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I have random stuff today:

  • Because I cannot resist something that promotes love and fuzzy feelings, I put my name down at [ profile] itsabigrock's Anonymous Love Meme. Go, put your name down and share the love. It's already at 3 pages!!

  • One of my friends sent me this amusing review of The Da Vinci Code in the New York Times A 'Da Vinci Code' That Takes Longer to Watch Than Read. Another friend informed me that the movie was booed at Cannes!! Booed!! After telling me that, she asked if I still wanted to see the movie (fyi: I have not read the book). And I'm now actually more interesting because I love bad movies!!

  • I must direct your attention to my new icon by [ profile] _jems_. It's a beautiful statement about how the many t-shirts of Veronica Mars' Dick Casablancas reflect his personality. *snicker* For those of you who don't know: Dick is, well, a dick. But a really entertaining and funny one to watch.

  • Tonight my two BFFs and I will be having a birthday celebration for one friend (we're all 29 this year). I anticipate much talking, laughing and fun. I met the birthday girl ten years ago at scholarship interviews for the University of Toronto. She remembered me as the girl with the great laugh and curly hair, and I remembered her as the girl who noticed that blood gets splattered on the camera in Braveheart (that kind of attention to detail impresses me). We ended up in the same residence house, where we met the other girl (who I immediately noticed was not dressed like all the other girls). Those two became friends first, and I decided that they would become my friends since they actually seemed fun. Sure there's been a couple of rocky times, but our friendship has sustained bad boyfriends, bad girlfriends, school stuggles, family issues, being roommates, and two of us becoming big-time BtVS/AtS fangirls.


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