting well-written episode endings, like on Gilmore Girls, that rely on good writing to create an effective and compelling conclusion. .... Now please imagine that a heart-warming yet intelligent song is playing to conclude my entry.
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"Is this Lost?"

I recall asking my friend this during the first few minutes of the episode "Man of Science, Man of Faith" (be warned: although I'm careful not to give specifics, some of the below comments could still be spoilery).

I then realized that it must be Lost because we weren't being shown the face of the guy who starts his day to “Make Your Own Kind of Music?” by the Mamas and Papas, and uses a computer that's even older than the one I used to own (think really old!). What show other than Lost would have an entire sequence that never shows us a guy's face? This isn't necessarily a bad thing as the whole premise of Lost thrives on keeping it's viewers in a certain amount of suspense and confusion so that we'll keep tuning in.

I was pleased that we got more knowledge about what's down the hatch, while still being kept in the dark about what's really going on down there. At one point my friend expressed frustration that we're continually given little to no new info. Fortunately this was rectified by the end of the episode which provides some tantalizing new details/hints. Sadly, the big reveal at the end was obvious as a result of the heavy-handed telegraphing in an earlier scene: "See you in another life," which caused me to respond sarcastically: "Gee, do you think we'll ever see him again?"

The story around the hatch was actually so distracting that it wasn't until the guys on the raft were mentioned that I realized we haven't seen anything about them yet. How could I have forgotten about one of my many bad boy tv boyfriends, Sawyer?! I'm glad that the previews indicate we'll find out what happened to them next episode.

There were lots of good creepy scenes which I actually found scary (although I'm really wimpy): Shannon's vision(?) in the forest, Kate going down the hatch, and Jack's entry into the hatch (which caused me to suggest to him "Turn off your flashlight" because it seemed stupid to have the flashlight on).

Overall it was a pretty good episode, although I wasn't that interested by Jack's flashbacks. A good start to the season and I'm feeling positive that they'll be able to maintain my interest level all season long. I suspect that the Veronica Mars season premiere will be better and the Gilmore Girls season finale was better but Lost's was still very good.

On a completely unrelated note, the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire trailer is fabulous and has me totally excited for the movie! Check it out. I'm feeling very positive that Goblet of Fire will be Prison of Azkaban kind of goodness. I think I've already watched the trailer about 6 times in 2 days that's how awesome it is!
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I love that there are Buffy reruns on during the day (1pm on Razer and 3pm on Space) so I often catch parts of the episodes (normally while I'm working out and getting ready for work). Bad Eggs (2:12) was on today, and even though it's kind of cheesy I'm always entertained by that episode. One of my favourite moments on the show happens in that episode when Giles, Buffy and Willow discover that Xander has boiled the egg he's responsible for:

Giles: Technically that would be cheating, yes?

Xander: No! It's like a short cut. You know, when you run a race?

Buffy: That would also be cheating.

Willow: You should be ashamed.

Giles: I suppose there is a sort of... Machiavellian ingenuity to your

Xander: I resent that! Or possibly thank you.

Xander's response is perfect - it's exactly the right response to being told that you're employing a Machiavellian approach. I'm also entertained by his attempt to explain away his cheating.

Today when I was declaring my love for Entourage and saying that it's one of my favourite shows, my co-worker accused me of having 4,000 favourite shows, and that for something to be a favourite it should be the only one. To that I say, Ha! Yes, ha! She's missing out on all my fun. I love having lots of favourite things - it's fun to enjoy a diversity of things! For a while one of my friends was re-watching all the Buffy episodes and whenever she'd tell me the episode she'd just watched, I'd declare "that's one of my favourite episodes!" It became a running joke with us.

Although I watch a lot of shows - and have a lot of favourites, they fall into different categories/my own version of genres:

Show or Shows I Will Always Love:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly

Newly Canceled Show - and Thought-Provoking Show on Spirituality - that I Miss:
Joan of Arcadia

Newest Obsession:
Veronica Mars

Every time I Watch this Show I Declare it to be the "Best Show on Television:"

Favourite Dramedy and Show that I Forget the Characters Aren't Real:
Gilmore Girls

Favourite Character Drama:

Favourite Sci Fi Series - and Political Commentary:
Doctor Who (the new one)

Favourite Reality Series (and only one I watch):
Amazing Race

Favourite Comedy that Makes Me Cry (and Laugh):

Favourite Comedy that Shocks Me by Its Daring (and Makes Me Laugh):
Arrested Development

Favourite Comedy About Friends That Makes Me Laugh:

Favourite News (ahem, Fake News) Show:
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Even as I write this list, I'm concerned that I'm leaving out shows that I love. Should I have also included My So-Called Life in "Show or Shows I Will Always Love"? What about Freaks & Geeks, Roseanne, Northern Exposure, and Kids in the Hall? Okay, maybe I do have a problem with loving too many tv shows, oh well. I think I'll watch some re-runs of the Amazing Race, one of my favourite shows!


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