My Love Letter to Angel the Series

  • Feb. 14th, 2007 at 2:21 PM
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Last year on Valentine’s Day, I wrote a Love Letter to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s very cool that my love life is no longer “dicey” (as I described it last year) – in fact, I’d say it’s the opposite! *beams giddily* *collects self* So, last year I mentioned doing a love letter for Angel the Series and I’m here to deliver on that promise:

My Love Letter to Angel the Series )


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Yesterday I listed the episode in which I fell in love with each of the BtVS characters and, as promised, I’m now doing it for AtS. Both lists ended up having 15 characters on them, even though I didn’t actually try for that kind of a balance!

The episode in which I fell in love with each of the AtS characters )

I’m interested in what made you fall in love with the characters. Tell me about it!! Let’s share the love for AtS!!!


What a dork. (AtS 3:5)

  • Jan. 25th, 2006 at 3:09 PM
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My friend has recently discovered Bones and we were discussing how funny David Boreanaz is on that show. He's definitely my favourite character, which is impressive because Brennan - whose smartness is damn cool - comes a very close second. Anyway, this got us onto a discussion of how much we like dorky Angel. Here's a transcript of our conversion (Disclaimer: statements may have been attributed to the wrong speaker because I have a bad memory):

Me: I love Angel best when he's all dorky.
Friend: Oh yes! He got to be much sillier on Angel than Buffy.
Me: Remember when he jumped into the wrong car in the first episode?! *giggling*
Friend. hee hee. That helped set the tone for the show.
Me: In the season 3 episode "Provider" it's so funny when he's all "Making money is our number one priority" and then he's reminded of Holtz and the mission. So then he's all, "Helping the helpless, finding Holtz, and making money are our three number one priorities." *collapses into another fit of giggles*
Friend: *also giggling* In "Spin the Bottle" I love when he's all scared of traffic ("demons!") and trying to pretend he's a not vampire. The bathroom scene - hysterical!
Me: I know! It's so funny in "Billy" when meets Billy's cousin, who knows who Angel is because Cordelia has told him that "A melodramatic guy named Angel might come by."
Friend: But then Angel says "Melodramatic? She thinks I'm melodramatic?! I'll show you melodramatic" and grabs the guy.
Me: And the guy's all "That is melodramatic", but Angel's stopped being silly and self-conscious, and is seriously being melodramatic!
Friend: Self-conscious Angel is so funny. Angel's such a dork!
Me: Yes!!
Friend: That's it, I need to buy the Angel DVDs.
Me: My work here is done.

Since I'm transcribing my conversations today, I thought I would include the kind of interaction that my co-worker/friend and I have daily:

Co-worker/Friend: I'm going for a bagel, so I'm pausing the music because I don't want to miss William Shatner ("Common People").
Me: Why don't you leave the music on for me to enjoy and then just rewind the CD when you return?
Co-worker/Friend: Because that would be selfish.
Me: *giggles*

Also, as well as a new Bones episode (Fox 9pm) it's a new Veronica Mars (UPN 9pm) tonight!!!!!! Finally. It's been over a month with no new VM. I've missed my show a lot.

ETA: I posted on [ profile] buffyphilosophy Angel - Do you love him when he's dorky?. There's lots of fun dorky Angel moments mentioned! So check it out!



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