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Hi! *waves* I’m around, just haven’t been posting. I am writing! I promise! It’s just going slowly. But I will have something for [ profile] summer_of_giles on Thursday – it’s almost done. *urges self on* And I will have the first couple of chapters of a new fic for the [ profile] lynnevitational this Sunday. I also promise that I have not forgotten about Outside Pride. Chapter nine is close to being finished and I know how I’ll end things in chapter ten, I just need to write it. So good writing vibes will definitely be appreciated! :)

After having an absolutely wonderful extended visit with my supremely awesome girlfriend, I’ve been trying to keep busy to avoid being mopey. (Apparently longer visits do not make it easier to say good-bye, but still having that time together was such a wonderful experience – I can’t put into words how wonderful it was.) Fortunately the awesome news is that in a month’s time she’ll be back here and staying for almost 2 weeks. This is definitely one of the best summers ever!! :D

How I’ve been occupying myself since Camisha left:
1. Reading and obsessing over Harry Potter (currently re-reading Order of the Phoenix). Obsessing includes staying up way too late reading, making plans to see the movie on Friday, and strategizing how to remain spoiler free about book 7 (which I will be purchasing on the day of it’s release). So this is possibly crazy but I removed “Harry Potter” from my user interests in the hope I won’t get friended by some mean person who creates a username with spoilers from the book (like someone did for a significant character death on Battlestar Galactica). Why are people so crazily mean?
2. Helping my parents move into their new condo. Er, not exactly fun distraction but distracting.
3. Training our new employee at work. Again, not fun but work is proving a good way to stop me from moping.
4. Watching Transformers (which was entertaining) and hanging out with BFF. Oh! I’m totally intrigued by the trailer for the new JJ Abrams movie written by Drew Goddard: The trailer. The movie’s title hasn’t been released yet.
5. Having dinner with parents then hanging out with other close friends and watching Pitch Black - such a good movie, btw! That was my second time seeing it, and just as good as the first viewing.
6. Watching Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story which is really fun and funny. I adore Ben Stiller being all slimy and Vince Vaughan’s charm. Oh! And I love how Alan Tudyk’s character is inexplicably a pirate!
7. Eating chocolate and drinking Diet Pepsi Jazz Caramel Cream (I believe I was alerted to this yummy beverage by [ profile] mireille719 - thanks!).

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank the lovely people who’ve kindly nominated my fic for various awards. I was realizing recently that I’ve been bad and not posting about nominations and awards that I win (I tend to squee to myself and Camisha). So I thought I’d post the banners for the awards I’ve won here. Awards... )


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